tom ford tobacco oud notes

I'd be interested in trying to layer this with other scents for experimenting. Initially Tobacco Oud is discreetly mellow and sweet, then as times passes is progressively becomes darker, denser, unleashing the main tobacco accord which brings Tobacco Oud closer and closer (as weird as it may sound) to some indie niche tobacco scents like Jeke by Slumberhouse and above all, Tabac Aurea by Sonoma Scent Studio – with just a hint of Donna Karan’s Black Cashmere (because of some spices, perhaps). Beauty Almanac |. This is a very very strong scent. Sometimes I feel like I might be able to pull it off, and other times its just plain offense I think. I’ve learned in the fragrance world no two noses are alike! If you have smelled real oud, there is a similar vibe. I was hoping the Tobacco notes would predominate, but unfortunately, on me, this is almost all Oud once you get past the opening. First off this is the first release of Tom Ford that does smell close to the original one (Tobacco Oud). The Top notes are very identical to Kerosene Copper skies,Reminds me of old library with old books, the base is similar to SL Ambre. Fell in love with this as soon as I sprayed it. It's all a bit sweet for me. Some say whiskey, but I don't see this as a dry bitter, it is sweetened like a bourbon. Overall this is a pretty nice scent with good performance but a pretty poor value. Devenez un membre de la communauté en ligne et ecrivez vos propres critiques. Everyone else is puttering about, rushing to and fro, home from work, or on to whatever those poor schmucks do. Although it's a tobacco scent its composition is very simple,in a good way, very simple and very clean cut and minimalistic it doesn't have a bunch of notes in it its just smells like tobacco oud. Le cœur plus ambré mélange les notes du tabac, de la fève tonka et de la coumarine. No. Tobacco Oud is a bourbon sweet tobacco. I really like this odd stuff ! I once got an apple pie vibe from it. Les cookies nous permettent de personnaliser le contenu et les annonces et d'analyser le trafic. Soyez le premier à donner votre avis sur ce parfum ! Le créateur s’est inspiré de deux passions que l’on retrouve souvent dans la péninsule Arabique : créer des fragrances à base de oud et fumer des tabacs aromatisés. Not for everyone. I also love getting a whiff of it every once in a while whenever I'm on the go, it's that good! No oud detectable. Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. On a side note, I compared Ombré Leather to Tuscan Leather, abd much prefer the Ombré. A slightly sweet spicy/ashy boozy tobacco. One small spray lasts all day, and sillage is just about on the side of subtle enough to not overpower those around you. I can smell the peculiar scent of wet woolen coats and mittens mixed with the polished wood of the gym floor, dampened by the snow on our boots. Unfortunately regretting my $280 AUD blind buy on this one and don't think even my father would want to wear this. Notes: Whiskey, Tobacco, Patchouli. Tobacco, Whiskey and Oud. On first spray I was like -'Mike, what did you do. It's a barnyard oud (smells lika indian oud), I love it. There are definitely other elements at play that make this a grown-up and complicated scent. I like it a lot but not enough to spend the asking price for it. Tom Ford Oud Wood opens with a moderate projection of very pleasant woody accords. NOT good for summer-- at all ! It has the industrial cleaner smell. Absolutely dirty, animalic and unapologetic in its strength and intensity. The dry down is WOW. Opens so sweet it feels like it's almost fruity. There's no doubt about it, this is a man's fragrance. Starts off with an ashy vibe that I love and stays there throughout the mid. I own this fragrance and it's an evening scent for sure, but not just any evening. - Parfum coriace est d'une douceur virile. Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford is a Woody Spicy fragrance for women and men. Sa note de coeur révèle l'onctuosité de la Fève Tonka, de la Fleur de Tabac, de la Vanille et du Cacao, concluant par un accord de Fruits Secs et enrichie par la douceur de sève d'arbre. The problem I have and the reason I will not buy a full bottle is that it doesn't really offer anything new. Even my mom told me it smells exactly like what she smelled during the vacation. Comme on dit vulgairement "c'est du lourd" . Well used Whiskey barrel, however it smells of some cinnamon and vanilla sweetness when my wrist is away from my face. Le cœur plus ambré mélange les notes du tabac, de la fève tonka et de la coumarine. I will start by saying that Tobacco Oud is a very nice fragrance. I even get this subtle cocoa note in it as well. I bought this fragrance having smelled it once in the store and I can say I hated it. This is amazingggg. The cigar/flannel/ whiskey/firewood references worked perfectly ( I would add the scent of a stick of fat lighter starter to that list ... maybe it's the amber ) At any rate, I ordered a 5 ml decant of this juice today. How could anyone POSSIBLY enjoy this?! Haha. I expected boozy tobacco like notes suggests, but this is so overly sweet and bright. An absolutely amazing fragrance!

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