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Heat the oven up to 350 degrees F. Pop the pav in, and turn it straight off. I made this yesterday! It’s too late now, but you can use a bowl or a cake tin of the appropriate size as a template. I made these mini pavlovas by using Nigella’s cooking directions for her mini ones! You could try that. Surprised by pavlova dislike, can I recommend Nigellas coffee pav and her lemon meringue pav yummy. Clever! Thanks! When you say to invert it onto a plate and peel off the parchment, do you mean to leave it inverted on the plate for the cream? I.e. I have two questions! How far can you cut back on the sugar before affecting the texture? Better to put it in the whipped cream. This New Zealand reader is very impressed (and extra points of attributing it to the right country ie not Australia). Do not be tempted to open that oven after baking — slowest possible cooling is the pathway to fewer cracks. New here? Highly highly recommend, my whole family loved it! It was a hit, shatteringly crispy on the outside but still chewy-fudgy in the middle!! Thank you for such great recipes! I am making this for someone who cannot have dairy. When I inverted it, it settled down over the gooey (but cooked) interior and was perfect (if still a bit thicker than yours)! We invited a friend over whose wife is out of town and the three of us dug right in with forks. The only reason I could think of was the eggs. I chalked it up to high humidity, but who knows. But, our teams of three or four cooks were given the run of the kitchen on certain days to cook certain dishes. When it’s ready it should look crisp on top and feel dry, but when you prod the center you should feel, in the delightful words of Nigella, “the promise of squidginess” beneath your fingers. Your email address will not be published. Hard not to eat the whole bowl raw too! I am not sure because I haven’t worked with macha enough. Speaking from New Zealand and one of our expert’s 6 egg recipes. To make your pavlova, preheat oven to 140°C/275°F/Gas Mark 2. 2nd time I left it overnight and it was PERFECT! Stucturally, maybe. Hate that blasted emoji though. I would not have figured that out on my own. Make the meringue: Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Stir in some whipped cream and my oh my!! I make this ALL the time for a special occasion or ‘just cos’. Never been a problem for me. Stir in the vanilla extract and fold in the freeze-dried raspberry pieces. I normally don’t like meringues, but this looks delicious and I cannot wait until I have enough time to try it…. I make Nigella’s version all the time as it’s delicious … but I reckon a little salt might be just the added extra to take it to another level.

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