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Visitors can admire the great masterpieces of the artists Jacopo da Pontromo (1494-1557) and Rosso Fiorentino (1494-1540), both original and unconventional adepts of a period in the Cinquecento that Giorgio Vasari called „modern manner“. If you want more information about cookies. Later, while the Medici ruled Florence, the Strozzi family ruled Siena, which Florence attacked, causing great animosity between the two families. Its enormous scale deliberately surpassed that of the Medici Palace. After the murder of Alessandro in 1537 he assumed leadership of a group of republican exiles with the object of re-entering the city but having been captured and subsequently tortured he committed suicide. To learn more about recent events and to book your entrance tickets please contact us under +39 055/2670402. Ses espaces sont dédiés à des expositions temporaires. Noteworthy within the Strozzi Palace is a spacious courtyard, which by its… Rosso however, who got this name thanks to his red hair, was tightly bound to tradition. He played a leading part in forcing the exile of Cosimo de' Medici in 1433 [1], but after Cosimo's pardon a year later, was himself exiled, and never returned. Another son, Lorenzo Strozzi (1513–1571) went into the Church, also in France, and ended as a cardinal and Archbishop of Siena from 1565. He died of a wound received while attacking Sarlino in 1554. The City of Florence, The Florence Provincial Authority, the Florence Chamber of Commerce, and an association of private-sector partners joined together in April 2006 to set up a public-cum-private company to manage and promote Palazzo Strozzi. Divergent paths of mannerism.“. His heirs went on with the construction work. Out of a long tradition the Strozzis and the Medicis were enemies. But the family had made a great reputation. In 1434 the Strozzis were banned from the city because of there obvious opposition against the Medicis. A branch of the family moved to Vienna and built the Palais Strozzi there. Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno continues his exploration of art, life, and science with his exhibition at Florence's Palazzo Strozzi. Among others he painted the famous portrait of Cosimo de’ Medici called “The Old”. Infatti, Palazzo Strozzi è stato costruito deliberatamente per essere più grande di Palazzo Medici. The Strozzi family was a rich and influential family in the Renaissance time in Florence. From 1999 it became property of the Italian State. Strozzi is the name of an ancient (later noble) Florentine family, who like their great rivals the Medici family, began in banking before moving into politics. The palace shows three magnificent identical portals, one of them opening towards Via Tornabuoni another one towards Piazza Strozzi. Other articles where Palazzo Strozzi is discussed: Florence: City layout: …palace in Florence is the Strozzi Palace, begun in 1489 for one of the city’s largest and wealthiest families (which, however, had been eclipsed politically by the Medici). To show his importance and influence, Filippo Strozzi commissioned the construction of a palace that was supposed to be bigger, higher and even more monumental than the Medici palace. Senator Carlo Strozzi (1587–1671) formed an important library and collected a valuable miscellany known as the Carte Strozziane, of which the most important part is now in the state archives of Florence. He also drafted the interior design and decor, while he left one cornice uncompleted, as it can still be seen today. The Strozzi acquired by marriage the titles of Princes of Forano and Dukes of Bagnolo. Although married to Clarice de' Medici, a daughter of Piero di Lorenzo de' Medici and member herself of the Medici family, he was vehemently opposed to the hegemony the Medicis had acquired as the unofficial rulers of the Florentine republic and was among the leaders of the uprising of 1527. Fiscale 06134820486. modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata Le palais Strozzi (Palazzo Strozzi) est un chef-d'œuvre de l'architecture de la Renaissance italienne situé à Florence , qui donne sur la piazza Strozzi, la via Tornabuoni, la via Porta Rossa et la via degli Strozzi, sans être accolé à aucun autre bâtiment. Stemma della famiglia Strozzi Con la dovuta determinazione e qualche manovra politica, Filippo acquistò la proprietà che circondava la casa di famiglia durante gli anni 1470 per creare una zona abbastanza grande per la costruzione che aveva in mente. Filippo Strozzi's older son Piero (1500–1558), married Laudomia de' Medici, and fought in Scotland against the English, and in France against the Holy Roman Empire and Spain, and was made a Marshal of France in 1554. The Palazzo Strozzi, situated right in the heart of Florence, is one of the most famous examples of Italy’s Renaissance architecture.. In the Renaissance the Piazza Strozzi was the market square for the daily food market. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. About 10 houses were torn down to make way for the new palace. In 1999 it fell to the state. Using this website means you are Ok with this. trademarks and tradenames under a license from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts B.V. So they were allowed to return to Florence in 1466 and the power struggle between the families went on. This political and financial competition was the origin of the Strozzi-Medici rivalry. In 1507 the first floor was finally ready to host it’s first inhabitants.

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