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Sometimes, attacking a Bobby while on Joy has a chance of him moaning in pleasure rather than laughing, This is even more odd considering every Bobby typically reacts in pain when the player isn't on Joy. As well as this, sounds that are normally unpleasant become amusing. This resulted in the general quality of the drug to deteriorate, resulting in the occasional creation a "bad batches" containing both the defective substitute Joys which, as stated before, rendered those taking it unable to take Joy at all, turning them into Wastrels. Because Blackberry is a stronger version of Joy, it has much more severe withdrawal symptoms, as people who go off Blackberry Joy become violent and hostile to everything and everyone around them. 30% This explains why there hasn't been a baby in Wellington Wells in over 15 years, despite many citizens indulging in sexual intercourse. As a result of this vicious cycle, the increased Joy consumption soon began to have severe detrimental effects on Wellington Wells. When the character is afflicted with Withdrawal, the world around them that was once colorful will suddenly be dirty, colorless and gloomy, the sounds are slowed down a bit while also sounding a bit more distorted than earlier. Joy is the name of a series of psychoactive drugs used by the residents of Wellington Wells in order to forget bad memories and stay happy. Yeah, I've heard mention of something called a psychotropic syringe(? Items, Joy The amount of Joy that the player took will affect how long withdrawal lasts, once the withdrawal meter depletes the player can go outside without fearing that someone will attack them. Better than food, water, human affection, etc. Ups your pep level and increases the power of your Facemelts. If the player ever takes Joy from a Mood Booth, they do not have a choice of which flavor to take; the character will always take Strawberry. However, the withdrawal symptoms will wear off over time, although the length of withdrawal time varies depending on how high the Joy dose was. Joy is a pill that the residents of Wellington Wells voluntarily consume to keep them happy and sedated, but more importantly, to forget the city's terrible past. In addition to the pill form, Joy is also available in a liquid and gaseous form. In fact, the player can go through the entire game without ever taking Joy, unless they're playing the story mode as Arthur Hastings. In addition to this, there is a new flavor called Coconut that is being developed by Anton Verloc. There's rarely any time during the game where the player is required to take Joy in order to accomplish specific tasks. As the user takes more and more Joy, the chemicals in it begin to accumulate in their system, making them more receptive and sensitive to Joy, amplifying the effects of the drug. Joy, as a psychoactive drug, induces happiness and euphoria, making the user perceive the world to be much more enjoyable than it really is. It is hinted in one of Sally Boyle's memories, titled ". Oddly enough, Joy withdrawal in the DLCs are slightly different from the main game's Joy withdrawal. It should be noted that while there are different flavours, they are not given freely by choice and most of the citizen will often only use one flavour of the given Joy Pills. This is shown at the start of Act II when Spud Murphy breaks into Sally's house, knocks her unconscious and trashes her house in a desperate search for Blackberry. Category Joy Pills can be found and taken by the player in all three acts, which help them to lower suspicion by not activating Downer Detectors and making Doctors passive. In time, the Wastrel population of the Garden District began to rise at an alarming pace, with new Wastrels emerging every day. In-game, if the player overdoses on Joy, the sky will be full of curved rainbows and flower motifs while the world will become almost cartoonishly colorful and vibrant, bordering on the comical.

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