song of solomon commentary

Here the brown complexion of the Egyptians is attributed to the influence of the sun or climate. "Think not the worse of the ways of God for my sufferings, for I smart for my own folly.’’ Note, When God’s people are oppressed and persecuted it becomes them to acknowledge their own sin to be the procuring cause of their troubles, especially their carelessness in keeping their vineyards, so that it has been like the field of the slothful. Ten songs, says the Tarpon, have been sung; but this excels them all. He shall lie all night betwixt my breasts - Mr. Harmer contends that it is the bundle of myrrh which the bride says shall lie all night betwixt her breasts, to which she compares the bridegroom, his name being as pleasing and refreshing to her mind, as the myrrh or stacte was to her senses, by its continual fragrance. The title she gives to Christ: O thou whom my soul loveth. See more about the Anchor Bible Commentary series.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bestbiblecommentaries_com-sky-1','ezslot_34',124,'0','0'])); Song of SongsOld Testament Libraryby J. Cheryl Exum. He has promised to be present with his people in his ordinances always. See more about the New American Commentary series. There are exegetical commentaries, scholarly and technical commentaries, as well as commentaries that are easy to understand. They are ready to welcome the manifestation of Christ’s love to their souls by his Spirit, and to return them in the humble professions of love to him and complacency in him, above all. Why should I be thought by the flocks of our companions to be a deserter from thee, and a retainer to some other shepherd?’’ Good Christians will be afraid of giving any occasion to those about them to question their faith in Christ and their love to him; they would not do any thing that looks like unconcernedness about their souls; or uncharitableness towards their brethren, or that savours of indifference and disaffection to holy ordinances; and we should pray to God to direct us into and keep us in the way of our duty, that we may not so much as seem to come short, Heb. Site by Mere. See more about the Interpretation Bible commentary series. "Why should I lie under suspicion, and look as if I belonged to some other and not to thee? She turns from the daughters of Jerusalem, to whom she had complained both of her sins and of her troubles, and looks up to heaven for relief and succour against both, v. 7. Observe how she mitigates her troubles; she does not say, as Jacob (Gen. 31:40 ), In the day the drought consumed me, but, The sun has looked upon me; for it becomes not God’s suffering people to make the worst of their sufferings. These she calls ours, Christ and believers having a joint-interest in them. Be not offended; for,(1.) Observe, [1.] Η καπῳ κυπαρισσοςπ, η ἁρματι Θεσσαλος ἱππος . See the Introduction. The subject is pleasing, and therefore fit to be treated of in a song, in singing which we may make melody with our hearts unto the Lord. "Draw me, not only with the moral suasion which there is in the fragrancy of the good ointments, not only with the attractives of that name which is as ointment poured forth, but with supernatural grace, with the cords of a man and the bands of love,’’ Hos. He approaches the book as a poem (or more precisely an anthology of poems) about the male-female relationship, which itself is analogous to the relationship between God and His people.” (Amazon, Westminster Books), Lloyd Carr – The Song of Solomon (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries). Christ must dwell in the heart (Eph. I am sunburnt, tanned by the sun; being obliged, perhaps, through some domestic jealously or uneasiness, to keep much without: "My mother's children were angry; they made me keeper of the vineyards." The church expresses the great value she has for Christ, and the delights she takes in communion with him (v. 12-14). Tell me - where thou feedest - This is spoken as if the parties were shepherds, or employed in the pastoral life. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain. How natural to break out into the praise of a bower, by whose branches and foliage we are shielded from the intense heat of the sun! The opinion she has of him as the good shepherd of the sheep; she doubts not but he feeds his flock and makes them rest at noon. St. Paul was weak, and yet strong, 2 Co. 12:10 . Those that are lively will be active; when Philip was drawn to Christ he drew Nathanael; and they will be exemplary, and so will win those that would not be won by the word.(3.) As husband and wife are heirs together (1 Pt. 3:4 . To you that believe he is precious, above any thing in this world, 1 Pt. He is a King in respect both of dignity and dominion; he wears the crown of honour, he bears the sceptre of power, both which are the unspeakable satisfaction of all his people.

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