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Yet bizarrely, she seems to struggle with basic dance moves that are effortless for the black characters in the film. The biggest mistakes you never noticed in Save the Last Dance (2001). It's clear that most of their friends and family don't really approve, which is strike one against them. they were right... but i don't think they meant it the way i do. When people talk about dance films, a lot of the commonly referred to films tend to be Footloose, Dirty Dancing or Step Up. I totally disagree with the reviews that claimed that "don't be put off by the beginning of this movie; it gets really deep, original and there is great chemistry." Is it a joke? Let's Noodle Around And Find Out, Boy Has The Best Reaction To Mom Taking His Baby Sister Away From Him, From Obscure To Sold Out: The Story Of Four Seasons Total Landscaping In Just 4 Days, The True Cost Of Keeping A Restaurant Open During A Pandemic, Zooey Deschanel Coming On Drew Barrymore's Show As A Hologram Seems Like Something Out Of Star Trek, These Are The Most Beautifully Designed Outdoor Dining Experiences In America, 'Other Countries Have Social Safety Nets. bye. He is very angry with Chenille for hurting Sara. Look here, however, if you're in the mood for a good heaping of fantasy and some fun"; "a decent, well-put-together romantic drama to hold hands to on the weekend"; and "A sometimes predictable, but mostly enjoyable tale." Her dad doesn't even get her a proper bed and instead has her sleep on a sofa bed from the '80s. Save the Last Dance won several awards, most notably: As of July 2020[update], the film holds a 52% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 98 reviews with an average rating of 5.47/10. What? [8] RapReviews rated it three and a half out of ten. Students who are accepted to the institution are at the top of their game. It takes you to a place which actually exists and it takes real issues head on. I have seen so many great movies lately (such as Fight Club, Gladiator, Memento, Snatch) so the only good thing about Save the Last Dance was to give me some perspective about the good movies from the bottom. Sara assumes that the baby Chenille's grandmother carries is Chenille's. While Save the Last Dance is meant to be uplifting and empowering, it's hard to shake off the sadness and the desperation of that opening. Chenille invites Sara to a dance club called STEPPS, where she has her first experience of dancing to hip hop rhythms. It doesn't help that they've already proven that they have communication issues and have even broken up once. The Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon due to its Alexa integration and app-enabled smart features. The discovery of the ozone hole shocked the world and propelled nations into action. From New York City to Southern California, these restaurants have elevated their outdoor spaces in a safe and stylish way. Chenille also admitted she felt resentment for how Kenny had been treating her in not helping her raise their son and choosing to date Nikki on the sly. Thanks again. with the emphasis on the Hood part. In Save the Last Dance, the school Sara attends in Chicago is primarily black. All this shows the audition committee is that Sara, who is already on her second audition, needs a pep talk to perform. The soundtrack was a huge success, and made it to several Billboard charts. Theme images by, Thank You To Karen For Telling Me About The House In The Suburbs Location, Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles, Ask Me To Find A Filming Location Or To Make A Suggestion, L.A.'s Filming Location Expert's Photostream, (0:02)  Sara's House In The Suburbs / 912 Singer Avenue, Lemont, (0:02)  Sara's High School In The Suburbs / Lemont High School; 800 Porter Street, Lemont, (0:04)  Sara And Her Mother Saying Good Bye For The Last Time / Roughly 110 Stephen Street, Lemont, (0:05)  The Fatal Accident / 230 Amstutz Expressway, Waukegan (Note: The Car Was Traveling South As She Was Nearing The Cty A22 Road Overpass), (0:06)  The Train Station / Union Station; 210 S. Canal Street, Chicago, (0:07)  Sara's New House In Chicago / 1939 S. Sawyer Avenue, Chicago  (Note: The Front Porch Has Changed Some But You Will Know It Is The Correct House Since It Is Directly Under The El Tracks), (0:09)  The High School / Wendell Phillips Academy High School; 244 E. Pershing Road, Chicago, (0:38)  The Exterior Of The Steps Club / 344 N. Canal Street, Chicago (Note: This Is Just A Warehouse Exterior And I Assume The Interior Was Just A Huge Set. After hearing what Chenille said to Sara, Derek confronts his sister for what she said, as well as explaining his true reasons for dumping Nikki. Save The Last Dance could never have been a truly excellent movie, but it could have at least been fun and entertaining. Unfortunately, it seems that only Sara and Derek get happy endings as they merrily dance off into the credits. It is one of my favourite new films for the past few years. I'm coming to this a little late, but I read the audition scene was filmed at the Athenaeum Theatre at 2936 N Southport. Eventually, Sara and Derek begin a relationship. Though the film had a 44% decline in earnings the following weekend, it was still enough to keep the film at the top spot for another week. Losing a loved one can be especially traumatizing for adolescents, whose bodies are going through hormonal changes which make it more difficult to deal with loss. the only reason i actually watched it the whole way through is because i wanted to make an educated comment here. 1 decade ago. I've only seen him in supporting roles, but this film shows he can be a leading man. Add more and vote on your favourites! