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NARA requires 4 foils on all cases which will house NARA artifacts. Additionally a lighthood needs to be separated from the display area by a glass or acrylic barrier. Once fully cured and off gassed it is also acceptable for interior case work just avoid large surfaces. Our manufacturing facility allows us to deliver a completely bespoke service. Allow 3 weeks off gassing prior to installation of artifacts. Avoid high heat lights and stick with LED and fluorescent. Use Acrylic for short term exhibits only (Two years or less). click here gallery & museum display lighting systems. This system has the added benefit of moving the case air through scavengers which remove pollutants from the air. No cookie cutter approach, specifications take time- Sorry, but this takes work, however consider hiring a consultant to help you create your specifications. This can quickly offset the lower cost mentioned earlier. Typically this is the case style used for acrylic cases because acrylic does not play well with hinges. On certain glass/acrylic to hard surfaces (generally at a right angle), this is an acceptable seal. We can design a beautiful piece of furniture to suite any budget or lead time. Additionally, tempered glass does not have any UV inhibiting characteristics which are essential to conservatorial care of your collection. Using traditional materials such as English oak and other hardwoods. Appleply- Appleply by States Industries is now the wood based material that the Smithsonian recommends. The standard is called “snake eye” screws, but now that these are readily available at big box stores, consider upgrading to the newer pin style screw heads. Wood reception desk with display counters. Often commercial insurance is expensive for heritage museums to display artefacts. Wooden glass display cases and reception desk. At the very least, cases should be designed with dust seals to reduce housekeeping issues. Optionally, consider a pedestal inside a freestanding glass case. Standing at 1200mm (four feet) high it is illuminated with a pair of stalk spotlights giving the perfect uninterrupted view of its contents. Better security- Modern laminated safety glass not only blocks UV light but is much stronger than standard acrylic. This is a preferred high quality seal for glass to glass construction and mimics other sections of the glass to glass constructions where cast in place silicone is used to join and build cases. It is a beautiful product with an added cost of 20% to 50% on a case project. click here vitrines – jewellery display case. Use the same sealing techniques as above. As we manufacture by hand, every piece is different. Therefore they use the cheapest materials to make their cases including particle board, melamine and high VOC paints. Also specify if you want the locks keyed alike across the entire order or keyed separately. Consider at least 4 weeks off gassing. These cases are almost 100% glass case types. However it is nearly impossible to build cases from this product. Here are some general ideas and concepts on how you CAN use lights inside a case. Built to keep your valuables even more secure while retaining visual appeal. Manufactured using cost effective, hard-wearing MFC with aluminium profile roller shutter security doors. Additional visual upgrades to glass include: Low iron- Also known as “water white” or “super clear”. This elegant display cabinet has been sympathetically designed in the style of Queen Anne using UV Bonded toughened glass with a stained dark mahogany base and Queen Anne legs. It works like this: Why own, maintain and power up two separate lighting systems when one will do? Rods should be a minimum of ¼” or 8mm and stainless steel should always be used for the additional strength and non-corrosive nature of the material. We offer many styles of display cases to suit your requirements and budget. Although local distributors of similar products (i.e. And in some cases, the public do not get to see them. Some acrylic is coated with an anti-reflective coating similar to glass (see below), but this creates big problems when bonding acrylic into cases and should be avoided. These are highly effective but at a premium price. Reduces the initial cost of purchasing cases- Let’s face it, good lighting systems are expensive and the additional casework needed to house them adds to the overall cost of the cases. You could use LED light bars in lookdown type cases sometimes because the large upper surface to display volume ratio dissipates the heat fairly quickly but that is the farthest I would go.

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