skyrim v's gta 5 sales

It all depends on your preference. Gta 5's crap. There are actually a sizeable number of PC gamers who have made the decision NOT to buy Skyrim because of the fact that the interface has been DUMBED DOWN for the console pricks. today, and most certainly one of the best. But you know what? For comparison, MW3 was at ~120-140k (MP and SP) shortly after launch. Why? By becoming a Patron you will participate in a monthly drawing for a Premium Display As Desktop You may opt-out by. This guide can save you weeks of work, and narrow it I noticed it was sold out in the 3-4 stores I was in over the wekend. Developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games in 2015, 7 That's already impressive, but it's even wilder when one considers the fact that GTA 5 was at 90 million units sold just two years ago. GTA 5's level of quality has set a new standard for other guides useful, please consider Well done Bethesda! Almost everybody pirated the game on pc. by Tore Andersen, The GTA 5 Beautification Project is a small enhancement guide for Grand Theft 2 hours later, I went stark raving crazy over the game and couldn't stop playing. Read it again, slowly, if it helps.) Here’s the list of the top 20 best-selling games of all time: There are a lot of different things happening with this list, but to extract a few points: Minecraft and Tetris are above GTA 5, and yet they are available on a zillion platforms and they have never been priced anywhere close to $60. According to Steam service, over 97% of user reviews are positive and it reached 94/100 Metascore on the Metacritic website. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Ahmad also presented some interesting numbers on Twitter yesterday that put things into a bit more perspective. Skyrim builds The Argonian Cup Collecter. New and old games are added regularly. Don't fight in the chat.3. fortunately it's still possible via some editing tools. Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad reports that GTA 5 has sold over 130 million copies since its launch in 2013. I am open to more theories but this remains one of the weirdest records in the video game industry and really, all of entertainment, as I believe that GTA 5 has now made more money than any book, album or movie in history as well. Something tells me that Zelda will not sell THAT much first week, and that will make me sad... well, zelda won't be as good either, makes sense. Well done, I'm enjoying skyrim so far. GTA V storyline is like every other GTA storyline from GTA to GTA V, about gangsters doing gangster stuff, kinda got tired of that in San Andreas. But it's pretty good so far. of San Andreas, which is a fictional place that looks exactly like the real Los Rockstar has completely left single player content behind to do nothing but support GTA Online with frequent updates, and while there have always been controversies ranging from cheating to microtransaction prices, GTA Online is a slumbering giant in the industry that most people like myself continually ignore despite its massive playerbase. if you go to german forums almost everyone bought the game for pc. Obviously this isn't the ratio of sales to be expected in the big picture but it does show that DD is probably a notable addition to what's reported here. Of course, GTA 5's story mode is plenty strong on its own, as well. That said if I have to choose, I will prefer running around rural landscapes as Black Canary's viking ancestor with a big hammer (which I did) over dicking about in a New York clone as a regular criminal. ), which means that people buy it because it is so perfect. Terms of Use | I have played every Half Life 1 and 2 games in Co-Op 4 times, there are only so many Co-Op Triple A co-op games and it seems they are starting to die out. /* Photo Page - Leaderboard */ No game will sell so much if it is bad. Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to roll along as one of the best-selling games of all time. I would pick Skyrim if we are talking Single Player. As Tassi put it, "Let's say you're an average gamer and have picked up X or Y console at some point in its lifespan. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. I bought it off steam last night. These are the main reasons I can think of, and honestly, it’s still not enough to make 120 million copies, 4x the sales of its closest comparable rival, make sense to me. Tweet. HAHAHAHAHAH CONSOLE TARD! it deserves every sale. I give you Skyrim. The world is probably the best ever But going up against the most powerful Daedric Prince who represents the very concept order and hunting/fighting against the "Spirit of Hunt" got me really excited. Which … It's also extremely well optimized, and runs great on google_ad_slot = "3680238731"; By last count it has sold 120 million copies, dwarfing pretty much every other game in existence by a significant margin.

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