what is your favorite book ielts speaking

Of course, as we’ve discussed before, you really shouldn’t write too much. “All materials on this site are just for helping students prepare for the IELTS test.”, ” ALL The Answers Of the Questions on this site send by Students  and some data taken from the internet “. White and published in 1952, was considered to be White's most famous novel. In this IELTS Speaking Part 2 post, I’m going to discuss the speaking part of the IELTS test. This blog is going to bring you quality English material that you need to enhance linguistic skills. IELTS Speaking : Cue Card : Talk about your favorite book. I could not leave the book until I finished it and I was deeply touched to read the thoughts of a young and brilliant girl who was killed at her 15. I now work without considering any accolades of my Email . In fact, it's sold more than 45 million copies since its first publication and had been translated into 23 languages. In this post we are going to cover a cue card. I have so far read books on self help, inspiration, and Here we are going to describe a model answer for the topic favourite colour. You will find a short discussion on how to prepare yourself for the cue card as […] A character in your favorite book – IELTS Speaking Part 2. I read many books , but I would like to talk about my favorite book . Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They don’t work for attracting the attention of people around them. You could be asked about your favorite book or a book you really love, but in this case we will just look at a book you have read recently: Describe a book you have read recently. The English Hunt This blog is going to bring you quality English material that you need to enhance linguistic skills. how you first heard of the book? By using our website and services, you agree to our use of cookies. My favorite book is Harry Porter. When Wilbur is in danger of being slaughtered by the farmer, Charlotte writes messages praising Wilbur (such as "Some Pig") in her web in order to persuade the farmer to let him live. Write to your friend to say; Most Common IELTS Speaking Topics; Is petty cash book, book of primary entry or ledger? Cambridge IELTS Book 15 Speaking. Of course, I didn’t really care to remember about those books, after reading them, that much except for a few books. IELTSFEVER is not affiliated, approved , endorsed by the University of Cambridge ESOL, the British Council, and IDP Education Australia. Remember – you just have one minute! There are some examples of people who work without any 042-35855791. world through their writings. www.ielts.org IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 I remember one book in particular that I enjoyed reading previously that I would like to read again. This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best user experience on our website. I read many books , but I would like to talk about my favorite book . people. Describe something you still have from your childhood. Describe a story you heard or read in your childhood. This book is about leadership skills, it says if one The name of this book was named “Charlotte’s Web”. I read it two years ago when I was planning to start a "IELTS Sample Answer & IELTS Preparation". In fact, every time, there was a new children’s book in the market, I would have to get my hands on it. More resources to assist you in your ESOL pursuit, IELTS Speaking Interview 10 March 2018 : Real Exam how you first heard of the book? I loved to read different kinds of books when I was growing up as a child. They work to inspire their co-workers to work at their Cambridge IELTS Book-11 Speaking Test-1 fully explained , Model answer and Ideas. After her death, the diary was bit censored and was published with her father’s permission who was the only survivor from the Nazi camp. title. At that time, the Nazi invaded the Netherland and they were in hiding into a sealed-off upper room of Anne’s father’s office building in Amsterdam. Besides, no other books, which I had read up until then, had awakened my imagination to give me a heavy heart as the anatomy and sad demise of a spider’s life, called “Charlotte”, in that timeless classic. Pacans Next course for IELTS-TOEFL-GRE-GMAT-GAT-ACT- SAT-SAT 2-ENGLISH-OET-PTE starting this Monday. So the first thing you should do is make a few notes on the topic. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies. The Cue Card: Describe a book you have read recently. Eventually, the book had made its way into several film adaptations as well. Instead, write the ideas you want to discuss or the vocabularyyou may need. https://ieltsliz.com/ielts-writing-task-2/, http://subscriptions.viddler.com/IELTSLizStore, 50% Discount Advanced IELTS Lessons & E-books, Answers to Reading Lesson – News we can trust, Answers to Plastic Straws Listening Practice. Describe a book that you would like to read again. Cambridge IELTS Book-11 Speaking Test-1 fully explained , Model answer and Ideas. newspaper can help you improve your speaking and writing. IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card. Nowadays for many people, the Internet is replacing regular books. I become more positive and 50 very important idioms for IELTS other competitive They remain hiding there for two years and Anne wrote the events of the people living there, her personal thoughts and what happened at that time. There are many great authors committed to change the You may have some difficulties takin... Cambridge IELTS Book-11 Speaking Test-3 Model Answer The examiner will ask you questions about your study, hobbies and place where yo... https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B076B8G5D8/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=345606-21&creative=24630&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B076B8G5D8&linkId=186465a3ad12fa6ef02a5ec6e21ea9b1, Welcome to English Hunt, Where you get tips, tricks, practices and lesson to improve your English and obtain high band score in IELTS exam. Favourite book ielts speaking part 2 cue card with the answer. She wrote the diary when she and her family were in hiding for two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherland during the Second World War. The book taught me not to work for show off; I must be SUBSCRIBE OUR WEBSITE FOR LATEST UPDATES FOR LATEST PRACTICE TESTS ENTER YOUR EMAIL AND CLICK ON SUBSCRIBE NOW. The book was adapted from the diary Anne Frank, who was a teenage girl around 13 years old at the time of writing her diary. In this case, of course we first have to think about the book itself. This book is authored by Robin Sharma much sought after public They have a clear vision which can be translated into reality. Pacans Next course for IELTS-TOEFL-GRE-GMAT-GAT-ACT- SAT-SAT 2-ENGLISH starting this Monday. You should say: - what this book was - why you decided to read it - what reading this book made you think about - and explain why you enjoyed reading this book. Your email address will not be published. You should say: what it is/was; who is the writer of the book; what was the story of the book; and explain why it is one of your favourite books from your childhood. You should say: what kind of book it is; who wrote the book This book has been my favorite since very first read. They don’t work to win accolades but to trust of what the main story of the book? You will find lesson on grammar, vocabulary, pronounciation, advanced English structures. Describe one of your favourite books from your childhood. The book not only provided me entertainment, but it also gave me knowledge. IELTS Speaking Topic: Your favorite book; Active voice 12 tenses “write” IELTS Letter: Your colleague loaned you a book to use in a presentation at work. She was initially irritated about Peter, a boy of her own age and later on they two became very close. What do you think will happen in the future and what is your opinion? had no title. She admired her sister’s talent and intelligence and calm nature. Your favorite book Which is your favorite book?

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