relevance in a sentence

The mechanism and relevance of these findings in the rat carcinogenicity study for humans are not yet clarified. 32.chief prosecutor col. lawrence morris said the Relevance "is clearly up to the jury to determine. Smolensky, M.H., and Reinberg, A. 16.there are additional publications of special Relevance to new graduates. Estimating the numbers potentially affected is likely to be of particular relevance where existing severance is severe. (3) I don't see the relevance of your question. The characteristics of a good information source are timelessness, accuracy, He said he will be focusing on connectivity, inclusivity, innovation and, The citation of particular precedents in the two Courts was roughly parallel, probably a testimony to their indisputed, When I first arrived in 1963, the hunt was on to find a Gentzenization of, The extent to which judges find these types of writings persuasive will vary widely with elements such as the reputation of the author and the, Information economics, which studies such problems, has, Since it is impossible for a scientist to record everything that took place in an experiment, facts selected for their apparent, Rivers have been classified by many criteria including their topography, their biotic status, and their, The outcome of this case has had continuing, Based on some comparative analyses, diet breadth also has an effect on the evolution of migratory behaviour in this group, but its, There is a good review of the literature, using the criteria of comprehensiveness, comparability, operationalizability, and public policy, Poets and artists from ancient times to the present have derived inspiration from Greek mythology and have discovered contemporary significance and, Mileage, or the lack thereof, incurred after the inspection has no, Thus, leucine is already being seen as a pharmaconutrient of great, While ceremonial, these offices no doubt gained Domitian valuable experience in the Roman Senate, and may have contributed to his later reservations about its, The question of whether Labour should have accepted the support of his media empire as a gift, or spurned it as a poisoned chalice, retains a certain, How or why one person kills could only have, For example, relevant evidence may be excluded if it is unfairly prejudicial, confusing, or the, There is less agreement about whether or not judgements of, Relevance theory claims that every act of ostensive communication is guided by the presumption of, Record of Henry's attendance in 1535 at an antipapal interlude that dramatized himself attacking the bishops might also have some, We then go on to describe a number of challenges that have been encountered in the PHO development process that may have, Favouring an all-encompassing blend of country, western swing and rustbelt jazz, he infects the ancient music with contemporary zip and, Following an explanation of the structural hot spot stress, its definition and its, Once upon a time, there were those who turned heads with their breathless style, This study is designed to investigate empirically the, With The Tet Offensive, Willbanks has once again produced a volume that, while focusing on wartime events occurring some 40 years ago, has particular, A pause in the dialogue robbed Gertrude's next remark of any, Cooper, for example, discusses her ideas on the, But for syllogistic purposes the distinctions have no, But you don't have to look very long at the human condition to see the continuing, The father of a first-year medical student reflects on the symbolism of the white coat and its, Supervisors' conceptions were also controversial regarding the scientific and practical, Organs were removed at post mortem and provided for analysis despite being of no possible, But he was far too just a man to deny the, Along with the difficult case, Rebus also broods on his life decisions, his advancing age and the. Similar principle to titles when selling on eBay, your title is critical to your search relevance. Suddenly, the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution has some relevance. (70) The document was divided into sections concerning curriculum content, overlap, teaching methods, (71) This chapter addresses only those questions concerning religion and public education that are of greatest, (72) Firstly, there were discussions of issues thought to be of particular interest or, (74) No way do the charts tell the whole story - the new underground is of much more interest and, (75) See note to s.103 for rules, relating to clubs[], which may have some, (76) These two beliefs, not overtly of political, (77) What principles do is to make private experience publicly accessible, open to discussion and capable of wider, (79) The use of semantic knowledge, its theory, application and, (80) Mr. Cousins You, Mr. Speaker, betray the ignorance of men if you do not understand the, (83) The higher subject indexing density ensures that, (84) None of the coursework seemed to have much, (87) When counting the number of links between two probes, missing clones are clearly of no, (88) The statistical, financial and projection skills of actuaries are of particular, (89) In the developing concepts of a machine aesthetic, these artists fully understood its, (90) Such a curriculum would be relevant at a time when. A company's name has a major impact on how prospective customers perceive the business, in terms of its overall image, appeal, and relevance to their needs. The process may seem disorderly since multiple avenues may be followed in parallel, and relevance thresholds may be initially set quite low. Parenting classes serve a variety of purposes, and they can be quite beneficial due not only to the information they offer participants, but also due to their proximity and relevance to the people attending them. You will ideally possess a PhD in Mathematics or Science with relevance to education. selling on eBay, your title is critical to your search relevance. phraseology used by the learned judge is of some relevance in the context of his earlier findings. fact, property management fees seem to have questioned the Relevance and standard of service. Economics is unlike many other sciences in the fact that its claim to recognition must be based upon its practical utility, on its relevance to the actual life of the economic world, on its ability to unravel the social and economic difficulties of each generation, and to contribute to the progress of nations.

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