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At this time, they are taken in procession by female relatives of the deceased to a specially designated spot near water. More than three-fourth (87%) of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that more employment opportunities can be generated through migration. Their goal is to empower tribal people to participate in their own development through local self-government. Prof. Prabhu N Kokane,"Socio-Legal" Identification of Scheduled Castes/Tribes & Backward Classes (2007). Mostly Oraon tribes like to live in joint or extended family. This is a slat of wood or bamboo up to 23 cm by 7.5 cm (9 in by 3 in) in size, with a hole at one end so a string can be tied to it. The best age for marriage is considered to be between 16 and 20 years for males and 13 and 16 years for girls, which violates national laws against child marriage. © 2020 INDIACLEN. International Migration, Internal Migration, Mobility and Urbanization: Towards More Integrated Approaches. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cegh.2019.12.013. When Brahmins are not easily available, the elders of the caste perform the ceremonies. However, by totaling the Oraon populations in the states where they were found for the 2001 Census of India, and allowing for a natural increase in the region of 1.7% per year, this figure is estimated to be closer to 3.5 million people. The perception of respondents about migration reveals that more than one-third of respondents strongly agreed that migrating to places assist to pursue education of own choice. Musical instruments, such as the pipe or drum, are thought to possess special powers. ALTERNATE NAMES: Specific tribe names They claim to be Bargi Dhangar or "shepherds with the spears". It spreads across 79,714 square km in eastern India and comprises 32,615 villages and 152 towns. The perception of respondents about migration is positive. The half-division is called Khatik (butcher). This particular regression model was used due to the ordinal nature of the outcome of the interest i.e. In addition, there are six or seven other categories of spirits ranging from Chandi, a goddess of hunting and war, to various household spirits. They play an indispensable role in care, particularly for vulnerable members of society, such as the disabled and elderly. More than three-fourth (76%) of respondents from male-headed households agreed or strongly agreed that migration to other places gives the opportunity to learn about society better. Entertainment and recreation among the Oraons is traditionally associated with the socioreligious festivals of Oraon tribal life. [29], According to the 1891 Census of India, the pastoral class of Indian population was divided into two groups. When she returned, the spy informed the Kurus that if they attacked while the Oraons were celebrating the Xaddi (Sarhul) festival, the men would be drunk on rice-beer. 8,000 and more average monthly income agreed and strongly agreed that the economic condition of the household can be improved through migration. [55], Khandoba (literally "father swordsman"), the guardian deity of the Deccan is the favorite god of the caste and is worshipped every Sunday and on Saturday – the light sixth of Margashirsha day – with offerings of sweetmeats. This is particularly true among Oraons who are Christians, whose better education give them access to better jobs. In rural settings, agricultural-based employment is not satisfactory; another side in Urban settings have better employment opportunities. Diet, nutritional status and food related traditions of Oraon tribes of New Mal (West Bengal), India. After the men and women take ritual purifying baths, they return to the village where the young men and women assemble for a dance-meeting. Another large sub-caste Hatkar is of considerable importance in Berar. High-caste Hindus wear the sacred thread and do not eat meat. The World of the Oraon: Their Symbols in Time and Space. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.com cannot guarantee each citation it generates. International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, India, Department of Population Policies & Programmes, International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, India. Generally, there are two rooms, one used for storage and the other for sleeping. ." In Old Kannada, the meaning of Hatti-Kara (Hatkar) is milkman (Gavli) and Hatti means cattle pen or fold. A unique tribal festival celebrated by Oraon women once every twelve years is the Mukka Sendra (also known as Janni Shikar). On the day of the name-giving ceremony, the child's head is shaved except for a small tuft of hair. The state shares its border with the states of Bihar to the north, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh to the west, Odisha to the south, and West Bengal to the east. Th ey use Hindi, the widely spoken language of northern India, or Shadri, a local dialect, to communicate with non-Oraon groups. Even the creation of states such as Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand has not helped matters much. ALTERNATE NAMES: Mahrattas; Mahrattis The Nomadic and Denotified tribes constitute about five million of population in Maharashtra and about 60 million all over India. However, if the death takes place during the monsoon months, the corpse is buried in a temporary grave. Dana is the Tadbhava of Dhana, which comes from Go-dhana which means cattle in Sanskrit. Singing and dancing play an important role in their ritual life and accompany almost every social and religious occasion. Migration is often a deliberate decision and an important part of household livelihood strategies. https://www.encyclopedia.com/humanities/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/oraons, "Oraons The Oraons themselves use the name "Kurukh," possibly after a mythical Oraon king called Karakh. More than three-fourth (78%) of respondents whose migrant member with Rs. To answer this study, 199 sample households and eligible respondents have been selected by purposive