slimming world slow cooker chicken casserole

Ingredients Do replace canned ingredients for fresh ones if you have them. This recipe is easily converted to become a slow cooker chicken casserole! Place in the slow cooker the vegetables, tinned tomatoes, chicken, seasoning and mix well using your hands so that everything is well covered. Pour over the sauce. Add all the ingredients apart from the frozen vegetables into your slow cooker and stir to combine. In a bowl combine the soy sauce, water, maple syrup, tomato paste and paprika and whisk to combine. Add the vegetables and chicken to the slow cooker and mix. 400g chicken, cubed 2 sprays fry light 150g bacon with fat removed Place the lid on your slow cooker and cook for 4 hours. Pierce your potatoes with a fork and lay them on top. Season the tops of the potatoes with salt and pepper. Cover and … This is a great Slimming World Chicken Casserole recipe for the slow cooker. Set to high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours It’s really hearty and filling, and v. simple to make. Syns Free on Extra Easy Serves 4-6 Time 30 minutes prep. 6 hours cooking.

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