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Learn about fishing regulations and licence info, species identification, responsible fishing practices and more. then to 49°20.259'N 123°19.828'W We use cookies to optimize website performance and for advertising purposes. then to 48°52.833'N 125°22.622'W eastern tip of Benson Island marine biotoxins, bacteria, or viruses, 23.21 Snug Basin, Uchucklesit Inlet, land file #1411127, 23.32 - Eastern shore of Uchucklesit Inlet, 23.13 Area between Fatty Basin and Useless Inlet, 23.19 East Effingham Inlet, land file #1403799, 23.23 West Effingham Inlet, land file #1409678, 23.25 East Effingham Inlet, land file #1407569, 23.20 Toquart Bay - Coulson forest Products Dock and Toquart Bay Campsite Dock, Upper Alberni Harbour / Hoik Island / Somass, Offshore_Pacific_Seamounts_and_Vents.jpeg, Non-retention until Dec 31 (See Restrictions). then to, 50°38'19"N 131°20'40"W Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence associated with your permanent catch log. Species includes: Pacific cod, Pacific tomcod, pollock and hake but does not include lingcod. All anglers must have a fishing licence to fish tidal waters in BC. Tidal Waters Sport Fishing … Be sure to check the Freshwater Fishing Regulations for daily catch limits and other requirements. then to 49°23.250'N 123°29.050'W Keats Island 49°20.900'N 123°27.900'W Worlcombe Island Non-residents of Canada wishing to fish and retain halibut in Areas 121, 23 and 123, must obtain their licence from a licence vendor in Canada - view: http://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/fm-gp/rec/licence-permis/iap-fai-eng.html. Moon snails may be subject to PSP, check for closures. The possession limit for halibut is either of: one (1) halibut measuring 90 cm to 126 cm in length (69 cm to 97 cm head-off), OR two (2) halibut, each measuring under 90 cm in length (69 cm head-off). begin at, 46°48'50"N 129°43'49"W [on the boundary of the EEZ*, Subarea 125-6] then southeast to 49° 29.591' N, 123° 17.519' W 6 - The annual limit is six (6) halibut per licence holder per licence year, as set out on the BC Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence. (3) 25 meters around any floating living accommodation facility located within a shellfish aquaculture tenure where a zero-discharge and appropriate waste management plan is a condition of the Aquaculture Licence and is approved by the Regional Interdepartmental Committee then to 48°53.500'N 125°16.600'W in water It is prohibited to possess female Dungeness crab. then to 48°52.853'N 125°18.600'W northwestern tip of Effingham Island then to 49°33.553'N 123°16.462'W then following the westerly shoreline of Passage Island to published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service of the Department. marine biotoxins, bacteria, or viruses to build up in their tissue. then to 49°20.750'N 123°18.350'W Passage Island You will need permission to harvest oysters from marked oyster farms. All traps must be hauled and removed from the water prior to night-time hours. Hand picking is permitted including by diving. The freshwater fishing licence does not include fishing in British Columbia's coastal tidal waters. then to 49°33.707'N 123°17.201'W While roles vary between different provinces and territories, generally: WhatsApp. then to 49°33.438'N 123°16.750'W Those waters of Subareas 23-7, 23-8 and 123-3 that lie inside a line that: then southeast to 49° 28.434' N, 123° 14.732' W Wind diminishing to variable 15 Thursday evening. then easterly to 49°20.577'N 123°18.720'W 2 The aggregate recreational daily limit for wild and hatchery trout combined is two (2). BC Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Guide; Newfoundland and … then to 49°22.350'N 123°17.622'W White Cliff Point Keeping your chinook salmon? - Open 8:00 a.m. Thursday to 8:00 a.m Monday; for areas 28 and 29 during open dates (August 16 to June 14). This includes traps tied to a boat or dock or fished from shore. Ensure gear is properly marked. then to 49°31.300'N 123°26.100'W north of Woolridge Island Closed 8am Mon. Coastwide: Daily Limit Pieces changes in water quality can cause unsafe Featuring up-to-date official Regulations, Catch Log, Species ID Guide, plus the ability to display your B.C. then to 48°47.400'N 125°16.300'W in water DFO.PAC.CSSP-PCAM.PAC.MPO@dfo-mpo.gc.ca. There has been much speculation about what the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) will announce for the 2020-2021 sport fishing season in British Columbia. then southwest to 49° 22.287' N, 123° 19.152' W Electronic licence restriction for non-residents: Lingcod: Fillets, including the tail, must meet the minimum "head off" size limit of 53 cm. That portion of Subarea 23-5 surrounding the Meade Islets inside a line that starts at 48¿55.650'N and 125¿07.290' W then south following the low water mark to 48¿55.423' N and 125¿07.507' W then north following the low water mark to the point of commencement, including the intertidal zone between the east and west islets. Hatchery coho (marked): Coho salmon with a healed scar in place of the adipose fin. Captain Al cell# 250-619-7008 text or call me. Coastwide: Daily Limit Pieces 2 The daily and possession limit for halibut is either of: Sport Fishing Advisory Board - Get involved in your fishery! Changes to the regulations which include closures, with salmon species and ground fish Cod species. then northwest to 49° 26.952' N, 123° 15.046' W Gear Permitted Maximum of 2 ring nets, dip nets or traps or combination of these per fisher. Note: Head-off measurements are made from the base of the pectoral fin at its most forward point to the extreme end of the middle of the tail. Keeping your chinook salmon? is not transferable. then to the beginning point. Areas may be closed to fishing for many reasons, including for conservation purposes. Consult your local DFO office for details. - One (1) halibut measuring 90 cm to 126 cm in length (69 cm to 97 cm head-off), OR Species ID Guide featuring Salmon and other species found in B.C. Prawns with eggs: No person shall retain prawns carrying eggs, or remove eggs from the underside of prawns carrying eggs. then to 49°17.450'N 122°57.000'W Westridge Marine Terminal then following the shoreline in a westerly direction to the beginning point. Check the regulations for the area you are fishing before you go; Partially crimped barbs are not allowed; the barb must be crimped flat against the shaft; In tidal waters, there’s no limit to the number of fishing rods you can use. Area 23: Download a printable PDF version of this map. All halibut retained by the licence holder shall be immediately recorded on the BC Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence. then to 49°31.164'N 123°19.174'W Anvil Island Those portions of Subareas 28-2 and 29-3 that lie inside a line that: then to the beginning point. Those waters of Subareas 28-2 and 28-4 that lie inside a line that: then to the beginning point. Includes kelp, shiner and pile perch, and all species of surf and sea perch. That portion of Subarea 28-4 that lies inside a line: Because they feed by filtering microscopic plankton from the water, then southwest to 49° 28.177' N, 123° 15.031' W then to 49°20.867'N 123°27.250'W Worlcombe Island TIDAL WATERS FISHING LICENCE. passing through 49°27.000' north latitude near Granite Falls and northerly

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