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Cariboo. Check out the videos below - check out the cards in the upper right-hand corner there. As well, hit that thumbs up button. Finally my switch arrived and I headed back, into the hills. Rick with Smart Drive Test standing at the top of the Coquihalla summit in the sunshine. NOT. Coquihalla Summit (el. Bye now! Many Many years after Bill Bennett Jr. was swept from power, unlike his father who was premier for 20 years and made something of this, once, great province, he was only in office for a short period (Thank God), Highway 5 was completed from Hope to Kamloops. That way if something happens going down the hill you've done due diligence because you put a note in your log book that you in fact did stop at the brake check and did do the pre-trip inspection that you needed to do before you went down over the top of the hill. I had a smooth sail, pleasant banter with the lady at the toll booth, and; zoom, down the other side, drop my trailer, fuel up, go to sleep. Hi there smart drivers. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; A little pickup had tried to do a somersault near the weigh scales. As it was, more or less, a continuance of the highway from Tate • more than 100 practice test questions with feedback. It's essentially a spring mechanism on the hitch on the front of the trailer - the towbar, so when it surges forward it activates the brakes on the trailer. So I had to go to the other yard, on the other side of the city, and get a different tractor. The skies were clear. Lots of great information for those drivers getting a license or working towards a career as a truck or bus driver. Without the headlights of his tractor, and his tracks in the snow, there was no way to tell where I was. The odd time, I could I could see a white line through the snow on the road. END DAY BREAK.THE MOUNTAINS NEAR BRIDAL FALLS var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; Wed. night would be better. It's just on the verge of fall and for new truck drivers coming down over top of the Coquihalla highway, you're going to need chains on your truck between the first of October and the end of April. p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); By the time I had gotten to the beach the worst of rush hour was over. Shortly after, his tractor arrived and I make arrangements to use it. The line dispatcher said he could use me for the first weekend in Oct. to do a trailer switch in Castlegar. HIGHWAY 5. (HIGHWAY 5) Just barely able to swing it back on the freeway I realized the guard rail had become the side of an off ramp. Most of the time, I was flying blind, barely able to see the hood ornament on the conventional. And this is for recreational vehicles and vehicles pulling utility trailers. We'll be right back with that information. ); Because in most cases, it's you that gets the fine... Pre-Trip Inspection for Hydraulic Brake System, Landmarks & Mile Markers to Know your Location. I got one driver stopped here at the brake check... the rest area and the brake check are both combined. })(document, 'script', '//'); Traffic was backed up across the Port Mann Bridge. The Coquihalla Valley has long been a major transportation route from the coast to the interior. Two of us do that switch every night. IN-SITE SEARCH ENGINE,SEARCH LEE'S PAGE Rick with Smart Drive Test standing at the top of the Coquihalla summit in the sunshine. From there, the Coquihalla has three more interchanges and one mountain pass – the Surrey Lake Summit – in the 72 km (45 mi) between Merritt and its end at a junction with Highways 1 and 97. When you open the hood, most of the newer models are going to be clear plastic so you will just be able to look at the level and not have to take the lid off the master cylinder. The snow sheds is at three kilometers. NORTH BOUND - APPROACHING THE TOLL BOOTH. SKYTRAIN PASSES OVER THE 401 Two of us do that switch every night. The light load sailed up the steep grades of the Co Co whatsit, [(Coquihalla Hwy.) VAN KAM'S LAKE CITY YARD. (function(d, sc, u) { It is the highest point on the highway between the cities of Hope and Merritt. Then I could hit rush hour on Thur.

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