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 13, 2020, Fahrenheit is fake totaly dissapointed by purchase. Metacritic Reviews. It's great quality and it's a good price right now $5... it's a rope if UNITY movie. Sara is wracked by guilt and gives up on ballet. Overall a great movie from my younger days & could still enjoy with my daughters but a few scenes could have been less sexual for a better family experience. Chenille encourages him to be with Sara, admitting that she knows Sara has started falling in love with him. Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2017, Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2020, Does Julia Stiles really do all that dancing? Here's how to take a photo of Donald Trump golfing from 3/4ths of a mile away. Someone commented earlier about they would have liked to see a black girl try to be white instead. Although Stiles grew up dancing , … A big part of her support system — her brother — is about to disappear, as Derek is about to move away for college. If she needs that level of emotional support in order to get on stage, a performance career might not be the best fit for her and may only lead to future anxiety. Here's what a home office would look like if it came from the imagination of directors like Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola and David Lynch. The iconic 2001 film starred 10 Things I Hate About You actress Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas. With Julia Stiles, Sean Patrick Thomas, Kerry Washington, Fredro Starr. Do not waste your money on it. Video availability outside of United States varies. [7], Allmusic rated the soundtrack three out of five stars. I'm coming to this a little late, but I read the audition scene was filmed at the Athenaeum Theatre at 2936 N Southport. Sure, you have your typical characters but what movie doesn't. | A white midwestern girl moves to Chicago, where her new boyfriend is a black teen from the South Side with a rough, semi-criminal past. Some people are using Benford's Law to claim that Biden votes are fraudulent. Quickly Collect Signatures. i like her. Shocking news! Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. He decides to help Sara develop her dancing skills by incorporating more hip hop into her style. Inter-racial love and its challenges in a great story. It would have been much safer for her to train intensely for a few months and re-audition the following year, thus maximizing her chances of getting in. She also warns Derek not to follow Malakai knowing he may face losing his chance to attend Georgetown and his future if he is arrested. to paraphrase. Chenille tells Sara that she didn't approve of the fight but can understand the bitterness since Sara, a white girl, is seen as “stealing” one of the decent black men in the school. Instead, it seems that white kids more or less stick to themselves. The first night that Sara goes to STEPPS, she meets Chenille at her house. Bought 2 and advertised as actualy eau de toilet, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 22, 2020, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 1, 2020, Very rare movie on blue ray,great quality and sound,very good movie, Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. You would think that with all the talented people at MTV, they could make a better movie than this. It's a Unity between races movie .. When people talk about dance films, a lot of the commonly referred to films tend to be Footloose, Dirty Dancing or Step Up. And it has some of the best choreography I can think of - especially the combination of ballet music and dancing with more hip hop elements very beautifully intertwined. Derek takes a reluctant Sara to the Joffrey Ballet and, afterwards, Sara confides in him about her mother and her dreams. Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman are phenomenally successful businesspeople with precisely the wrong instincts for a streaming service. The language is especially harsh since it comes from Save the Last Dance's main character, who we're supposed to be rooting for. Awards This movie makes me sick in my stomach. A direct-to-video sequel, Save the Last Dance 2, was released in 2006. Why would candidates for Florida Senate seats do no campaigning, no fundraising, have no issue platforms, nor make any effort to get votes? And Julia Stiles couldn't even dance! She doesn't seem to be phased by this demographic shift, though she's one of the few white people in the school. Sara, we love you, but you need to learn some basic human decency. Select the department you want to search in. I have updated the page. Pretty creative piece. hooks up with the local fly girls who take her to the street clubs. Share. A direct-to-video sequel, Save the Last Dance 2, was released in 2006. Couldn't they at least have set it up better, where Sarah does something to gain her trust, or her friend has a white parent, or anything interesting? The dance moves she does with the chair are the same moves the Backstreet Boys use in their video for "As Long As You Love Me". In fact I did see it again with another set of friends on Saturday night. I was not disappointed. One of the major conflicts in Save the Last Dance is between Derek and Sara and the many people rooting against their interracial relationship. The interior of the Steps Club was Crobar Nightclub. As she hits the dance floor, she clearly has trouble dancing to hip hop music. Good storyline. Directed by Thomas Carter. He's clearly got a chip on his shoulder and has a grudge against Sara from the beginning of the film. Which is a shame really, because it's such a great film! This is a really good way to get an ear infection. Can an HRT V8 Supercar get ahead of production cars two intervals ahead? This made me want to dance, I thought that Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas had excellent chemistry and excellent moves. Unfortunately, it fails on every level, thanks to a poor script that allows this movie to lapse into the many stereotypes it was hoping to dispel.

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