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Gluck führte Salieri in Paris ein und überließ ihm 1783 das Textbuch zur Tragédie lyrique Les Danaïdes. Mai 1748) inszeniert. Über die Schul- und Jugendzeit von Christoph Willibald Gluck ist sehr wenig überliefert, vieles kann nur vermutet werden. Encyclopedia.com. Please upgrade to Cram Premium to create hundreds of folders! Gluck, Christoph Willibald Von (1714–1787) Attempted synthesis of opera seria and opera Pelham Humphrey died 1674, at twenty-seven. Oktober 1761 präsentierte Gluck in Wien das Ballett Don Juan. Many operas focused on stories of great length that were beautifully and dramatically presented by vocalists. Oktober 1762 Orfeo ed Euridice nach einem Libretto Ranieri de’ Calzabigis. In doing so, the musician was expressing his desire to draw inspiration from French opera in order to put an end to the inane narratives, the reign of all-powerful performers, and gratuitous vocal virtuosity in scenes lacking any dramatic power. All this is astutely limned by Gluck’s music, but the prevailing tone is irrepressibly sunny. November 1744), Poro (Venedig, 26. Three years ago they performed his Ezio (1750), a straight opera seria representative of the very kind of opera under attack by Gluck and Calzabigi’s “reform.” In truth, as Odyssey Opera has demonstrated with these two productions, Gluck wore two hats, each with assurance and style. Jahrhunderts bezeichnet. The experiments with new dramatically expressive kinds of music that the Galant and Sensitive styles fostered, and which were also found in the Sturm und Drang's movement's influence upon music, soon had an important effect on the operatic world of the eighteenth century. characteristics of tragedie en musique . The solid cast here was led by Meghan Lindsay, as Paris, and Mireille Asselin, as Helen. Den Anfang machte Iphigénie en Aulide (19. Die Gesänge der Opera seria schienen unnatürlich, ... Glucks Reform der Oper trug – obwohl er selbst kein einziges deutsches Libretto komponiert hatte – ihre Früchte auch in der deutschen Oper, besonders in den Werken Johann Christoph Vogels, Carl Maria von Webers, Heinrich Marschners und Richard Wagners. Percy A. Scholes (Westport, Conn.: Greenwood, 1959): 90–91. looseness of plot structure:  the Pasticcio opera, 2. Februar 1756) in Rom wurde Gluck von Papst Benedikt XIV. Asselin sang with luminous clarity and vividly conveyed the character’s conflicted nature. Orlando Gibbons died 1625, at forty-four. Juli 1779 einen ersten Schlaganfall. David Charlton, French Opera, 1730–1830: Meaning and Media (Aldershot, England: Ashgate, 2000). 100), Orfeo ed Euridice "The Reform of Opera 12], 1. 1. opera seria 2. tragedie en musique 3. reform opera 4. comic opera . But the operatic world was driven by financial forces and by impresarios and singers who often were at odds with such elite ideals. This was not the first time they have tackled Gluck. Don’t be put off by the fact that the three principal roles were all written for sopranos (the first Paris was a castrato) or that there is little conventional action. Mit Iphigénie en Aulide gelang Gluck der Durchbruch, daraufhin bearbeitete er seine Wiener Reformopern, um sie ins Französische zu übertragen. buffa in (1714-87), Viennese Er bescherte – bei festzustellender Durchgängigkeit des Basses – nun den Oberstimmen mehr Freiheiten. It seldom happens that a single air of his operas can be taken out of its niche, and sung singly, with much effect; the whole is a chain, of which a detached single link is but of small importance. At this time the novel was acquiring great popularity as a literary form almost everywhere in Europe, providing a body of literature upon which librettists could draw for dramatizations. Thomas Bauman and Marita Petzoldt McClymonds, eds., Opera and the Enlightenment (Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1995). ." 