workplace flexibility best practices

Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It refers to informal policies that allow a superior to grant flexible worktime to employees based on his/her discretion. Employees can then work with the organization to create a flexible arrangement after factoring in their role in the organization and whether or not this will afford them to opportunity to have a flexible work time. Workplace flexibility has been proven to offer many benefits both for the employer as well as the employee which is why many businesses are making the transition from the traditional workplace environment to a flexible workplace environment. Career/Life Alliance and 1 Million for Work Flexibility Supporters Life Meets Work and BCCWF explain: “The research team developed a variety of activities directed toward managers to help them overcome resistance and successfully lead flexible work teams.” In the event that the performance of an employee is hindered as a result of his/her pursuing a flexible working option, such should be handled as per company policy the same way any such matter would be handled. Workplace flexibility also includes employees being able to choose when they want to work. Quite a number of these has been mentioned in this article, some of those benefits, however, are a boost in career ambitions, a boost in productivity and employee engagement, and a reduction in absenteeism. A diverse workplace affords an organization the opportunity to have a wide range of talents working to help fulfil its goal and drive it forward. A new study identifies the extent to which those attidudes toward FWAs may change. Also, to ensure that employees do not misuse such an opportunity, training programmes should be organized as well as a means of communicating effectively. Best Practices to Manage a Flexible Working Team Managers were given a series of activities and tools to implement over a three-month period. By virtue of this, it gives space for diversity to occur in the workplace. Check out this list of life-saving tools for the working-nomad. This, more than anything else, makes workplace flexibility something for every organization to try and implement. There is a diverse range of options affordable as a result of workplace flexibility and this could be any of the following; Job sharing: job sharing involves the sharing of a particular task between two or more employees thereby allowing such a task to be accomplished innovatively and creatively. Diversity, on the other hand, refers to the presence of a diverse range of people with different circumstances and backgrounds within your workforce. Here are a few things that make remote workers feel forgotten, and what both their managers and their coworkers can do to alleviate those problems. Further Reading - OSW Article 25 Workplace Flexibility Benefits. More productivity by employees will inadvertently lead to more profit for the organization. Workplace flexibility also allows employees to determine the means by which they want to accomplish their task. A strong communication plan can help leaders set expectations and successfully orchestrate a diverse group of distributed employees. How diverse and inclusive an organization’s workforce is can be the deciding factor of how competitive they are in their industry. By Audrey Fairbrother|2019-04-11T10:39:30-07:00June 1st, 2017|Categories: Work Flexibility Best Practices|Tags: implementing work flexibility, remote work, technology|. Someone from our team will be in touch shortly. Learn how to manage a work flex plan, communicate effectively with a distributed team, establish a culture that supports flexibility, and more in these posts on work flexibility best practices. These cookies do not store any personal information. It can be the reason why an organization can and will retain its talented workforce. Normal working time would severely limit the time that parents spend with their kids as well as that which spouses spend with each other. This particular arrangement does not only benefit employees, it also benefits employers. As can be seen in steps put forth in this article, workplace flexibility is very important in order to have a diverse and all-inclusive workforce which is important for a business to thrive and move forward. Flexible benefits for people-first companies, Innovative benefits for innovative companies, uses cookies to deliver the best possible website experience. Topics include: Click here to read more and download a copy. With the option of workplace flexibility, people are better able to plan their time so that they can spend more quality time with those that matter to them. By Greg Kratz|2019-04-11T10:39:14-07:00September 5th, 2017|Categories: Research Related to Work Flexibility, Work Flexibility Best Practices|Tags: flexible schedule, implementing work flexibility, management, remote work, research|. Flexibility and Diversity in the Workplace. Flexible timing: flexible timing refers to the opportunity available for employees to choose and dictate their own working time. Workplace flexibility has been made possible due to the advances in communication thanks to technology. In September 2020, California passed two new pieces of legislation that impose new obligations on employers in the event positive test cases of COVID-19 in the work place. The information and materials on this blog are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to constitute legal or tax advice. In the event that you want to implement flexibility into your workplace, the following are five steps by which you can do this drawn from in-depth research. Someone from our team will be in touch shortly. This is because it provides an opportunity for people who have other obligations and responsibilities to still contribute their quota to the development and advancement of the organization. For instance, if an employee feels like he or she performs better at night, he/she can choose a worktime that is closer to that time so that there can be more productivity. