pet rat habitat

Provide your pet rat with a nest box. Here is finally a nice picture of my rat cage, freshly cleaned and equipped with a hole role of toilet paper. Your tiny critter is going to live his entire short life in an enclosure and hence it would be best to make it as comfortable as possible. Among all rodents, rats are the most social. You’ll never know when you need to transfer your cage from one location to another. If you need to separate the bucks from the does, for instance, you may simply block the middle part of this rat cage to create two separate compartments. The casters also exhibit locking features to ensure your cage stays in place. With two large doors and removable shelves, cleaning and feeding are made simpler. Measuring 30.5” L x 18” W x 30” H, this cage can easily provide a roomy habitat for one rat or two. With casters, you can easily transport your cage from one room to another when need be. Prevue Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage, 5. This feature also helps prevent deadly accidents due to a heavy fall. MidWest 162 Critter Nation Double Unit with Stand, 4. You can place a hammock, a tunnel a digging box, a bean bag, his very own clubhouse, or all of these. Rats are social, smart, and full of quirks! With this cage, you no longer have to worry about your friend while you are on vacation, now that you can bring him along with his temporary shelter. This unit is made of high-quality steel with a sleek powder coat finish that makes the cage look and feels expensive, all the while keeping corrosion at bay. A good quality cage may often cost a pretty penny but this is quite inevitable if you want something that could endure the ravages of time. Unfortunately, its door is somewhat smaller, which makes cleaning a challenge. Moreover, this unit is complete with one plastic tray, two metal grilles, two industrial-grade plastic platforms, three sturdy plastic ramps, all of which you can easily remove for cleaning. Wipe the cage daily using wet tissues soaked in vinegar. You have the option whether to fold and hand-carry the cage or push it around using its four heavy-duty casters. A large wire cage is best, especially one with horizontal bars that allow the rat to climb on the sides. Each platform is made of durable plastic to ensure that your pets won’t be walking on the wire that might hurt their feet. The Yaheetech 37” Metal Ferret Cage, a medium-sized cage measuring 25” L x 17” W x 36.5“ H, is a suitable abode for two large rats. Dispose visible waste and dampened beddings as soon as possible. Unless you have limited space or budget, then choose a cage that can provide at least 2 cubic feet of space for each pet rat. As a bonus, the Prevue Hendryx comes with a nice, well-built hammock, so you don’t have to buy it separately. Rats need your tender loving care and attention. Installing this rat cage is also child’s play. Take a closer look at the cage’s doors. You & Me Rat Manor Habitat, 16.5" L X 22.5" W X 32" H Rat Manor features four 3/8" wire mesh levels and three ladders Wire mesh platforms provide a safe and sanitary living space for your pet rat Features washable, chew-proof Most importantly, ensure that electrical wires are out of reach or encased in rigid plastic tubing. If you do happen to nick the blood vessel, apply a little cornstarch to the nail tip to stop any bleeding. This rat habitat provides sufficient ground space and three levels for your pet rats to explore. If you have the misfortune of choosing the wrong cage, head to the home depot, buy a hardware cloth, and use it surround the cage. Avoid the pink portion (the quick) that may be visible inside the nail; this is where there are blood vessels and nerves. Likewise, this feature also allows better interaction with your pet. If your tiny pet is living in the lap of luxury where he can enjoy doing various things and has an array of delicious treats nearby, he will love to spend more time in its cage rather than squeeze his way out of the cage. Allow your cage to dry. Ensure that your rat cannot access anything that is toxic, including poisonous plants. In addition, treats such as dog biscuits can be given to your pet rat. With a large cage, you can add toys and paraphernalia to keep him entertained. It is imperative that your cage exhibits a solid flooring to hold paper or fleece bedding. Rats have only become pets in the past 100 years, but they are smart, friendly, and like to cuddle, making them great companions for families and kids. Each compartment will still have ample room for toys and accessories. It is currently housing seven females. Copyright 2018 | Pet Comments | Privacy Policy | About, 1. There are animals that also deserve to be loved just as much such as rats. With two entryways, you can choose between the front and top doors. Look for rope and wood toys since most plastic toys can't stand up to the gnawing of a determined rat. The base exhibits a deep and open space with high walls to keep debris from catapulting out of the cage, especially when your pets play roughhouse. I have a Double Critter Nation from Midwest, so those are the dimensions included here, …. Before you take a rat home, make sure you have the following awaiting in his fur-ever home: warm beddings, a water bottle, a ceramic food bowl (filled alternately with dry rat food and fresh produce), a hammock, and lots of physically and mentally stimulating toys. If you hate shavings scattering all over your floor, then you will love this cage’s base. Most importantly, make sure the ramps have a textured surface for traction so your pets won’t slip as they climb up. A rat-friendly and veterinarian-approved disinfectant is also preferable. Therefore, your rat cage should have wheels so you can easily push it around your house. Critter Nation pics! Since there are too many to choose from, we made a list of the leading rat cages in the market today. Placing the cage on a table or stand will help pet rats feel more secure. Rats have a bit of a sweet tooth but resist the temptation to feed sugary foods or junk food, including chocolate. When it comes to purchasing a rat cage, a rule of thumb is to purchase one that is as big as your budget. Pelleted or block type diets are available for rats and are formulated to be nutritionally complete. Likewise, being able to do so makes the cleaning process a lot simpler since you can group them all in a single compartment while you clean the other. The Critter Nation 162 measures 36” in length and 24” in width and hence, it is very commodious and accommodating: you can place a hammock, some decorations, toys, and other paraphernalia to keep your pet rat happily busy. Spray after every wash and wipe the cage daily with wet tissues drenched in vinegar.

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