relevance in a sentence

According to Bynes, she feels that her relevance to teen fans is that she is "more similar to them than some... socialite or whatever.". Definition of Relevance The property or state of being relevant or pertinent. The characteristics of a good information source are timelessness, accuracy, He said he will be focusing on connectivity, inclusivity, innovation and, The citation of particular precedents in the two Courts was roughly parallel, probably a testimony to their indisputed, When I first arrived in 1963, the hunt was on to find a Gentzenization of, The extent to which judges find these types of writings persuasive will vary widely with elements such as the reputation of the author and the, Information economics, which studies such problems, has, Since it is impossible for a scientist to record everything that took place in an experiment, facts selected for their apparent, Rivers have been classified by many criteria including their topography, their biotic status, and their, The outcome of this case has had continuing, Based on some comparative analyses, diet breadth also has an effect on the evolution of migratory behaviour in this group, but its, There is a good review of the literature, using the criteria of comprehensiveness, comparability, operationalizability, and public policy, Poets and artists from ancient times to the present have derived inspiration from Greek mythology and have discovered contemporary significance and, Mileage, or the lack thereof, incurred after the inspection has no, Thus, leucine is already being seen as a pharmaconutrient of great, While ceremonial, these offices no doubt gained Domitian valuable experience in the Roman Senate, and may have contributed to his later reservations about its, The question of whether Labour should have accepted the support of his media empire as a gift, or spurned it as a poisoned chalice, retains a certain, How or why one person kills could only have, For example, relevant evidence may be excluded if it is unfairly prejudicial, confusing, or the, There is less agreement about whether or not judgements of, Relevance theory claims that every act of ostensive communication is guided by the presumption of, Record of Henry's attendance in 1535 at an antipapal interlude that dramatized himself attacking the bishops might also have some, We then go on to describe a number of challenges that have been encountered in the PHO development process that may have, Favouring an all-encompassing blend of country, western swing and rustbelt jazz, he infects the ancient music with contemporary zip and, Following an explanation of the structural hot spot stress, its definition and its, Once upon a time, there were those who turned heads with their breathless style, This study is designed to investigate empirically the, With The Tet Offensive, Willbanks has once again produced a volume that, while focusing on wartime events occurring some 40 years ago, has particular, A pause in the dialogue robbed Gertrude's next remark of any, Cooper, for example, discusses her ideas on the, But for syllogistic purposes the distinctions have no, But you don't have to look very long at the human condition to see the continuing, The father of a first-year medical student reflects on the symbolism of the white coat and its, Supervisors' conceptions were also controversial regarding the scientific and practical, Organs were removed at post mortem and provided for analysis despite being of no possible, But he was far too just a man to deny the, Along with the difficult case, Rebus also broods on his life decisions, his advancing age and the. 39.english humor can be discussed by Relevance theory of pragmatic principles. 19 examples: This feature of nasal harmony is not addressed in this paper, because it does… Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. When troubles come, try to understand the, (2) He claims that the laws are antiquated and have no contemporary. 22.none should be skipped even if they seem to have no Relevance to the particular insured. pin down sod's Relevance, the team has been spiking different types of neurons with the antioxidant to see how the various cells react. motor neurons of possible relevance to the late effects of poliomyelitis. (1990) clinical chronobiology: relevance and applications to the practice of occupational medicine. Parenting classes serve a variety of purposes, and they can be quite beneficial due not only to the information they offer participants, but also due to their proximity and relevance to the people attending them. 6.they also inject Relevance into research and teaching. What relevance has this little epistle to our modern day? His passionate plea for liberty, has relevance for every generation. Comment: The clinical relevance of this paper is unclear, as no-one is currently proposing population screening for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. 2. They do not represent the opinions of selling on eBay, your title is critical to your search relevance. Treated at first as a doctrine peculiarly applicable to land, with a certain controverted relevance to other natural agents, it has been so extended that there is scarcely any subject of economic study in which we may not expect to find adaptations or analogies, so that Ricardo seemed to have discovered the key of economic knowledge. At any rate, if relevance in proximo is interpolated in the peccant clause of the canon of the Joint-Method, the practical utility of the method is rehabilitated. friendship intertwined in the Celtic symbols on the ring have relevance to every couple contemplating marriage. 