40 In Mozart. Juli 1732 dortselbst geborene Maria Anna Bergin, Tochter des Handelsmannes Joseph Bergin (1686–1738) und der Maria Theresa, geborene Chini (1701–1756). Francesco Algarotti, Saggio The third, Paride ed Elena (1770), won’t be familiar, even by name, to many operagoers, so Odyssey Opera offered a valuable opportunity to see it in a staged version at the Huntington Avenue Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts, on February 15 and 16.Gluck and Calzabigi thought the elaborate music of opera seria needed a reform, a term that automatically conjures a sense of overbearing theoretical earnestness. Das Werk wurde in Paris zunächst als gemeinschaftliches Projekt der beiden Komponisten angekündigt; nach dem überwältigenden Erfolg der Premiere am 26. Lully and the Arcadian reformers of Italy had envisioned forms of opera in the late seventeenth century that might rise to the level of the art of tragic antique plays. And Henry Purcell died 1695, at thirty-seven! Christoph Willibald Gluck, ab 1756 Ritter von Gluck, (* 2. His compositional techniques blurred the gap that had long separated arias from spoken recitative. Das bedeutete die Lösung vom alten Fundament und eine innere Belebung eines äußeren Schemas. If it be possible for the partizans of old French music to hear any other than that of Lulli and Rameau, with pleasure, it must be M. Gluck's Iphigenie, in which he has so far accommodated himself to the national taste, style, and language, as frequently to imitate and adopt them. Francesco Algarotti's Essay on the Opera (1755) was a major influence in the development of Gluck's reformist ideology. Auch das neue Ballett ist ohne Anregung aus Paris nicht zu denken. Like other commentators Burney was careful to relate English style to continental models, and he laid part of the blame for England's failure to produce a vigorous climate of musical composition on the short lives of its composers. Die ernste ebenso wie die komische Opernform schien sich zu weit von dem entfremdet zu haben, was die Oper aus Glucks Sicht wirklich sein sollte. The Reform of Opera The Rising Status of the Composer. He began, upon a very bad harpsichord, by accompanying his niece, who is but thirteen years old, in two of the capital scenes of his own famous opera of Alceste. Leben in Wien und die Abwendung von der klassischen Seria, Die Wissenschaft diskutiert immer wieder, ob Glucks Geburtsort Weidenwang sei, wie z. Rather Gluck was the first to display the potential that might exist in an operatic art form in which drama and music were more closely integrated. The Canon is a technique that was found commonly in Baroque music. September 1743), La Sofonisba (Mailand, 18. Flashcards. [NAWM 1], b. Created by. The character of Italian serious opera (Neapolitan opera seria) in the A very seria opera reform by George Loomis. The Italian composer Pietro Francesco Cavalli (1602-1676), the most outstanding figure in Venetian…, MONTEVERDI, CLAUDIO (1567–1642), Italian composer of madrigals, operas, and sacred music; one of the most pivotal figures in the history of music. Für den Geburtstag von Maria Theresia wurde La Semiramide riconosciuta (14. März Artamene aufgeführt, die jedoch beide wenig Erfolg hatten. Vergangene Epochen haben ihn als den Richard Wagner des 18. August 1774 wurde seine französische Version Orphée et Euridice uraufgeführt, die das Pariser Publikum schon günstiger aufnahm. In Stuttgart, another center of innovation, the Italian composer Nicoló Jommelli (1714–1774) was experimenting with similar changes in operatic production. Er äußert über Gluck: „Gluck hat die Musik gesetzt. Metastasio (1698-1782), Character and purpose of M’s happy ending of opera seria. Source Readings…Classic In the decades between 1760 and the 1790s, these themes began to make their way into the operatic world as well. Learn. Drawing much of his inspiration from French operatic traditions, he tried to integrate the chorus, spectacle, and dance into Orfeo and his subsequent productions. opera seria (It.). Die Gesänge der Opera seria schienen unnatürlich, auf vordergründige Effekte gerichtet, ihr Inhalt uninteressant und versteinert. Here the principals were engagingly directed by Crystal Manich from the moment that Paris and Helen first looked at each other and everything came to a halt. Seit dieser Zeit verwendete