police backup knife

Different knives are made with different kinds of materials for the handle. Fortunately, Benchmade produces some of the finest knives and cutting tool on the market and are worth every penny. Required fields are marked *. The prudent ones even seek out training opportunities to learn their use. Get 5% off all Creedmoor brand ammo with code CREEDMOOR5. And there you have it: all business. The villain released his death grip, fleeing with significant wounds to his abdomen and chin only to be apprehended later by the hero’s friends. If you’d want a badass tactical police knife, this just might be it. Being willing to spend some serious money indicates that one is on the market for a serious police knife. Some tactical police knives have “teeth”—another term for serrated edges—while others do not like straight edges. The handle is made out of aluminum and even features both a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker on the other end; the latter is capable of punching out the window of a car should the need ever arise. Copyright © 2016 The possession and use of knives are subject to a wide variety of state laws. Sometimes (very rare) the blip on map is not cleaned up properly, Fixed Bug. They can also tend to the bodies and perform CPR, Code 2 backup will arrive†with their gun holstered. There are preciously few tools a police officer carries that are used as or more often than a high quality police knife. For these purposes I’ll always see a place for fixed blades when it comes to a GTFOM knife. All rights reserved. Concealed versus open carry: Is it legal to carry a knife at all in public where you are? If the blade becomes too hard, it will be too difficult to sharpen; too soft, and it won’t be suitable for the demands a police officer needs his or her knife for. Owner of Reloaderaddict.com, Boyd Smith is a major handgun enthusiast, and although he owns Glocks, he prefers the revolving wheel type. All Rights Reserved. With seconds seeming like minutes, his only chance for survival depended on his ability to get to his backup knife. The 2.5” blade is double-edged, spear point in shape, and given a Rockwell Hardness of 58-60. Tactical Soundness When it comes to tactical soundness of a GTFOM knife, focus on simple yet effective techniques and tactics. While not as compact as a folder, they provide unmatched strength and reliability. After a brief foot chase, the fight spilled into a shallow creek where the hero was knocked down attempting to … For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Some of them were assigned to Daywatch. In this range, they are capable of being sharpened while also durable enough to endure excessive use.

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