opec fund 2019 winners

AGFUND made the award announcement after holding a virtual meeting on April 21 with the prize committee, headed and chaired by HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Talal, who is also chairman of the Arab Council of Childhood and Development. You will receive an automated confirmation once your application has been submitted. “I’ve been working in development for the past 25 years,” says the OPEC Fund’s 2019 Annual Award for Development winner Vida Duti. The winners of the OFID Scholarship Award will receive a scholarship spread over a maximum of two years, toward the completion of a Master’s degree, or its equivalent, at an accredited educational institution, starting in the autumn of the academic year 2018/2019. fundsforNGOs is a social enterprise established with the purpose of increasing the sustainability of NGOs across the world. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. and technology fields. The Award was conferred to honor Doaa’s bravery and her determination to draw greater attention to the refugee crisis by sharing her story. Today, SOS Children's Villages International is active in 134 countries and territories around the world, helping hundreds of thousands of children each year through family-based alternative care, schools, health centres, family strengthening programmes, and other community-based work. Partner Countries. He is particularly well known for his charitable work, and has performed countless cochlear implant operations on Palestinian children, who have suffered hearing damage. *An ongoing OPEC Fund / AfDB financed project that will upgrade and expand potable water infrastructure for circa 124,000 people. PLEASE NOTE: Kindly read ALL of the directions below before proceeding with the application process: Applicants are responsible for gathering and submitting all necessary information. the Master’s degree program. Winners of the 2019 Scholarship Award: Cristhian David Pulido Contecha, Colombia The hospital is using high-tech solutions to help clinicians provide state-of-the-art care for an estimated 1,500 new paediatric cancer patients each year, with the mission of improving childhood cancer survival rates in Egypt. Visit the Official Webpage of the OFID 2019/2020 Scholarships. Upon completion of the studies, Others are strengthening the economic potential of peasant indigenous women; promotion of organizational capacity and self determination of women. An OPEC Fund co-financed development project in Malawi has been named a 2019 Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development award winner by the Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND). Past winners include: Bangladesh-based BRAC, for its support of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh; the Foundation for Integral Development in Guatemala; Syrian refugee Doaa Al Zamel; the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt; Kenya’s Kakenya Center for Excellence; Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan; Dr Mazen Al-Hajri, renowned ENT surgeon and philanthropist; Professor Muhammad Yunus; and Bartolina Sisa National Confederation of Peasant Indigenous Native Women of Bolivia.

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