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Firstly, liquid aminos is made from fermenting coconut sap with acidic solution which will then break things down into amino … Liquid aminos are another popular soy sauce substitute. Coconut aminos are made using the liquid sap from the coconut palm plant, which is fermented just like soy sauce and tamari. Coconut aminos have a sweeter, more mild taste than soy sauce and tamari … Liquid aminos are made from soybeans, although the beans in this case are not fermented, but treated with hydrochloric acids (to break the proteins into amino … Tamari, soy sauce and coconut aminos all offer their own unique benefits. But from a totally different fermenting process and materials. Like tamari, liquid aminos are made with soybeans but no wheat, so they're also gluten-free and similar in flavor to soy sauce. And although they are both very similar in taste to soy sauce. Liquid aminos are commonly used as a healthier alternative to both soy sauce and tamari, and as a gluten-free way to impart similar savory flavors. Coconut aminos and tamari are great variations to authentic soy sauce because they offer a unique flavor profile in addition to … In comparison to Tamari Sauce, Liquid Aminos is slightly sweeter and milder. The result is an umami sauce that looks and tastes similar to soy sauce.

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