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Customer service is quite helpful and prompt. Clothes are bad quality. Princess Polly ranks 779th among Women's Clothing sites. And it's dumb they post ugly photoshopped girls on their website cuz they're not real girls anyway they're all created with Photoshop to look real even though they don't exist in real life. Princess Polly doesn't care about anyone but the money, and of course they or no company "sends out free clothes" to anyone cuz they would never do that cuz that wouldn't help their bussiness and they would've been out of business if they did that and that's illegal for any company to do, no company is going to risk losing their bussiness. And since they're that desperate for money, and since they're trying all kinds of sneaky, illegal, shady ways to try to get money, they don't make alot of money like the brands you know and heard of, like h&m for example. This is the most disgusting company ever! And if they had physical in stores to shop at and cheaper reasonable affordable prices and better quality clothes and better material clothes, then they wouldn't be that desperate for money. Really cute clothes and true to size, what more could I ask for. by, @dearnaeaton is wearing a size AU 6 / US 4. Their sales are pretty good as well. And their products never sell out that's just false advertising they use and lies they say. Cute styles but some of their pieces don't have the best quality fabric and still going at about $50 and above, just aimed at school girls who don't know better. Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: NEVER believe all these fake positive lying reviews, princess polly just paid for the fake positive. Just because it's by princess polly doesn't mean it's good quality because it's NOT. We’re in this together! I agree to the terms & conditions and to receive periodic promotional emails. Oh and, DO NOT listen to the fake lying positive reviews of princess polly on trustpilot and on princess polly website because princess polly just buys fake lying positive reviews to be posted on trust pilot and on their website. I bought 3 items and one zipper was broken and the other 2 did not fit well so I paid 8.99 to return them first off which us dumb, then now they bbn keep lying and not refunding me and giving me the run around. Some of their stuff do come from good local brands so those are of good quality. They're literally charging for the name, not for quality. Receive 10% off just by signing up! To find more information about reviews and trust on please visit. Princess Polly only doing it to get money for their company, they'll never give anyone $3500, cuz nobody gets that from no giveaway, they're all lies and scams just like princess polly. Click here for more info and international shipping. DO NOT believe the fake positive lying reviews! Say to being bored of your clothes. Everything i bought is such extremely bad cheap thin terrible quality! Wow princess polly is really crap and the honest 1 star and 2 star reviews aren't lying about it. Free Exchange: Select an item for exchange via our returns portal to avoid paying the return shipping cost! It's called TWIIN Era Cropped Cardi Top. Beware that not all of their honest individual reviews make it on the product page so I'm writing it here. There are none because they are a scam and princess polly posts all these fake lying positive reviews comments bots on their website and on here and other websites, they're overpriced cheap quality clothing doesn't sell out either never does they just use false advertising and nobody buys from them because they aren't a well known company and nobody knows them or ever heard of them, princess polly is scam too.

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