sampling technique, along with some criteria that have been followed, such as-first, any family member/s has/have migrated for two or more months. [62][63][64][65][66] Gadaria or Gaderia, Kuruba and Bharwad are classified as Other Backward Class in those respective states, including Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, in India's system of reservation. Image, Download Hi-res Oraon society believes that gods and spirits influence every aspect of an individual's life. REL…, ETHNONYMS: none Little less than three-fourth (74%) of respondents whose migrant member with Rs. In Madhya Pradesh, they are also known as Dhanka and Dhangad. According to the recent Census 2011 data, people are moving out from one rural settings to another estimated for over half of the total internal migrants (53.8%), while rustic to urban and urban to urban migration estimated for around 20% each. In addition, many Hindu religious festivals have been introduced into the Oraon festival calendar. Thus Bengali, Oriya (the language of Orissa), and Assamese, in addition to lesser dialects, are all reported as second languages spoken by Oraons. Devendra Fadnavis, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, had said that "The situation of the Dhangars in some areas of the state was worse than that of Scheduled Tribes, and the government was committed to providing them reservation under the ST category". POPULATION: About 500,000 That migration is the most problematic and questionable of the population variables is taken as given. Among the many ceremonies associated with marriage, the central ritual is the anointing with vermilion (a red pigment). Pullaiah T. Krishanamurthy K.V. Think Piece Prepared for the 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report. Formal education is also spreading rapidly among non-Christian groups. Further, respondents with high school agreed or strongly agreed that migration to other places assists in utilizing time properly more than the respondents without education (p < 0.001) (. Much of this meat is consumed at feasts following the sacrifice of animals at religious ceremonies. He further claims that Yadava is the original word and mythical Yadu is derived from Yadava by back-formation. The social impacts of migration in India. [3], The word "Dhangar" is inscribed in a Buddhist cave in Pune district of Maharashtra. All the necessary information related to the perception and other associated facts about migration was collected from the respondents. Though it is now rare and is considered to be murder by the government, human sacrifice may occasionally take place. If a death has occurred before the onset of the monsoon rains, cremation takes place immediately. Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life. Respondents agreeing and strongly agreeing with perception related statements are more among migrants with Rs. [2] However, Gawli caste of Maharashtra is distinct from Dhangar. Oraon religion can best be described as a mixture of magic, traditional animistic beliefs and practices, and elements of Hinduism. ALTERNATE NAMES: Koi; Koitur Every Oraon village has its dancing ground (akhra) where the dance-meetings are held. A significant percentage of respondents felt that the migration of any member in the family can help to generate employment opportunities. [26] Vithoba (Vitthal) and Biroba are considered brothers by Dhangars and they worship them as inseparable companions. July 31, Prasad Satyanarain. This is also reflected in their social relations and day-to-day behavior with Schedule Castes. Oraon folk tradition tells of how the tribe was driven out of the ancient kingdom of Rohtas (called Ruidas in Kurukh). Identities of the first and second generation: the role of ethnicity. The origins of the name "Oraon" are unclear. Human sacrifice was widely reported among the tribes of the region during the 19th century. [42], As per India's system of reservation, Dhangars are classified as Other Backward Class in Goa,[43] Karnataka,[44] Gujarat,[45] Madhya Pradesh,[46] Chhattisgarh,[47] Uttar Pradesh,[48][49] Uttarakhand[50] and Delhi. The bride and groom stand on a yoke (the crosspiece used to harness cattle to ploughs) and a curry-stone (a stone used to grind condiments). The family is a patrilineal extended family, but nuclear families are found as well. Supposedly celebrated in memory of the role of women in the defense of Rohtasgarh against the Afghans, women of the tribe dress up as males, wear turbans, and equip themselves with arrows, sticks, spears, axes, or any convenient tool that may prove handy during a daylong hunt when they are entitled to kill any animal, anywhere, and carry it back home. One of the wooden posts supporting the roof of the dormitory may have a cleft, representing the female sexual organ, carved in it. The 'Dhangad' and the 'Dhangar' are two distinct communities having no ethnic affinity at all. Multiple theories have been proposed for the origin of the word Dhangar. The period of residence in this institution involves instruction by elders in folklore, traditions, tribal beliefs and practices, sexual matters, and communal activities. The first converts among the Oraons were made in 1850. The name-giving ceremony is held anywhere from a few weeks to a year after birth. (Cases of adultery are uncommon, and the offenders are usually beaten and fined according to their means.) [60] The Dhangar community's population in Maharashtra is around one crore (ten million), which is 9% of the total 11.25 crore (112.5 million) population of the state. Oraons are, as a rule, short of stature and dark-complexioned, broad-nosed, and thick-lipped. All Dhangars of Western Maharashtra and Konkan/Desh regions (formerly Marhatta country), like Holkars who were Dhangar, can be termed "Marathas", but not all Marathas are Dhangars. Until this takes place, the baby is called after the day of the week on which it was born, or after a festival if born on a festival day. One corner of the house is used as a kitchen.

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