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Increase global reach with over 30 languages. Most podcast apps provide a 10-15 second rewind button that will be extremely helpful for your transcription. The platform’s advanced AI speech recognition system is designed to transcribe both audio and video files accurately. However, the voice to text technology the platform is using doesn’t always create accurate transcriptions, which is the reason why you must go through the entire transcription and make sure that the text matches its source. This is the first time that I have used a transcription service. Podcasters can upload your audio to their service for .10 cents per minute. Share video clips in seconds or publish full transcripts with subtitles using the Sonix media player. The transcription process lasts for just a few minutes, and once it is completed you can export your transcripts to Adobe Premiere Pro, FCPX, Excel, Word or any other software you’re using to create your podcasts. You will also need excellent proofreading and editing skills to ensure that the transcribed text accurately represents the podcast content. Just like the DIY option, you will need a computer, internet access, and a clear audio file. One question you may have is, "Can I upload audio to Google Voice Typing?". International phone rates may be charged by your service provider, Best video editing software to add text and subtitles to videos. HOWEVER when I go in to see the transcription it was a complete and utter FAILURE! You may tell yourself, "I want my content to be exclusive to audio only," whereas other people will happily get their audio transcribed to turn content into more content. Castos is a podcast hosting platform that is equipped with a powerful voice to text technology which transcribes all episodes of your podcasts accurately. Copyright© Podcast.co 2020. Leave a comment and let us know. To get an idea of what we talk about, you can watch the video below. Automatically transcribe podcasts into text for a better way of getting more out of your content and reaching new listeners. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to the publication, where applicable. Another available option is using podcasting transcription software that will automatically transcribe your podcast. Transcriptions can seem overwhelmingly long. This digital media transcription software makes adding time codes to your transcripts easy, while you can also utilize custom snippets to insert frequently used text to a particular segment of the transcript. Reach the world. This tool improves the visibility and the reach of the content you upload to your account on Castos, and makes it easier for you to optimize it for search engines. This is assuming that the audio file is high-quality. Reach New Listeners with Transcriptions. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Requires iOS 12.1 or later. There were only two things that could've been better I think: Transcriptions are great to have in the case of creating an e-book later down the line. Adding tags, metadata or writing a description of the podcast are just a few ways to improve the visibility of the content you share online. An app to convert audio/video to text effortlessly. All you need is a computer, a good set of headphones, internet access, good typing skills, and, most of all, time. Comprehensive multi user permissions allow you to grant collaborators access to upload, comment, edit and restrict access to files or folders. Perfect for meetings, lectures, interviews, films... any kind of audio or video, really. Podcast transcription can then be defined as the conversion of the recorded audio show into text. Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires. Terms | Privacy | Cookies. You can enable the Voice Typing feature from the Tools menu and then just proceed to record your podcasts. This content is usually recorded in different styles: solo host podcasts, interviews, panel shows, fiction and non-fiction storytelling podcasts, repurposed content shows, and others. Family&Business, Customizable built-in text, titile, subtitles and credit templates available, Edit color, size, font and animation of the titles and text easily, More extensive title & text effects packs and sets available in Filmstock, Top 10 Podcasting Audio to Text Transcription Software, Provides automated translation services for a multitude of languages, Allow users to edit video and audio by editing text, Automated translation is not available in the Standard package, The quality of customer support could be better, Trint Editor is equipped with a versatile set of text editing tools, Transcriptions services are available in 27 languages, Trint can be integrated with hundreds of applications through Zapier, More expensive than similar online audio to text software products, The efficient 4-step transcription process, Audio files are transcribed with 99% accuracy, Equally efficient when utilized for education and marketing purposes, Transcription process can take several days, Editing text on GoTranscript isn’t an option, Features the Embed Player that can be added to any website, Creating and managing teams with Happy Scribe is easy, Available in more than a hundred languages, The algorithm’s accuracy depends on the quality of the audio or video recording, Equipped with a powerful AI speech recognition system, Accurate transcriptions of audio and video files, Allows podcasters to add bookmarks and highlight quotes from their footage, Supports a variety of export file formats, The quality of customer support depends on the subscription model you purchase, Supports a limited number of audio and video file formats, Affordable solution for podcasters who want to create transcripts of their audio and video files, Provides support for nearly all audio and video file formats, Accurate transcriptions of multi-lingual documents, Saving or exporting transcripts is not possible with the free version of the software, The quick and efficient audio transcription process, The straightforward audio transcription process, Excellent speaker identification features, The quality of the transcription depends on the quality of the audio file, Transcription of long audio recordings can take a while, Castos lets its users transcribe all podcast episodes regardless of when they were uploaded, Compatible with YouTube Republishing feature, Generates PDF transcription files listeners can download, Limited transcription editing capabilities, All audio transcription services are added to the monthly bill, Offers both audio and video editing tools, The free version of Descript doesn’t offer transcription services. Transcribing can take an awful lot of time, especially if your episodes are over an hour long. Quite pleased overall though, and ~£25 is much better than the £450 that the legal professionals were going to charge my uncle for essentially the same thing! Based on that, I figured it’d be worth a shot to see if it could do a longer 30 minute interview that I had. 3 REASONS TO TRANSCRIBE YOUR PODCAST AUDIO. The cheapest available option, especially for a budget project, is doing it yourself. The Benefits of Transcribing Your Podcast Please try again later. Rev actually has humans transcribing your audio. Furthermore, the platform lets you add timestamps wherever you want and it grants you access to the tools you can use to polish the automatically generated transcripts. And the best part - unlimited Live Transcriptions are completely free for Transcribe PRO subscribers!There are other benefits of having Transcribe PRO Subscription:- Exporting to TXT, PDF, DOCX, SRT files- Synchronize unlimited number of files (up to 50 Gb) between devices- Addition 3 hours of server transcription as a bonus. A podcast host, for instance, who had previously interviewed a physician to discuss healthy lifestyles can now repurpose the same interview to specifically discuss the importance of good nutrition. Once you enabled the platform’s transcription features, all new episodes you upload to Castos are going to be transcribed automatically. Now, with voice recording and real-time transcription capabilites!Recently, we released the most requested Voice Recording feature, so you can record an audio file right from the app. Stay organized with multi folder nesting. Running a podcast involves much more than just recording the materials and uploading them to the hosting platform. Price: The transcription fees start at under $1 per minute. Create a podcast. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period. Video Editing Tips, Audio

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