plusnet down glasgow

You're a bunch of cheats. And for the umpteenth time my wifi through @plusnet has crashed!! You cut our now tv internet yesterday and had no updates as to when it's going live? Although i heard the service is just as bad, @newonivek @plusnethelp @JoelTaner @ShieldVoC So I am not the only one having issues with plusnet. @plusnet Hi, "Pse switch-off and disconnect your Plusnet router.. you will receive an email and text [err, no text, impossible]...your broadband service can take till midnight today [29 October 2020] to activate" @sooziesoo @Plusnet Second time in a month my Internet has completely dropped out. We have been waiting on the phone for 30 minutes but no one answers. @shellthestig i have it down to @Plusnet @EE @VodafoneUK but only plusnet state 100% uk call centre and id rather support a company giving jobs to uk at this time. @Plusnet is service down in SW19? @plusnethelp I have been a Plusnet customer for quite a few years now but since moving address in Nov 2018 I have had nothing but issue with the billing system...and it continues...bill meant to be issued 7th Oct...was issued today...system will not let me pay it!! What's the cure, apart from shopping for a another provider , @plusnet Hi, At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Plusnet. "Data, messaging services and text messages were working as normal during this time. @OpenreachHelp hi. ", Whilst another added: "@Plusnet Having network problems since morning. Downdetector® is among the federally registered trademarks of Ookla® and may not be used by third parties without express written permission. I've had nothing but problems since joining plusnet and only 26mb/s speed. @plusnethelp Hi, I have a friend who is VERY phone shy and is having plusnet internet problems - It says your live chat is offline, when will it be online? @MarcAllera customer service on plusnet atrocious - wasted 160mins on calls so far, broadband been down since monday - absolute joke of a service -. Check the official No apology or anything. Our new campaign for @Plusnet working with @antonycotton and (most importantly) his mum... @Beth_Donelon @Plusnet internet keeps dropping tonight, any problems around Norwich that you know of? @Bigbecksy @newonivek @plusnethelp @JoelTaner @ShieldVoC So I am not the only one having issues with plusnet. @Plusnet not great customer service just ignoring your customers . Any idea where it is? Good trick @bt_uk make people want to pay more directly through you! Anyone know why it is so awful? Had no further contact about dispatchment of router or that my line is ready? @mathcook Our new campaign for @Plusnet working with @antonycotton and (most importantly) his mum... And still no Internet and no reply from @Plusnet, all the more insulting as I renewed my contract yesterday, what was the point??? No connection in certain rooms. @ksteve_1 @VodafoneUK does anyone know if vodafone broadband is a uk based call centre? Virgin sort your bloody services out!! my provider has provided no updates via email, phone, twitter, or via there messaging service which is unavailable. @BenMyatt74 @Siobhan54 Good trick @bt_uk make people want to pay more directly through you! It's been over 36hrs and sweet AF. @aBl170710 We are aware of an intermittent problem affecting EE users receiving multiple text messages, and this is something we are working on rectifying. Anyone know why it is so awful? Thanks a blummin' lot!!! Our Internet keeps going off and when ringing them they cut us off all the time! As of 12.45pm, problems were reported on BT, TalkTalk, EE and Plusnet, with thousands taking to outage site DownDetector to highlight issues. @djkevy83 @TalkTalk @Plusnet Thanks. Apparently you sent the engineer to the wrong address. Slow... very...slow and one crash after another and has today lost my folder structure and message archive. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? I've been signed up to to for over a months and still no internet or phone line. @plusnethelp @Plusnet Is mobile network down in Brighton today ? @NOWTV I am currently still having issues with NOW. Can someone @plusnet @plusnethelp tell me what is wrong or if there is a known problem! @Plusnet Your customer service is atrocious. #useless @plusnethelp. You are not treating your customers with respect, @Victrix75 Customer service First week it took for you to decide that the Hub was having issues and it has been another week for the Hub to not get delivered yet. @plusnethelp I will be reporting Plusnet and BT Openreach to my local media, newspapers and MP. Was "guaranteed" an engineer here yesterday. Please help. Please help! Flexible and affordable sim only deals with no contract. @plusnethelp @plusnet @TradeStandards @wrobinson101. Can you let me know when this will be resolved please? Mine was a 'throughput' issue, which is difficult to fix, but Plusnet just gave up, the majority of their staff are completely clueless., Via Better than plusnet giving no uplink. So I will be moving to them. ‘Unfortunately due to engineer availability/resourcing issues in the area, an engineer hasn't picked up the job yet andI've been advised that an engineer's now scheduled to go out on 04/11/20.’ 10 days min with no landline. What a awful company @Plusnet are, two house moves now and both failed to happen, so 2 weeks with no internet while the world is working from home. No connection in certain rooms. Live Plusnet outage map and issues overview. @plusnethelp @Plusnet Is mobile network down in Brighton today ? Make the most of your money by signing up to our newsletter for. @Edcourt @BenMyatt74 How easy is it to install once I’ve signed up? Moving to a different provider on the 18th. Any issues have be resolved since. Used a friend phone earlier just to get lied to by you, @ctrlaltrelive Trying to ring you because our broadband keeps dropping and you keep putting the phone down each time. Apparently 12hr support across 7 days. I’m not able to log in to my btsport app. @AaronHodgson6 @plusnethelp Plusnet help, an ironic title as I can’t contact Plusnet online or by phone to talk about my Broadband account issue. We have been using plusnet for over 2 months and we have never had the speed we pay for. Shite company, shite service, shite, shite, shite, shite, shite!!! Nightshift and WFH, it's caused a few issues!!!!! @OpenreachHelp, @MarcAllera customer service on plusnet atrocious - wasted 160mins on calls so far, broadband been down since monday - absolute joke of a service -. @JulieR_1964 @DB92933100 @kit2kat Postal dates are within Royal Mail and most couriers service times currently. @Plusnet can you advise on service issues? what is the SLA for resolving these issues? As companies who use EE for coverage, this will also affect BT Mobile, plusnet, Asda Mobile and Virgin Mobile users too.

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