17 examples: This stable symptomatology included the stable absence of disorder shown by… Short Example Sentence for Relevance 1. (70) The document was divided into sections concerning curriculum content, overlap, teaching methods, (71) This chapter addresses only those questions concerning religion and public education that are of greatest, (72) Firstly, there were discussions of issues thought to be of particular interest or, (74) No way do the charts tell the whole story - the new underground is of much more interest and, (75) See note to s.103 for rules, relating to clubs[], which may have some, (76) These two beliefs, not overtly of political, (77) What principles do is to make private experience publicly accessible, open to discussion and capable of wider, (79) The use of semantic knowledge, its theory, application and, (80) Mr. Cousins You, Mr. Speaker, betray the ignorance of men if you do not understand the, (83) The higher subject indexing density ensures that, (84) None of the coursework seemed to have much, (87) When counting the number of links between two probes, missing clones are clearly of no, (88) The statistical, financial and projection skills of actuaries are of particular, (89) In the developing concepts of a machine aesthetic, these artists fully understood its, (90) Such a curriculum would be relevant at a time when. Examples of Relevancy in a sentence The attorney questioned the relevancy of the opposing council’s queries and insisted they weren’t connected to the case. They are sorted by relevance, made clear by the number of blue dots on the right. 17.this paper analyzes pragmatic inference in Relevance theory. Relevance sentence examples:1.counsel argue with the judge over the Relevance of the document to the case.2.they are rough order of decreasing Relevance.3.their insistence on its continuing Relevance and power was one of the key stumbling blocks in copenhagen.4.the importance and Relevance can be seen in the study of geo They argue that curricula often lack relevance to contemporary social issues. The concept of a fair bet has no relevance to statistical inference in science. Contrary to popular belief, child support payments have no relevance to court-ordered visitation schedules. (3) I don't see the relevance of your question. He left blanks of the staffing rotas, " ca n't see the relevance really ". Learn more. The process of buying " added years ", including the relevance of previously accrued pension rights 6.2. Underlying these questions a The process may seem disorderly since multiple avenues may be followed in parallel, and relevance thresholds may be initially set quite low. 35.great financial analysts understand the importance and Relevance of their work. 2. 10.we can now see which landing page is being used and evaluate it's Relevance to the keyword. Statecraft seeks through strategy to magnify the mass, In this proposal we will apply MFM to two prototypic proteins of significant medical, However, all inductive reasoning where data is too scarce for statistical, The goal of this analysis is to either establish the, Moore and David Eick, has distinguished itself by the intensity and present day. 18.funding also will increase the accessibility, quality, and Relevance of basic education. A matter of great relevance, however, is the presence of telomerase activity in most tumors. Examples of relevance in a sentence: 1. A good program will teach the basics and help students see the relevance through real-world application. Children discuss the historical relevance of the Seine River, the architectural design of the Eiffel Tower and make their own flag of France, taken from an illustration. Smolensky, M.H., and Reinberg, A. All Rights Reserved. Google ranks websites based in part on relevance, so you know the very top sites are some of the most popular and active. The search engines got wise to that game, however, and now the algorithms they use to measure a site's relevance and popularity are not only more sophisticated, they are also top-secret. "Characterization of Trichotillomania: A Phenomenological Model with Clinical Relevance to Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders.". intertwined in the Celtic symbols on the ring have relevance to every couple contemplating marriage. Right to communicate of high economic relevance The r2c is not just an ethical, moral issue. (69) is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words. Good news and quirky stories also have their place, if they are genuinely newsworthy and have relevance to our readership. Because he was so much older than the other candidates, many questioned the candidate’s relevancy to today’s issues. 37.he begins with tibet, but it isn't hard to see the Relevance of his conclusions to the current situation in xinjiang. opinionated about things that had no relevance to myself. You will ideally possess a PhD in Mathematics or Science with relevance to education. The website contains articles and presentations on a wide range of topics of relevance to finance and banking. While they were initially seen as merely a passing trend that would quickly expire, they defied the odds and maintained their relevance year after year, showing up on everything from clothing to accessories. But it will be long before its relevance and instruction have passed away. 228+4 sentence examples: 1. 3. prognostic relevance of this conspicuous reaction has not been clear for the time being. The intervention process should include everyone who is associated with the care and education of that child, including doctors, caregivers, parents, family members, educators, friends, and anyone else of relevance.

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