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To describe in simple terms, aspects of his/her background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need. Assist.Prof.Dr. And also provide them to communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Advertising, on the other hand, is this way. With public relations, the resulting media you will be featured in is typically an article or editorial on a media outlet website or blog, an article in a newspaper, a story segment in a podcast or television/network news. Public Relations and Advertising Program aims to provide its students with the fundamentals and techniques of publıc relations and advertisingbased on the elementary and relevant theoretical and applied information. Students who have started studies in other domestic or international universities may apply for admission according to Regulations of Council of Higher Education and Çağ University. Examination Regulations, Assessment And Grading. Contribute! Advertising is a marketing tool aimed at promoting a product or service while public relations is concerned with the maintenance of the public image of a company or a celebrity. Let me share my perspective after spending six figures on advertising and have sent out tens of thousands of press releases (public relations) through our PR Distribution™ platform. This course is aimed to combine engaging content with a strong focus on grammar, vocabulary, and basic languages skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and to take students from beginner to pre-intermediate level in English. Suggest creative and innovative solutions to potential problems using basic and technical scientific background, participate prepositions with the partners and when necessary compose a team and take responsibility. n introduction to the science of business. The difference between public relations and advertising may be more subtle and less apparent, even to seasoned professionals, when we take a moment to appreciate how much the world of public relations and advertising have converged thanks to the Internet. This course explores the interplay between individual thoughts and the social world using experimental methods to study many aspects of the human experience. Foundations of business as a. private enterprises, forms of business ownership, global effects on business, business ethics, business functions, management and organization, organizational structure, human relations, human resource management and labor relations are the main topics covered. Luckily enough if you have a big retail client like M&S or H&M that will happily pay for that kind of exposure, but unfortunately that’s not always the case—and no money for that niche media often means no single publications at all. To offer selected Turkish literary texts to students. The course will also help students develop skills on how to write and will cover the technological issues in the field of PR. 8. 1. The main objective of the program is to equip students with problem solving abilities, using basic and technical scientific background, and to improve their communication skills and capabilities of critical thinking, cooperation and individual resposibility  that help them to conduct their life-long personnel development by keeping and pursuing ethical and social criteria. In a nutshell, pay if you are not able to get free media coverage at all or if your client wants to target the niche publications and has a dedicated budget to do so. (R): 23050. Before paying for any sponsored article, get the media kit, and double-check the online reach of the magazine or print circulation (for the print magazine). How many times has it happened to you that instead of getting in touch with the editorial team, you are speaking with a so-called commercial editor for the local newspaper? With traditional public relations, the media placements are earned in the sense you have to persuade a journalistic professional (eg. The media in which your business or organization is feature or presented in is different. A student is required to have a minimum CGPA of 2.00/4.00, no failing grades and total of 120 ECTS credits. In an ideal PR world, before no one heard about sponsored articles, paying for the article has been considered unethical. An introduction to the science of statistics for business and economics. In this context it is objected to tell the right information about  Ataturk’s way of thinking, Turkish Republic History, Turkey and some factors threatening   the applications of Ataturk’s way of thinking, to train Turkish Youth as regards to Ataturk’s way of thinking which offers an absolute unity at home as a system including all cultural components of Turkish country and finally to raise rationalist, contemporary, humanist, hardworking, and honourable youngsters. Fax: +90 324 6514811, INTENDED STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES (ISLOs). Graduated students have opportunity to work in public and private institutions as intermediate publıc relatıons staff members or start their own small businesses. Here’s How to Pitch and Write a Guest Post for Prowly Magazine! Short Cycle Degree Program on Public Relations and Advertising. 3. The Programme of Public Relations and Advertising was approved to train well qualifiedintermediate staff members needed to perform a particular public relation job in private and public business organizations with following date and number. It means how much it costs to acquire a single customer. See for details information about Çağ > Admission Requirements, Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of  Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal And İnformal). The boundaries that we create between both sectors. The situation gets quite complicated if we work with the journalists that… like to get paid for usually so-called great online reach and high-end magazine values that tend to fluctuate about the money only. possibility concept and applications to  simple daily life problems, permutations and probability distribution are the main topics covered. Reporting the impressions number and social media shares can be another way to assess the traffic coming from the earned placement. To give introductory information about Public Relations, familiarize its relationship with related concepts by addressing public relations as a discipline, as well as to ensure the understanding of students by making case studies. Get all 3 of our whitepapers absolutely FREE, Press Release Distribution Pricing Plans 2020. Las Vegas, NV 89107, 50 Crucial Statistics for Industry Professionals. The graduation requirements for the Program of Public Relations and Advertising are as same as the general qualification requirements and regulations of Çağ University. The main topics of HRM such as job analysis, selection, testing, compensation, performance appraisal and their applications will be introduced. And that’s all – even without talking to the magazine’s editorial team at the beginning? Both public relations as well as the advertising, are going more into digital, which still makes the advertising more measurable (with AVE indicator), thus potentially still giving the more incredible, and laudable outcome that is easier to measure than a PR campaign. There are many more differences, both nuanced and not so nuanced, but these three should guide your understanding of the fundamental differences. organizations, methods for Management of Mass Media, contributions to shape the management function in accordance with the organizational goals, measurement of efficiency. The course aims to provide the students about the foundation and development of  Modern Turkey. CPA or Cost Per Acquisition is a metric commonly used in digital advertising. The Department of Public Relations and Advertising has been established with the aim of providing an educated workforce and doing research for developing the field of public relations. Occupational Profiles Of Graduates With Examples. The students who have succesfully completed the program will be awarded with a Associate's Degree in Public Relations and Advertising. A model that incorporates perceived quality, attitudes toward advertising and public relations, and brand relationship quality was tested with a sample of 477 consumers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. If you are planning to underpin the digital PR campaign, thus potential SEO links across the media coverage—it is necessary to check the website’s domain authority (DA), especially if you are planning to localize the paid link across the sponsored content, then obviously the higher DA, the better SEO rankings and SEO traffic referring to your client’s website after the paid publication! Let me break down some of the differences between PR and advertising in 2020. Public relations and advertising are balancing on the line when we think about getting free publicity for our clients or paying for a sponsored, earned media article. You have to pay for advertising while public relations is free. PR can generate buzz for your business, boost your Google SEO rankings, generate good will from customers and community, earn higher perceived authority from your customers, etc., and many qualities that help with driving an organization forward but isn’t necessarily the sole driver of sales.

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