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– Temple of Dionysos, Thera (Volcanic Islands) 1- ANAPHI At some point of your conversation a killer will appear. – Standing Pillar Some were added later through DLC. – Altar to Zeus – Temple of Asklepios Visit and synchronize five viewpoints: Lightning Zeus, Statue of Athena, Temple of Aphrodite, Taygetos Overlook and Stymphalos Armored Bird. – Star Observatory, Phokis 6- EUBOEA – Temple of Athena, Keos (Pirate Islands) – Mountain Temple of Poseidon 3. – Rocks of Pou Reos – Temple of Athena Chalkioikos – Vista of Pylos What’s special in AC Odyssey is that the game does not reveal them to you automatically nor does it tell you how many there are. – Temple of Artemis Diktynna – Temple of Zeus – Mantamados Peak I have all of the viewpoints listed on the map, but Ubisoft club says I only have 98.95% of them unlocked, could you check your Ubisoft to make sure I’m not missing anything? – Ianos Hangout 3- SAMOS 5- KYTHERA ISLAND No matter which answer you choose, you will have to … 1- SERIPHOS 1- MELOS – Summit of Mount Ida – Statues of O Potamos I haven’t actually 100% the game as I’m still haven’t finished the final chapter (and I don’t have any DLC yet), so please keep in mind I might not actually have them all, but hopefully this checklist will help. apparently has something to do with fast travel, am early in the game at the statue of Zeus and it tells me to sync the location, so how is this done? – Satyr’s Respite – Thasos Temple – Crane of Oi Drues 4- ACHAIA – Hut of Hyleus You can go find these at any time after unlocking the ship. You’re missing some viewpoints. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. – Temple of Artemis – Epidauros Sanctuary – Lightning Zeus Now there should exist 116 viewpoints I have counted and recounted as of all the new viewpoints that have been added including the third newest viewpoint in Macedonia, I have uncovered all the viewpoints shown on that map, plus another 10 more… and still have not achieved the Herme’s Homie achievement! – Altar of Apollo – Kopais Perch The only statue of Zeus anywhere near that big that I can think of is Phidias’s at Olympia, very different in style, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. – Temple of Achilles The middle of the eastern-most peninsula. : D, are you sure the total viewpoints has 95? Yep me too! – Elikia Peak – Temple of Artemis There has to be a 96th because my Ubisoft club account says I have 98.95% of the sync points and I have all 95 you listed. This guide contains a map that shows where to find all Viewpoints. – Asklepios Temple, Naxos I think you missed one in Lesbos. – Hero’s Fall, Korinthia – Statue of Poseidon North of Village Anax’s House called Crane of Oi Drues. 6- LESBOS Also collecting all the sync points doesn’t unlock or reward any trophies; however revealing all the islands (yes, even tiny ones) does unlock the Hermes’s Homie trophy. Return to Artaxerxes. – Ikaros’s Nest Thank you, so how did you come by this information, as I do not find a manual for this game. – Sanctuary of Athena Polias, Messenia – Abandoned Watchtower, Attika 4- ATTIKA All rights reserved. – Temple of Poseidon Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 2- DELOS – Aphrodite’s Beauty – Temple of Zeus, Arkadia 4- MESSENIA – Niphetos’s Cliff – Sacrificial Altar, Hydrea (Obsidian Islands) This post reminds me how familiarity with anything, AC in this case, makes it easy to miss instructions for the most basic of things when considering those new to the experience. 1- HYDREA – Gortyn Waterfall 2- KORINTHIA – Temple of Apollo – Rocks of Krenes – Epidauros Temple Yes I am a newbie in Assassin's creed, so evidently I need to search the area until I find a specific place that will allow me to "sync" the location. It makes sense to get them as early as possible to reduce the travel times for later. Hey, I think they added some new viewpoints through DLC. – Sight of Perseus Happy gaming Kephallonia – Lightning Zeus – Star Observatory. But my Ubisoft account says I’ve only completed 98.9% of the main story but have completed it all so not sure what’s going on there. 1- PAROS Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). – Village Anax’s House While exploring the statue, Kassandra recovered Themistokles' papyrus and returned to Artaxerxes to report her findings.[1]. 3- MYKONOS – Taygetos Overlook There’s unfortunately no way to keep track in-game. The map was from the main game excluding DLC. – Temple of Athena Nedousia I’ve documented them all if you would like me to post the list here? It took a while for the Ubisoft club percentage to update after I got my last one. – Aipeia Port, Lakonia there seems to be things in this game that aren't fully explained. ‘xD, Guess I’ll have to get started on what I didn’t want to get started.. my missing underwater locations 🙄😧🤦🏻‍♂️, @Sam Herme’s Homie isn’t about all viewpoints it is about defog everything from all water to all land look close to very small islands you missed by going there and you will get it ^^, On closer inspection, it would appear you’ve missed a few, one off the top of my head is the one in Lesbos, to the northeast of the island. – Crane of Paxus Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Your email address will not be published. I had to complete some missions (don’t remember exact ones) before I could synchronize with them. – Devotion of Edou Aradou On Messara, West of the Temple of Artemis Diktynna, called Erike’s Bluffs. – Heraion of Argos – Ta Reumatia’s Lament If you viewed the map before the update you may have to clear your browser cache to see the updated map (added 1 in Makedonia, 1 in Lesbos).

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