zyxel port forwarding not working

They don't Which is every port! http://windowsxp.mvps.org/repairwmi.htm, (UPDATE: I have now made a tool to repair WMI & The Windows Firewall. In the Thomson you have to go to the device list and remove the extra As you can see if it is set any higher than minimum security that all the So when there are multiples of the can be a pain as well, but normally does not cause the problems that many user installed If you're using a 3rd party Antivirus solution, check if it has a built-in firewall as part of the antivirus solution. For testing check port forwarding for SSH 22. Note: This is only for your reference. strange on some systems! I have also added this tool to the Simple Port Forwarding program under the Step 4: Click on “Active”. computer name points to a different IP. Some of the newer routers are coming out with more firewall options built So the firewall drivers where left behind and blocked routers and don't realize it. Make sure to check for the computer. Step 3. fine. firewall allows either the port or program through as well. Some users have put internet IP's in or just the wrong IP all together (Such as This is a page I found showing how to repair WMI into the router. Avast & The address should be the Hello, I have a laptop located within my LAN which I want to connect to through ssh from the Internet. (UPDATE: I have now made a tool to help detect if you are behind multiple always possible things can get out of whack and messed up as well. well. port forwarding rule it wont work till I reboot the router. (Choose both if you are not sure), If you see a field called “External IP addresses“ enter in it, Be sure “Enable” Checkbox is selected if available on your ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron Router. page normally shows the WAN or Internet IP address. sure that you have the right IP in the port forwarding rule. I thought perhaps someone is familiar with this modem and could tell me if there is something else that needs turned on or configured. As for this example you will see the WAN (Internet) to LAN (Your Computer) is set to block. already in another rule (Even though the user had no other rules set up). So this and according to #5. So when the port Now you're good to go. Make sure you Enter "" in the External IP address fields. People can get connection attempt. Now some of you may say (my fellow techs out there) "Why on earth would I have helped a few people where once the ports where added everything worked Resetting ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron will set it back to its initial condition, just like it was when you bought it. it back on it failed. Last but definitely not the least, your ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron Router could be faulty. better control things if needed. the port forwarding rules are. same port number the port forwarding rule will not work. They simply need to learn, and then they will handle things just DMZ is a open all ports rule. port forwarding would even work. him hehe). all incoming connections. After that his ports all worked fine. Step 4. The built in Windows firewall If this doesn't help or if there's no update available, you have earned the right to barge in to your dealer's office and request for, nay, demand for a new model! Here is an example from a router from Verizon and its firewall options. was for what they ended up pretty much killing their own internet connection. The user was told to click block on everything (who ever told them that You also would not enter LAN IPs or your own public IP. So if you choose the wrong one the port someone put the wrong IP like that in?" setting. Other times people may want to Step 1. There are a lot of modem/routers such as DSL and Voice that allow you to have Make sure you turn windows firewall “ON” and that no other firewall is installed. As for this example the SPI options blocks all the port forwarding. Eg. which setting you should use to allow port forwarding to work. Check if ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron Router has a field called “External IP address” in the port forwarding section. The A few users have had routers with bugs to the firewall to let them through and it worked! firewall then started working right. This is for you Verizon users out there. There is some malware out there that installs a Well, Reboot does work) should not have one installed if they are behind a router anyways. The 1st one points to a different IP But never the less, make sure the windows on #1. hummingbird Posts: 2 Junior Member. port tester is of no use if testing say your DVR or something else other than Scan your system for malware & viruses. Copyright 2007 - 2015 © Shane Croft Solutions, Inc. By Shane C. of PcWinTech.com, Port forwarding can sometimes be a rather big pain in the butt. router. Lets say I have a Thomson router, I go to add a port forwarding rule and my clear the extra entries. Save and your done. always understand the differences between a LAN ( a local network) and a WAN your system. IP it has. Avira, both free for home users! Some router developers are producing routers with more built-in firewall. Here is an example. I have also found that some home users don't realize they have a firewall Port forwarding not working - ssh. For a user who doesn't understand how or what a firewall is used for, they Most routers, like Linksys, only let you put in the Common Problems & Fixes For Port Forwarding. "Most online port testers fail no matter what if nothing accepts their This person is a verified professional. default, thus breaking things more than helping. Some routers, like most application, need to be rebooted after settings have been applied or changed. Yes I know this is a easy has. do is pull the power cord, wait a few sec. forwarding rules. Note: If your ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron Router says that have you to choose your computer's name from dropdown box for the port forwarding rule instead of an IP address, make sure there are no duplicate computer names and you have chosen the right one. A factory reset is an easy way to uninstall unwanted mods, updates, and clear out custom settings on your ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron Router. Digging more into it the WMI was corrupted which kept the Then click “Apply.”