pet rat facts

For how misunderstood they are, rats as pets make amazing companions for a lot of different types of people and living situations. Once your rat knows you well and trusts you, they may even like you to stroke their tummy! Fact #1: Rats have touchy tummies and whiskers.

When happy, rats have been observed to chatter or grind their teeth. Without companionship rats tend to become lonely and depressed. 10) A single rat can leave 25,000 droppings a year – poo–ey! This behaviour starts at around two to three weeks of age, and peaks when the rats are around a month old. What did you think of our fab facts about rats? Have something to say? Decorate their cage with hammocks and hideaways (sometimes called igloos) so they have a place to kick back, if needed. Rats’ teeth grow throughout their lives; they do not stop once they reach a certain length! They’re also great swimmers, able to hold their breath for several minutes. Want to learn a bit more about our rodent friends? But rats may also grind their teeth when they are upset or stressed to try to sooth themselves, which is again similar behaviour to cats and purring!

Do you like this article? Whether you are considering getting a pet rat for yourself or your child or already keep one or more of these lovely little rodents, this article will cover some fun and interesting facts about pet rats that you might not already know! Yes, rats are squeak-y clean! Read on to learn more. Looking for free pet advice for your Rodent? Domestic rats are affectionate, clean, sensitive and easy to train. This means that your rat may feel insecure or upset if you handle them when you are in a bad mood, so stick to picking them up when you’re feeling good!

If you’re in the market for a pet rat, your first port of call is likely to be the pet shop or online classified adverts. Rats take care of injured and sick rats in their group. 9) Rats’ long tails are used for balance and to keep themselves cool – they can direct some of their body heat out through them! Take a look at our fun facts below. Pet Rat Facts . Then leave your comments. Other names for a Norway rat are common rat, brown rat, street rat, sewer rat, Hanover rat, Norwegian rat, or wharf rat. When rats are happy or playing, they … Rats don’t have particularly good eyesight, and this is particularly true of rats with pink or red eyes. But did you know that rats grind their teeth too? Guinea pigs for sale. Rats have excellent memories. Feeding your rat the right foods to keep their teeth at a comfortable length is important, as is giving them toys that they can use to wear their teeth down. Rats tend to have certain favourite spots to be scratched and petted, including their ears, sides of the head and along the spine. If you want to avoid the potential of causing kidney, liver and respiratory problems in your pets, stick to hard wood shavings that are recommended as safe for rats, or use another medium entirely such as paper. Rats are very sociable In the wild rats live in family groups, and pet rats should be no different. Here are some interesting facts about rats that you may not be aware of! Help us by answering a short survey. Once they learn a navigation route, they won’t forget it. Potential rat owners are not always aware of this, so it is definitely worth checking out charities and adoption ads before you make a purchase. They enjoy toys, especially the kind that can be chewed and contain hidden treats.

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