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Join us for a discussion on the current regulatory requirements and a preventive roadmap to mitigating COVID-19 exposures as well as managing potential outbreaks. Thank you for your interest. An organization that is looking to provide equal opportunities for all of their employees will have no choice but to implement workplace flexibility in their workplace. 1 Million for Work Flexibility is the first national initiative bringing people together to create a collective voice in support of work flexibility. Communication is Key. 0. The result of this is a boost in productivity for the company which is more or less an advantage to the employer. Are Employee Engagement Surveys Really Confidential? These are; The formal workplace flexibility policies refer to those policies regarding workplace flexibility that are officially sanctioned and approved as human resources policies, and which has a due process that has to be followed when an employee is seeking for flexible worktime or other types of workplace flexibility while the informal workplace flexibility policies is the opposite as it is not official and does not follow official channels. For instance, an employee can decide that he/she does not want to work between the hours of 9-5 and instead come around later from 10-6. Wondering how to work seamlessly while traveling? By Sharon Emek, CEO & President, Work At Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE) Modern technology – secure remote connectivity, the Cloud, collaborative software, VoIP phones, and smart phones – is disrupting the way we work and providing opportunities for remote out-of-office work. It involves working from a remote location while maintaining contact with your office via the internet. Quite a number of these has been mentioned in this article, some of those benefits, however, are a boost in career ambitions, a boost in productivity and employee engagement, and a reduction in absenteeism. We’ll be joined by experts from Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and the Sequoia Risk Management & Legal Teams. A diverse workplace affords an organization the opportunity to have a wide range of talents working to help fulfil its goal and drive it forward. Many templates for building outstanding work flex programs are just a mouse click away. Ask them to make suggestions and give their opinions on better and innovative ways to work, 3. The use of this blog does not in any way establish an attorney-client relationship, nor should any such relationship be implied, and the contents do not constitute legal or tax advice. 25 Problems with Social Media in the Workplace (Employee and Employer Adverse Effects), Over 2,500 Workplace Professionals listed on OSW List, Over 11,000 Coworking locations listed on OSW. So, what is workplace flexibility and diversity? Copyright 2013-2020 1 Million for Work Flexibility. They can be treated by creating environments of mutual respect. Information provided in this blog may not reflect the most current legal developments and may vary by jurisdiction. Many managers and employees are already For employees, there will be time to work on and achieve other things such as take the kids to school, attend a variety show or a football match and so on all of which will lead to happiness and satisfaction. A flexible workplace eliminates the need for this, however, as all that is required is that he/she choose one of the options available as a result of workplace flexibility and still deliver as is required and expected. Workplace flexibility is seen as a means by which diversity in the workplace can be encouraged and this is very beneficial to an organization as it helps retain talents which will result in sustained productivity and innovation. All rights reserved. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all for work flexibility, it’s key to follow work flexibility best practices to ensure success—both as an employer an as an employee. For things to work smoothly, however, you should ensure that your managers are receptive to the changes that will be brought about by a switch to this arrangement. For help with healthcare, wellbeing, retirement, and global services, Phone: 650-SEQUOIA (650.737.8642) Email:, For help with payroll, HR, healthcare, wellbeing, and retirement services, Phone: 415.937.9299 Email:, For help with Sequoia systems, technology, and apps. Research has clearly shown that for most employees who have any type of remote work arrangement, they: Met their goals more reliably; More productive; … This will, in effect, result in them being engaged in their work such that they will be more productive for the organization. We’ll be joined by experts from ESM, Fisher Phillips, and the Sequoia Risk Management Team. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Workplace flexibility refers to a situation whereby employees have a choice as to how, when and where they work and accomplish their tasks. Here are a few to consider as you craft a new policy. The future work paradigm will be “the right work with the right person can be done from anywhere”. - The amount of money available that will be helpful in raising a family and, - The availability of time and support from the organization for those employees who have other responsibilities to cater to such as family and community among other things, As can be seen in steps put forth in this article, workplace flexibility is very important in order to have a diverse and all-inclusive workforce which is important for a business to thrive and move forward. Respect should be present in every and all areas of work and it should feature via such things as inclusive recruitment and rights for fathers some of which should mirror those provided for mothers, Money: employees should get fair wages for their work, how is work for older women being handled and so on, Society: plans should be put in place for childcare by parents, there should be access to certain rights at work for certain employees among other things.

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