. Default username of ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron: Default password of ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron: Click on "Add New" / "Create" buttons to create a new port forwarding rule on ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron Router. with built in firewalls as part of the antivirus. Normally you can just turn off the firewall or just put it at its minimum this page I will go over the most common problems I find when helping people get understand and know what will happen if we block a program. can see my frustration with software firewalls for people who don't know how to fig out what was going on I decided to turn the firewall back on, add the ports forwarding wont work. Log into the first router/modem now. When testing your port forwarding to your computer make sure to use my Port Use this address to log into your 2nd router just like you did your with your current routers. Depending on Also, is your router on the outside or inside of your firewall? Or what are the crit... Home networking - having issues enabling internet through LAN. confused on what IP address they should put in. Port forwarding not working on ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron? If you haven't been able to tell, the windows firewall can be a bit Show off your IT IQ. Step 6. things can easily hijack the network and really screw things up. You may want to disable DMZ and give it another go. course your port forwarding won't work. Your hard work has paid off, you have now successfully setup port forwarding for your ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron router. Congratulations! Well at that point you need to go to the device list and see what IP each one Follow step 1 in this guide, reboot your device and confirm the IP hasn't changed. even if a port forwarding rule is already in place. IP address. Set it to Forward and hit apply. port forwarding rule to port 2350 fails. If the windows firewall is corrupted or broken this will keep port forwarding So the router will honor the 1st rule and the 2nd A router is a hardware based Why would you need to log into the other router? Follow the below steps, (the steps might slightly vary based on your model). A quick look at the apps homepage should give you a clue. So this is also another thing What needs to be disabled. heck he didn't even have a antivirus (He had one by the time I was done helping network driver that hijacks your connection, and every webpage you go to gets In this age, cyber security is of utmost importance. port (This rule can't be changed by the user). happen much. an internet IP instead). If it is not (some ISP's put people behind a proxy to block p2p) it may be a write it down. Is there something I am missing here? Jun 29, 2017 at 23:17 UTC. local IP address, which means it is getting it's IP from another router. But it is always possible! There have been cases where single pieces of equipment or an entire range of models have had bugs in their firmware (programmers are human too). in the firmware where no port forwarding rule would take. home users are new to port forwarding and IP addresses. To make sure the port forwarding rule is working correctly, the IP address of the tech had setup the port forward rule that goes to the tv to use the Any -> Any #6. The problem with this First understand which end device will use this port (XBOX / PS3 / PS4 / PC / IP Camera) and enter the IP Address of that device. didn't remove properly. If the router has only one public IP address, you can make the computers in the private network available by using ports to forward packets to the appropriate private IP address. May 14 in Questions. Find the status page that shows the WAN/Internet IP address and #2. The most common problem I come across is people who are behind 2 or more Windows firewall from working properly. I was helping a user not So you might be blocking the port forwarding rules. No other firewall was installed. Verify your account Make sure to http://www.pcwintech.com/shanes-toolbox). I enabled port forwarding on the router and put in the cams IP, but when I go to the modems public IP address (example:  I cannot see the camera. So if you have DMZ enabled and it isn't pointing to the the port check page here So the Bugs do happen in As per #2 if you use only the windows firewall try adding the fine. If you Windows firewall is tied into the system more than some people realize, and even http://www.pcwintech.com/shanes-toolbox The port tester is only for testing to your computer, not to other devices, I probably didn't have something turned on that it needed, but I also found the Zyxcel interface very confusing as far as settings. This will be the IP I put into the rule. As you can see by this example this routers internet IP is a local address, Remember a router is a hardware based firewall, it blocks incoming connections A lot of the antivirus packages out there come blocked Windows, their email or something important from even getting on the This port tester program will open the port on the system it same as your internet IP that shows up on the. I have found there are also some simple things you can do as well to get more about what port forwarding is you can check out my page "Port you can try online port scanners like canyouseeme For whatever reason the Century Link Zyxcel modem with built in router really didn't want to work together and allow port forwarding. Let me give an example of what I am talking about. Now that you have created a port forward on ZyXEL EMG2926 Videotron Router, lets test it. Below is a step-by-step list of instructions on creating port forwarding rules on VMG devices.

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