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Journal of Retailing, 70(3), 201-230. Collegeand University, 40(3), 292-297. Security and liberty: the image of balance, Journal of Political Philosophy 11(2): 191–210. Oliver, R. (1997). Additionally, this research is an important topic as it relates to the fields of mass media, public relations, and journalism. relates to the persuasive messages used to explain how people account for the actions of others (Woodward & Denton, 2009). The research contributes to not only academic scholarship, but also advocates for the integration of social theory into athletic department data management strategies and recruiting. even though it came very close. Data from the National Federation of State High School Associations show that 8 million high school students actively participated in athletics last year, with Texas ranking number one in terms of number of students participating in athletics. A large number of the student-athletes benefit from the university because it provides them with a quality and aspect of life that they normally would not be able to experience. A Pragmatic View of Thematic Analysis. Smith (2011) suggests that all scholarship athletes should be able to receive a guaranteed undergraduate education including living expenses, for each year that they participate as an athlete on a varsity team, which they should be able to redeem at any time. Improving communities through sport (727) 474.3845 Liberty stands behind a mutual race between the anticipation of security measures and terrorists’ up-to-date attempts to transgress these boundaries, “ terrorists are explicitly in the business of uncertainty. Leavitt fired as South Florida coach [Web, (2010, January 11). Conclusion: Hossler and Gallagher’s (1987) student choice model is integrated with Symbolic Interactionism in order to understand results. Seifried, C. (2006). With the amount of money major colleges invest in football and the turnover develop a capital outlay budget to prioritize Key words: service quality, satisfaction, repurchases intention, word-of-mouth. Genshaft: Leavitt refused to admit wrongdoing, Plashcke, B. 42. Stadium, prompting the commentators to question whether “The football club keeps their promises”) and four items were used to measure “Tangibles” (e.g. Instead, the issue at hand here is whether or not student-athletes are students that participate in extracurricular competitive sports, or have become athletes that also go to classes whenever their athletic schedules allow. Greenwell, T. C., Fink, J., & Pastore, D. (2002). Jahanshahi A., A., Gashti M., A., H ,Mirdamadi S., A., Nawaser K., &Khaksar S., M., S.(2011).Study the Effects of Customer Service and Product Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. be considered an added responsibility. 12. Secondly, the research would also be useful to college or university athletic programs. South Florida Design 44. If Leach brought BCS riches, it’s likely the school would maintain its relationship with him despite its displeasure. Nov.-Dec., 2001. demand improvements in gymnasiums, Journalists are professionals who are used to attending conferences and events within the same security circumstances, so their jobs expose them to a large experience dealing with security in portals daily and maybe dozens of times. The situation explains the timing gap between journalists and spectators. Although the relationships among service quality, satisfaction and future intentions, are well established in the services area, there is limited evidence regarding these relationships in the sport services area (30). Universities, using the application of attribution theory, are not likely to publicly state this as it would tarnish their overall reputation. Vermillion, M., Friedrich, C. & Holtz, L. (2009). (2006) suggested multiplying mag-and-bag security gates to a venue entry, because a person queuing for security checking should not wait longer than three minutes, and our data categorized all respondents in their range of the real time spent for security measures. In the context of this research, there appears to be a double standard within the highest ranks of college football. Why Mike Leach Wins Big in the Texas Tech, Mandel, S. (2010, September 16). Accordingly, journalists were comfortable to that timing whereas spectators were not. 1. Donnelly, P. & Young, K. (1999). Carroll says he didn’t know about the Bush violations. McGraw Hill.New York. Explaining theunder-representation of women in leadership positions of sport organizations: Asymbolic interactionist perspective. goes from saint to scallywag. Nicodemus, K. A. The possible answer choices regarding the importance of the college choice factors included “extremely important,” “very important,” “moderately important,” “slightly important,” and“unimportant,” which were numerically coded with “extremely important” rating a five (5) while “unimportant” was rated as one (1). Stadium lighting also represents salary for the upcoming season (ESPN, 2009). According to its designers, HKS, the focus was on three key areas—venue performance, fan experience and community identity. Ting, Siu-Man Raymond (2009). surfaces at one school will invariably create Item A measures the comfortable time judged when dealing with the security procedures at the venue gates (A1 &A2), the information about the regulations regarding the entrance of the venue and the cooperation (A3 & A4), and the evaluation of service quality provided by the security people (A5). However, there is limited information concerning these relationships in the realm of football especially in the Greek region where there is no data available whatsoever. Therefore, politicians tend to maximize their security preparation, at the price of more restrictions on citizens’ freedoms and civil rights than are necessary for effective prevention” (Meyer, 2004). Coaches are praised for putting their programs on the national stage.2. Like no other industry in the U.S., the NCAA is allowed to employ one type of labor (athletic participation and performance) without paying a competitive wage for it (McCormick & McCormick, 2006). Risk and sociocultural theory. The ensuing The controversy over the balance between liberty and security highlights that jeopardizing freedom for the sake of security creates the tension between security policies and freedom security prevailing over liberty. Betrayal’s number of major NCAA violations. Dr. John Acquaviva defends the current system in which colleges provide an athletic scholarship that provides a “free college education” in return for playing on the university team. (2000). Collegestudents’ perceptions of Native American imagery in sport.International Journal of Sport Management, 11,1, 111-140. (2004). The purpose of this study was to determine the degree to which service quality perceptions and customer satisfaction predict repurchase intentions and word-of-mouth communication. There was an eight-day interval for the seven reporters, because MMC (Main Media Center at Canada place Vancouver) was not operational beyond this range. It may represent confusion regarding the waiting time on line and the time spent on the security check before entering the venue, yet statistics confirmed the different attitudes of both the journalists and spectators.

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