Gluck den Titel „Ritter von Gluck“ oder „Chevalier de Gluck“. April 1774). ), a. Als Geburtsort wird üblicherweise Erasbach angegeben. Gluck begann nun weite Reisen durch Europa. Allessandro nell’Indie(1729), Act II, Sc. 9:  “Digli ch’io son fedele” [no. Die Komponisten selbst beteiligten sich nicht an den Polemiken. Januar 1745). John Gay (1685-1732), The Querelle des bouffons  (from Please sign in to share these flashcards. Photo: Kathy Wittman. Beggar’s Opera (1728) [NAWM 26] source: Charles Burney, A General History of Music from the Earliest Ages to the Present Period. The character of Italian serious opera (Neapolitan opera seria) in the early 18 th century [Grout, Short History of Opera 185-98]. the 1750s:  Carlo Goldoni (1707-93) & Baldassare Das erste dieser Werke war anscheinend Tircis et Doristée (1756), an dem sein Anteil sehr gering ist. April 1776 wurde in Paris die ins Französische übertragene Alceste aufgeführt. (October 16, 2020). Cl…, Giacomo Meyerbeer zum Ritter des Goldenen Sporns (2. This process was long, and continued after 1800 as singers and impresarios battled to see that their ideas and contributions played a role on the operatic stage. . Hierzu schrieb er die Hauptstimme – ursprünglich für Altstimme komponiert – für Tenorstimme um, was das Transponieren anderer Stimmen mit sich brachte. Three years ago they performed his Ezio (1750), a straight opera seria representative of the very kind of opera under attack by Gluck and Calzabigi’s “reform.” In truth, as Odyssey Opera has demonstrated with these two productions, Gluck wore two hats, each with assurance and style.Paride ed Elena is the first of three Helen of Troy operas programmed by Opera Odyssey this season. This is not only being a friend to poetry, but a poet himself; and if he had language sufficient, of any other kind than that of sound, in which to express his ideas, I am certain he would be a great poet: as it is, music, in his hands, is a most copious, nervous, elegant, and expressive language. Charakteristisch für diese komischen Opern sind die kurzen, liedhaften Gesänge von einfachster Konstruktion, mit denen Gluck im Wesentlichen dem französischen Gattungsbegriff gehorchte. Dana Lynne Varga’s firmly sung performance as Pallas Athene conveyed all the fury of the role. The character of Italian performances of Orfeo ed Euridice (1762) and Alceste (1767), Gluck’s Die Oper ist bekannter unter dem Namen Les pèlerins de la Mecque („Die Pilger von Mekka“). And though his dramatic style and recitative were formed in a great measure on French models, there is a latent power and force in his expression of English words, whatever be the subject, that will make an unprejudiced native of this island feel, more than all the elegance, grace, and refinement of modern Music less happily applied, can do. Pietro Francesco Cavalli Conductor Director GLUCK, CHRISTOPH WILLIBALD VON (1714–1787), Austrian composer o…, Pietro Francesco Cavalli Further, in all respects of his production Gluck tried to balance the demands of the music. Dissatisfaction arose in some quarters with the excesses of Italian opera seria —especially its predictable use of recitative and aria and its catering to solo coloratura (an elaborately embellished vocal melody) and other ornamental features that impeded the action. In Erzählungen berichtet Gluck: „Mein Vater war Förstermeister in einem böhmischen Ort und hatte mich zu seinem Nachfolger bestimmt. In addition, the theater itself was experiencing the birth of the form often referred to as "bourgeois drama," that is, works that treated themes from the everyday life of the European middle classes. Januar 1744), Ipermestra (Venedig, 21. Find out how you can intelligently organize your Flashcards. The presence of Amore (or Cupid), in the disguise of Helen’s confidant, Erasto—but in reality working for Paris’s success—gives the outcome an almost comic inevitability, notwithstanding Helen’s genuine anguish over the clash between her societal obligations (including those to an unnamed betrothed) and the yearnings of her heart.

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