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After the dance is over, Ariel rushes back to tell Snow White about the travelling expedition Eric invited her to. She suggests to Regina that the Queen can prove herself by undoing her and David's joint curse, but Regina admits she got all known information from the Queen about it, yet it's not enough to break the curse. ("The Price"), At the sheriff's department, Regina shows Mary Margaret and David a book from Camelot, in which she had marked an image of a toadstool six weeks ago, but for what reason, she doesn't remember. Later in the night, Maleficent tasks Regina with kidnapping Pinocchio and bringing him to a cabin, where Mr. Gold reverts the boy into August. The attack is ineffective, but Snow now has proof that Regina is still as vengeful as ever. Emma sends her parents to warn the townspeople about what is going on while she and Elsa learn a counter spell, using Anna's hair, can be made. With the Blue Fairy's help, she is restored to human. While admiring the view, her mother suddenly collapses. Regina offers to watch him since she isn't going to the ball, though she eventually fesses up to not knowing how to dance and fearing people will doubt she is the the savior. ("Mother's Little Helper"), Not wanting Emma to be alone when her final battle comes, David convinces Regina to use her antidote for his and Snow's sleeping curse even with the possible risks. She returns to the cottage and apologies to the dwarves for her prior behavior. Instead, Snow has an idea of how to get rid of the Evil Queen, and since the very item needed for the task is near the old Summer Palace, she asks that they go there for their honeymoon. Though she answers no every time, the repeated probing prompts her to say yes. Soon, another dwarf, Stealthy, arrives to free him. Snow White is against killing the Evil Queen, but she is outnumbered, as the others believe death is a fitting punishment. While Regina sits by as a third-party to ensure Emma remains unbiased, Mary Margaret is shown the jewelry box Kathryn's heart was found in. Mary Margaret appears in a photo in "The Crocodile". At an outdoor class, Snow successfully employs Shirin's suggestion by allowing the students to try their hand at archery as a lesson in physics. Snow White and Prince Charming pass into it to speak to Glinda about Zelena's weakness—light magic—a criteria Emma fits. She hits the man, a Huntsman, with a bag of apples and escapes into the forest, though he catches up. While the decorations are being prepared, Eva has an heirloom tiara to give her. After phoning David, he arrives home to meet their new midwife as well, and sits as Zelena brews them chamomile tea. While the princess happily gallops on her favorite horse in a meadow, Regina angrily regards her from inside the stable window. ("An Apple Red as Blood"), Upon remembering her true identity as Snow White, Mary Margaret is happily reunited with several of her friends from the Enchanted Forest, including Red Riding Hood, Granny, and the Seven Dwarves. Seeing her daughter's hesitation, Mary Margaret questions Emma on her decision to stay or leave town. ("Good Form"), At their camp, Mary Margaret and David watch Regina teach Emma how to light a fire with magic. In the hopes of sending Henry a message, Mary Margaret convinces everyone to make a net out of vine to catch a Lost Boy. The attack is successful, but when Snowarrives in the dungeon, she discovers only a mirror image of Charming since he is now the Evil Queen's prisoner. Because Edmond has lost everything in the village, Snow invites him to return to the castle with them, with Charming suggesting that he can become their wine steward. Regina and Zelena pull out the couple's darkened hearts and put them in the potion to drain the darkness before returning the hearts, however, it doesn't work because of a fail-safe the Queen cast to ensure the curse remained unbroken and they have to break it soon or Snow and David will both be asleep forever. As they talk, Mary Margaret mentions Storybrooke is their home now since there is no way of getting back to their old land. Finding the lake completely dry except a few water droplets, Snow White refuses Ruth's offer to drink the water and lift her inability to have children. She also takes the role of the titular character from the Greek myth Perseus. She lives for love and she only appreciates that which she earns, which makes her an adventuress, a risk-taker, a rule-breaker, and a mischief-maker. As they walk from the car, she asks Leroy for help fixing up the castle once they return home. Friar Tuck, Little John, and Robin Hood accompany the whole group to the palace, but Regina discovers a protection spell keeping them from entering, meaning someone is already inside. They stop by Hyde's house, where Jekyll finishes making a red serum to defeat the warden for good, but Poole makes him to ingest a blue serum that forces Hyde to manifest from within the body. "Leaving Storybrooke" Horror stricken, Mary Margaret declares her intent of not losing Emma again, and jumps into the portal. Princess Snow White, briefly known as Mary, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. On deck, the group argue about what to do with the mermaid, who sounds a shell and threatens them with death if they don't free her. ("Welcome to Storybrooke"), One day, ten years into the curse, Mary Margaret carries a bouquet of flowers as she is going to visit John Doe. Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes and more. Emma comments on how many things he has, and Mary Margaret cheerfully states she wants her son to have everything. Snow is very worried for Regina upon learning she brought back another version of Robin from the Wish Realm, and argues that, although this man looks like Robin, he is not the same man that Regina knew. She makes him drop the heart and release Emma and Mary Margaret. To this, she affirms her decision to choose hope and believe that things are going to work out for them. ("That Still Small Voice"), On the night of David's discharge from the hospital, a homecoming party is held at his house, but Mary Margaret does not attend. Her sword shatters upon contact with Medusa's neck, and as the couple try to flee, Prince Charming turns into stone when Medusa forces him to meet her eyes. Mary Margaret witnesses Regina being thrown into the clock tower by Zelena, who later flees on her broomstick. Though the truth hurts, Mary Margaret promises to do her best to change Emma's future so they are together as a family. ("I'll Be Your Mirror"), After meeting with Jasmine at a diner booth, Snow happily regards her students' improving grades on a recent exam. Emma then walks off to be alone, to which Mary Margaret sadly considers her inability to comfort her own daughter. They reach the trailer, but August is gone. Curiously, the girl inquiries about where the necklace originated from, but Regina doesn't recall. With James nowhere in sight, she opens the upper right drawer, noting that he also keeps all his stuff in the same place as David. Since either Emma killing Gideon or Gideon killing Emma will result in light magic being snuffed out, Snow suggests battling Gideon long enough to buy time for Mr. Gold to retrieve his son's heart, but Emma believes there's no stopping him. Then, she orders Snow White to swear on King Leopold’s grave to revoke her own petition to the throne. On a hospital volunteer day with her students, Mary Margaret notices Henry sitting in the room of John Doe. On a different day, she prepares to drink the potion when a carrier bird arrives with a letter from Prince Charming. Oddly, Graham asks if he has ever hurt her, and the two discover that they cannot remember when they met each other or anyone else in Storybrooke. To ease his wife's mind, Charming agrees to let her meet with Rumplestiltskin, who is rumored to have the power of foresight. Snow White finds the ring, but is caught by the prince, who is shocked that she is a "girl". As Emma enters a catatonic state from the strain of being the Dark One, Mary Margaret, Hook, Regina and Henry are left unsure how to help her. Immediately, Mary Margaret is apologetic towards Emma, while David is regretful that they had confronted Arthur alone, not knowing how dangerous he would be. She admits Snow was right and this man isn't her Robin, but this leads her to question why Robin was able to come through the portal to Storybrooke if it wasn't to start over with her. They then sail there after opening a portal with the bean. Shortly after the failed experiment, all leave except Mary Margaret, who stays to help Regina clean up. Finally, David proposes to give up his own life to Anton so he spares the townspeople. Snow chimes in as well to persuade her husband that everything will be fine as things are getting back to normal. With her true love Prince Charming at her side, neither the armies of King George nor the dark magic of the Evil Queen could stand in her way. He advises that she doesn't have to be with her son for every waking moment, and by letting him go, it'll help her, too.

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