threat hunter certification

We rigorously vet each boot camp to guarantee it meets certification and compliance requirements and aligns with recognized guidelines like the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. The CCTHP body of knowledge consists of five domains covering the responsibilities of a cyber threat hunter. Information stored in this cookie includes personal information like your name and what pages you view on our site. Infosec Skills boot camps are powered by LX Labs — our elite team of cyber SMEs, learning specialists and community of top-ranked security instructors, published authors and sought-after industry leaders. The five CCTHP domains are: After attending the Cyber Threat Hunting Boot Camp, you will have the knowledge and skills to: Get the cybersecurity training you need at a pace that fits your schedule with a subscription to Infosec Skills. The certification exam is … We use this type of cookie to optimize our marketing campaigns. Any additional attempts is charged at $149 USD per attempt. Practical exercises must be completed online in the MCSI Online Learning Platform. This is a specialist-level 5-day course for those cyber security professionals involved in ​network security, security operations or incident response looking to develop in their role or wishing to enhance their proactive skills in detecting and mitigating threats. Keep your skills sharp with 100s of on-demand courses! The CCTHP body of knowledge consists of five domains covering the responsibilities of a cyber threat hunter. "Finding good Threat Hunting training is more difficult than actual Threat Hunting. Practical Threat Hunting will teach you how to become an effective threat hunter regardless of the toolset by focusing on the habits and techniques used by experts. These modules are a combination of general threat hunting training, as well as content that is specific to AI-Hunter. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your training at the end of the first day, you may withdraw and enroll in a different Flex Pro or Flex Classroom course. Learn how to find, assess and remove threats from your organization in our Cyber Threat Hunting Boot Camp designed to prepare you for the Certified Cyber Threat Hunting Professional exam. The certification exam is a 50-question, traditional multiple-choice test. James Coyle , Senior U.S. Public Sector Channel Sales Engineer. MCSI Certification Programs are truly worldclass with cutting-edge content that offers you uniquely-designed, hands-on practical and challenging exercises that teach skills immediately applicable in the field towards benefiting career advancement. Hunting for irregular traffic: misused protocols, Endpoint hunting overview (Windows and Linux processes, file systems, registry, hunting tools), Malware (types, common activities, AV evasion, detection and analysis tools and methods), Hunting for registry and system file changes, Hunting for abnormal account activity (brute-force attacks, privileged accounts), Hunting for swells in database read volume, Hunting for unexpected patching of systems, Going beyond IOCs: hunting for advanced threats, Developing an effective threat-hunting program, Threat hunting best practices and resources.

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