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And nothing but a... You must have often wondered if which is better with rowing vs running. » Dig heels and palms into the ground while raising pelvis toward the ceiling. Next, bend the knees and plant the legs firmly on the ground somewhere midway between your glutes and heel. Most trainers believe that planks are a more back-friendly exercise than exercises that involve spinal flexion, like sit-ups. It targets the posterior muscles (those along the backside of the body), but when done properly, it also engages the abdominal muscles. Along with the lower back muscles, it strengthens the shoulder extensors at a 90. The U.S. Military Seems to Think So…”. Planks have an advantage over abdominal exercises like crunches and leg raises because they work all of the muscles in your core region whereas crunches, sit-ups, and leg raises mainly target your hip flexors. If you have wrist problems, you could do this exercise with your elbows and forearms on the floor. If you’re going to the trouble to add a new plank to your line-up, it must have benefits, but what are they? Targets: Lower back, gluteus, hamstrings, abdominals. website created to reveal the confusion with straightforward, expert-reviewed, person-first experiences – all created to help you make the best choises for yourself and for the people you love. A stronger core is what your body is yearning for whenever you start working out at the gym or at home. Your arms should form a straight line with your shoulders and your fingers should point toward your feet. The arms similarly support the body. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do not hold your breath in any movement of the exercise. This variation is even more effective than a standard, reverse plank for strengthening the glutes. After you hold the plank for about 30 seconds, lower the upper body for the triceps dip. Like the traditional plank exercise, the reverse plank is a bodyweight exercise that is done without equipment. Checkout our privacy policy for the full story on how we protect and manage your submitted data! One should have developed some fundamental core strength to attempt this exercise as Lifehack says. Some common and straightforward variations to try with reverse planks are: The intention of taking up any exercise is making the body more fit and strong. Likewise, several... Yoga And Its Usefulness This exercise is the combination of the triceps push and the leg up. Do not dig into the shoulders. How to do Reverse Plank With Leg Raise with proper form and technique. Primarily, it strengthens the lower back muscles, the hamstrings, and the glutes. If you experience wrist discomfort when you do the exercise, try it off of your elbows. Then as you master it you can make it more challenging. So, look beyond the crunch and sit-up to an exercise that works your entire core, like planks. Legumes and lentils: A new superfood for athletes? Attempt this exercise when you are sure of your strength and stamina. The RKC Plank can literally be programmed into any type of training session effectively. “Core Exercises: Why You Should Strengthen Your Core Muscles”, International Sports Sciences Association. Once your body begins sagging, it is time to end the reverse plank. Most of the exercises performed to focus on the anterior muscles. Verywell Fit uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, Do a Single Leg Bridge Exercise for Butt and Core, Get Superhero-Level Upper Body Strength With Spiderman Pushups, Build Core Strength With a Crunch You May Not Have Tried, A 20-Minute Workout Routine to Build Rock Solid Abs, Try This 40-Minute Trampoline Workout to Add Some Bounce to Your Day, Target Your Abs and Obliques With the Bicycle Crunch. [accordions ] Split Squats Vs Lunges: Which Is A Better Lower Body Exercise? The reverse plank is a worthy addition to your core routine, and is a good stepping stone to the more difficult glute-ham plank. Firstly, marshmallows are raging favorites of the Americans. See all exercise benefits - muscles worked. Do this by pushing your heels and palms into the ground, while bringing your hips up towards the ceiling. Focus on breathing. If the case of any spinal injury or disorder, either currently or in the past, one must avoid doing a reverse plank. Ever had the feeling that if you focused more on a particular task, you could have done better? Perhaps the most difficult plank variation, and one that really benefits the shoulder, is the reverse plank hover, as seen on Muscle and Fitness.(3). If this exercise isn’t part of your routine, here’s how to do one: Are there downsides to doing this exercise? Your palms should be just slightly behind your hips. Do not repeat the reverse plank without having a gap of 2/3 days in between. In the case of the regular plank, the body is in a prone position. Rest for a few moments and go in for the next repetition. The best way to test is to check for three sets of reverse planks with at least 30 seconds of hold in each exercise. See that the toes, abdomen, chest, and the head are all in one line. Then only one is a suitable candidate to attempt reverse plank. In case, out of fatigue, the back sags, end the plank. Try variations, only when you are confident, and when your muscles have gained strength. If your hips start dropping or your abs are sagging, you’re not doing yourself any favors by trying to force it. In the case of the regular plank, the body is in a prone position. These areas can grow excessively tight on runners, for example. It also helps with performance in a wide variety of sports and physical activities. Don’t attempt a reverse plank until you’ve mastered a basic plank and can hold one for 60 seconds. However, the only prerequisite