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You can do this incredibly easily right on Bible Hub. That’s not how to do Bible study. God is telling Moses that the Israelites should put God first on their list of priorities. This simple 6-step method makes learning how to do Bible study easy AND enjoyable! Gosh Brittany I’ve got so much to say I don’t know where to begin! Plus, this isn’t a process you’ll do every day. I actually came to those steps through my own struggles and need to come closer to God, so it was a blessing to me to find your post this morning. Here are 7 Reasons Why, How to Get Excited About Reading the Bible,, How to Stop Getting Distracted During Prayer and Bible Study - 1079 Life, 10 Best Bible Studies for Women to Help You Grow in Faith - 1079 Life, Putting God First: How to Make God the #1 Priority in Every Area of Your Life, Doctrinal disagreements with friends/loved ones, Various religious opinions/beliefs you encounter online, How Christians should respond to various life situations and events, Issues you struggle with, such as pride, selfishness, vanity or poor self-esteem, Things you aspire to, such as love, gentleness, compassion or patience. My help comes from the Lord, tips on how to get more from Bible reading. How to Get Excited About Reading the Bible Reading the Bible for yourself doesn’t have to be intimidating, and learning the Bible really isn’t all that hard. See for more information. Learning the Bible is easier and more interesting when you’re motivated to learn more. All Rights Reserved. Growing up the granddaughter of a pastor, I was at church ALL the time. It can be very time-consuming. Or you may choose a certain passage, like Romans 8:28, 1 Corinthians 13 or James 2:14-26. This article on “How to Read Your Bible for Yourself” is just one of MANY articles I have to help you learn how to study the Bible effectively and read it on a regular basis. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We all make mistakes sometimes. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Remember: The goal is not to know more about the Bible or to "cover the material" in the Bible. If I’m writing on an easy topic like random acts of kindness ideas, I’ll typically do this first, just to see what’s already been covered so I’m not just duplicating what’s already out there, but taking a fresh angle. How to Read the Bible – the Best Way for Beginners! Join us! Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. I spent a lot of time reading the Bible, learning the Bible, reading Christian books, and attending Bible studies. What is the main point the author is trying to make (in this section/chapter as a whole)? Please see our website disclosure policy for additional information.*. . What changes should I make, if any, in my life today as a result of reading this passage. I feel like I have a little adhd when it comes to Bible study. —Psalms 40:8* Online Library. 10 Best Bible Studies for Women to Help You Grow in Faith. Just scroll down and you’ll find a bunch you can read and compare. The Biblical Path of Life is a systematic approach to understanding how the Bible fits together with a purpose – to reveal Jesus and our need of Him. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Thankfully, you don’t need a whole stack of Bibles of various translations in order to compare. These cookies do not store any personal information. It is time for you to be empowered by the Holy Spirit as He produces the fruit of walking by the Spirit. What a great article! This time is for you. […], […] resources—from well over three thousand sermons covering the entire New Testament …How to Study the Bible for Yourself (6 Tips for Bible Study Beginners)Feb 18, 2018 … What if you attended Sunday School, youth group or Bible studies for years? Maybe you will find yourself teaching the Bible to others before long! By the time I start reading other articles on the topic, I already have a good idea what Scripture says. Don’t just cherry-pick one verse or section of Scripture out of context. Therefore, you’ll want to look over at least a few different translations to make sure that the one you’re reading fits in line with what Bible scholars as a whole think it means. After all, you want to enjoy reading the Bible and get a lot out of it. First, you’ll start by choosing a topic or passage. I  had to figure out “What’s the best way to study the Bible for beginners?” and I had to approach learning the Bible in a whole new way. Here’s where you can find Scripture verses to study: As you learn how to study the Bible for yourself, it’s important that you don’t get in the bad habit of reading individual verses in isolation, as taking a small snippet of text out of the chapter can completely change the meaning of the text. In today’s post, we’re answering questions like, “How do you study the Bible?” and “What’s the best way to study the Bible?” So if you’re wondering how to do Bible study, how to learn the Bible, or how to study the Bible for beginners, this post has you covered. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. BibleGateway is a website that lets you do this easily if you don’t have your physical Bible handy. One passage that really illustrates this point is Ephesians 2:8-9. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Use it as a guide as you open your Bible to help you get as much from your study as you can. A Bible-Based Website for Christian Women Who Want to Grow in Faith and Family. At first reading, the text looks pretty straightforward. Nor is it to read through the Bible for the sake of saying you have. I had to put aside any preconceived notions, all the myths I’d been taught, and begin reading the Bible to figure out what it actually says, not what I thought it would/should say. *Related Reading: 7 Best Bible Study Apps for Christian Women — All Free! I’ve read the Bible completely a couple times Bible Study provides a unique opportunity for personal and relationship exploration and change being guided by Scripture. Remember: The original Bible texts weren’t written in English. I attended Sunday School, youth group, and vacation Bible school. We keep your information safe in accordance with our privacy policy. This is why it isn’t enough to know how to read the Bible. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. Ready to learn how to study the Bible for yourself? Welcome to Bible study. I typically just read the Bible myself instead of reading actual Bible studies, so I’m not sure . I’ll stop remarks for now. So why do I tell you this? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Another exercise that can be incredibly helpful as you’re learning how to study the Bible for yourself is reading through various Bible commentaries on the key verses you’re reading. And truthfully, it is. While some bloggers do have formal Bible training and actually care about getting the messages of Jesus Christ right, many others simply want to spout off opinions or write something encouraging without first checking to make sure their message is Scripturally sound. Is it possible to attend church for years and still not understand what the Bible teaches? But this isn’t actually what the text means at all. It is like no other you have ever been on. Each Christian should be encouraged to read it, understand it, and apply it to our lives. Join our email community of 30,000 (and counting!) Self-control has been defined as the ability to control one’s emotions and behavior in the face of temptations and impulses. As you learn how to study the Bible for yourself, it’s important that you don’t get in the bad habit of reading individual verses in isolation, as taking a small snippet of text out of the chapter can completely change the meaning of the text. That’s a pretty big difference! Please see our. If I am depending on my own “self” in controlling the same, then I can never truly hope to live a holy life that is pleasin… Even something as simple as switching “a” and “the” can make a huge difference in meaning. I hope this can give you what you need to make your Bible reading stick. So here I am, trying one more time- there’s been many- "And I will delight myself in Your commandments, And Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart; For I am called by Your name, O Lord God of hosts.". You will find tips on how to get more from Bible reading, tutorials, and many resources to aid (and enrich) your study of the Bible…yourself!

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