water serpents ii analysis

I think that this borrowing and simplifying of Klimt’s style works well as a modern portrayal of his influence. Article Source: Like many others, this painting was given to a Nazi party member. Both of the women featured in the paintings have a thoughtful and distant expression, however this is something Chávez continues in the overall atmosphere of the painting whereas “Klimt was largely unconcerned at this time with depicting his sitter’s character, and even less so with providing location and context” (The Art Story), he was more interested in the way he adorned them with gold and pattern. ArtWork Analysis; Artworks; Galleries; Store; Home / Gustav Klimt / Gustav Klimt ArtWorks / Water Serpents I, (Friends), 1904; Ads Ads Water Serpents I, (Friends), 1904. Water Serpents II is the better known of the two paintings and features a greater variety of colour than the first. [online] DAMIAN CHÁVEZ. This whole time, the painting was considered lost. 304 Articles, By The Art Story, (2012). The trio stand close together and almost wrap around each other, giving a very tactile feeling as all of their hands are visible where they hold onto each other, the fingers spread yet positioned delicately to emphasise their femininity. He provides solid golden strips at the sides of the piece to reference the original story yet keeping it looking cleaner and more minimal than Klimt’s style. During World War II, it was stolen by the Nazis, and more recently, it has been the center of a controversy surrounding its record 2013 sale. Damian Chávez – Oil VS acrylic versions of “Three Graces”,… | Facebook. Chávez utilises all of these features yet his piece differs from ‘Water Serpents II’ as he does not fill the painting with In 2013 Yves Bouvier sold the painting to the Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, one of the largest private art collectors in the world. Gustav Klimt’s influence on Chávez is clear in his subject matter, style, and technique, however Chávez offers a modern and personalised version of these qualities. However, influence may not be as obvious as style or technique. Gustav Klimt. Artist and writer Samuel Adoquei suggests in his book ‘Origin of Inspiration’ that all great artists require five attributes: inspiration, passion, talent, skill, and vision. In 1961, Ucicky died, and he left the painting to his wife, Ursula. It was started by Klimt in 1904 and finished in either 1906 or 1907. Custom Paintings: Describing Them and Thr Whole Process Involved, 10 Tips for Painting Landscapes With Acrylics, https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Tom_Gurney/270061, http://ezinearticles.com/?Klimts-­Water-­Serpents&id=6074131. This positioning of the hands is a recognisable feature of Klimt’s work used to add to the delicate intricacy of his paintings. Water Serpents II is one example of where he did at least experiment with the shape of the canvas, with a wide landscape chosen precisely for the purpose of capturing the two scantily clad models in the exact position which he was looking for, namely side by side with some flowers in between. It is the elaborate detail and bright paint that has made Klimt so popular within the art mainstream and few paintings show off this style better than the two Water Serpent paintings mentioned in this article which aims to bring the beauty of the artist's career to your attention. Comparable to Klimt’s ‘Water Serpents II’ (1904), ‘The Three Graces’ shows a group of nude women surrounded by decorative pattern. https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Tom_Gurney/270061, Arts and Entertainment: Painting Wikipedia, (2016). The heirs of Jenny Seiner used their portion of the proceeds to found the New Klimt Foundation. Damian Chávez. Another notable similarity are the slim and elongated bodies of the women. Looking at ‘Valerie’ (2012) by Chávez beside ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer’ (1907) by Klimt the most immediate similarity is pattern. Rybolovlev’s company, Accent Delight, paid $183.8m to Bouvier’s business, MEI Invest, for “Water Serpents II” in 2012 and paid Bouvier a related $3.7m (2 per cent) administrative fee. To date, Klimt’s paintings have brought some of the highest prices recorded for individual works of art. Women are exquisite creatures and so provide a beautiful image but the mystery and confidence that the characters portray creates depth and makes it an engaging piece. This work is a clear example of an artist having developed their influences through their earlier work and now refining and, 7 Damian Chávez, Daughters of Jupiter, 2014. making them their own. We can conclude that both Water Serpents paintings were important additions to the fine career of Klimt and the feminine charm within them has also led to them becoming highly sought after reproductions for those looking to buy art for their own homes.

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