is that you should have some minimum core strength. Begin in a seated position with your legs straight in front of you, heels on the ground. With all plank variations, the reverse plank is an excellent way to strengthen your core. Planks are one of the best exercises for strengthening your core, but did you know there are at least 50 variations on this popular, core-strengthening exercise? Then, add reverse planks to your ab and core routine. Plus, they’re safer too. To mix up your exercise routine and do something a bit different from the traditional plank, the reverse plank is the way to go. Supporting your weight on your hands and heels, lift your hips so that your body is straight, with your glutes and core tight. The fat burn in the hips and thighs will hasten because of this variation. Once you’ve mastered a basic reverse plank, increase the challenge and see what your body is capable of. Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that the classic forearm plank (front plank) and reverse plank are of equal importance for building stronger and healthier body. Lower your hips back down to the floor in a controlled manner. Holding the plank for a lesser time in proper form is more beneficial than keeping it for more time, out of form. You can do one-legged reverse planks, with only one foot on the ground. 2013 Mar;27(3):590-6. doi: 10.1519/JSC.0b013e31825c2cc7. Reverse plank stretches the entire front side of your body as it strengthens the entire back side. For even more of a challenge, lift the leg higher. Lift your belly up away from the floor as you extend your spine. Hold the position for 15-30 seconds as you look towards the ceiling. Why reverse plank? Dynamic Warm-Up. Hold the pose as long as you can with the correct form. Reverse plank is a very practical exercise for the neglected and under-utilized muscles of the posterior part of the abdomens. Beginners should hold the reverse plank only for as long as they can with good form. Try supporting your body on your elbows, rather than your palms, to engage the core even more. It helps in burning fat, particularly around the mid-body section. Progress to holding the reverse plank for just a few seconds at a time with good form. As the exercise of arms is incomplete without the triceps, so is the core exercise incomplete without the workout of posterior abdominal muscles. The reverse plank is a great exercise, but a bit unknown. Repeat the movement as soon as your buttocks contact the floor. The Healthy Zoom covers all facets of physical and mental health, we’re here for the whole person – for your whole life. Note, each reverse plank workout should consist of three sets. » Breathe and hold the body in straight line, allowing the head to drop back a bit. Which is safer? In such a situation is it necessary to consult a doctor and take his advice on the matter. If you have friends who regularly hit the gym, you must have heard them use the term cut after bulking or cutting. A strong and balanced core can help you maintain good po… When you raise your hips off the floor, as a reverse plank requires, your glutes and hamstrings get a workout, as your hamstrings contract when you launch into a reverse crunch. It includes body postures, exercises, breathing exercises,... Are grits gluten-free? - The Healthy Apron. However, your abs aren’t the only muscles you’re working when you do a reverse plank. Copyright © 2014-2020 BodybuildingWizard. If you’re struggling to hold the pose, it’s best to release rather than fighting it. Depending on the movement or training emphasis of a specific session, the RKC Plank can be programmed as a: 1. For another variation, in the one-legged reverse plank you lift the raised leg as far up as you can. (1), If you don’t want to ignore the clock altogether, a great tip from trainer Stuart Amory is to find a song you like that lasts as long as your goal time, so you’re not watching the clock in agony.(2). Another benefit of the reverse plank is that it is a pretty safe exercise. It will keep the interest alive, and you can reap more benefits out of your efforts. [accordion title=”References” load=”hide”], (2), (3), (4), (5) Home Gym Exercises Simply train effectively! The form and pose of exercise are vital. If you’re looking to strengthen your lower body, try reverse lunges. It’s not an ideal exercise for beginners since you need baseline core strength to do it safely and effectively. Generally, all exercises of the core and abs focus on the anterior muscles like the abdominals and the external obliques. It also works on the anterior abdominal muscles. Are Marshmallows Gluten Free? After 3 – 5 seconds, raise your upper body to the plank, and lower your leg. It is not just enough to know how it is done, and we should also know how we can maximize the benefits out of this exercise. Egg Whites Vs Whole Eggs: 5 Factors You Need To Consider For Your Diet. If you want the strongest core possible, moving beyond a basic plank will help you achieve it. Pull your abs in as you hold your body in this position isometrically. Sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you and your back straight. When you lift your hips off the floor to do a reverse plank, each half of the rectus abdominis muscle contracts to pull your trunk forward. According to Stack, after the regular warm-up, one should: If you find this process challenging to perform, then for a few days you can try an easy way to start; Incorporate these variations from time to time in your workout. In contrast, the reverse plank works on the posterior muscles of the core. If you devote most of your ab workout time to sit-ups and crunches, you’ll strengthen your hip flexors but less so your abdominals.

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