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Though initially believed (by Harry) to be the Patronus of his deceased father, this Patronus had in fact been conjured by Harry himself, who had travelled back in time with Hermione Granger using her Time-Turner[2] (this technically counts as both Harry's third and fourth encounter with the Dementors, since, due to his time travelling, he experienced this same encounter twice). She said looking at the two of them and smiling. When she saw the panicked look in Emma's eyes she turned and saw how close the Wraith was to them. When he saw that David and Regina were leaving he went back and hid in the shadows. The Patronus kept Scorpius safe long enough to reach the Great Lake and set things right.[9]. Reason #1 I had a feeling season 2’s premiere, “Broken,” would be a slam dunk: I knew that this episode would introduce a Once-ified Mulan, and Mulan, as we all know, is the best. That same evening, Fudge brought along a Dementor when he was notified that the Death Eater, Bartemius Crouch Junior, responsible for the activities that occurred was captured, for his own security, disregarding Minerva McGonagall's protest; said Dementor attacked the prisoner, who was also an escapee of Azkaban, on sight, sucking his soul out, which Fudge claimed it was no loss as he saw Crouch as a raving lunatic unworthy of bearing testimony. A dementor sucking all the positive emotion from Harry Potter. Cheshire Cat | The three of them seemed to get along well. Alignment The Wraith Right before this happened Mary Margrett had regained her senses and when she saw Emma jump into the portal, she ran towards the portal that was now was wide as three people. The only known named victim of the Kiss is Barty Crouch Jnr. Dementor Dark Ones | "I later did some research and found out he was the apprentice of the very first sorcerer. Although not yet capable of producing a fully formed patronus, Harry was able to perform the spell well enough to thwart their attempts and won the match, after which Professor Minerva McGonagall sentenced the offending students to detention and deducted fifty House Points from Slytherin. They decided to ask questions later. In the films, the nearby surroundings of a Dementor are immediately covered by a layer of ice and any plant in the vicinity almost instantly withers away. While Henry looked confused wondering who this man is. It is later summoned by Mr. Gold in order to kill Regina as revenge for what she did to Belle. It means that once she found out about Snow telling Cora about us that she would be mad. Harry conjures an incorporeal shield Patronus against a Boggart Dementor. Blind Witch | Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Emma S., Regina M./ Regina was surprised because the man now was without his cloak because while his body could regenerate his cloths could not so for the first time since he entered the building his face is now visible. He was also surprised that he could use magic and was beginning to be more suspicious of the man. Source yelled Charming as soon as he saw the portal close taking his family with it. Its hands are "glistening, greyish, slimy-looking, and scabbed". She said smiling but there was a cruel gleam in her eyes. Season Seven: Rapunzel Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey • Cinderella/Jacinda Vidrio • Tiana/Sabine • Alice/Tilly • Drizella/Ivy Belfrey • Anastasia • Gothel/Eloise Gardener • Eudora • Dr. Facilier/Mr. Those that are kept in the company of a Dementor for too long tend to become depressed, and are often driven insane, which was the main source of Azkaban's well-deserved horrible reputation when they still guarded its prisoners. The island in the North Sea on which the wizard prison is built has never appeared on any map, wizard or Muggle. Then her assassination of the King. Harvest Prince Philip's soul.Kill Regina (both failed). According to Regina, the Wraith cannot be killed as it is already dead. Hermione cast a Patronus of her own, and Harry and Hermione used their Patronuses to keep the Dementors in the courtroom and the hallway outside at bay so that they could rescue all of the remaining Muggle-borns. The light is apparently the Wraith's adversary. Said an unknown voice. So to let them spend more time together he hired Harry as Regina's horse-riding trainer. Chernabog | [5] An incorporeal Patronus only slows a Dementor down,[2] as if the creature is walking through quicksand, and tends not to last long, but could eventually give the caster time to escape. It was five months later that Regina had to chase a rogue horse that was carrying a frightened little girl on it. The Wraith, also known as Qui Shen in Mulan's home land, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Books: Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen • Once Upon a Time: Out of the Past • Once Upon a Time: Red's Untold Tale • Once Upon a Time: Regina Rising, Season Two: Killian Jones/Hook/Rogers • Aurora • Prince Phillip • Mulan • Milah • Maid Marian • Quinn • Alphonse Frankenstein • Anita Lucas • Jack • King Xavier • Anton • William Smee • Greg Mendell • Tamara • The Dragon • Queen Eva • Seer • Lancelot • Robin Hood "What I don't understand why would you change your name?" Harry has just arrived in Storybroork to find his daughter. Even though he was in great pain Harry looked at her and gave a mischievous smile. They kept their relationship secret from Cora because they knew she would not approve of them together. They then went and took Henry to Ruby at Granny's Dinner. At the mayor's office, Regina retrieves Jefferson's hat from a hat box to fight the creature with, for defense, Snow, Charming and Emma arm themselves with flaming brooms, as Regina tries to spin the hat to no avail. He heard her talking to herself, "If I can't kill him then I will change Regina's memories of what happened tonight letting her think I killed her love. Sheriff of Nottingham | Occupation We won't stoop to her level. But do me a favor and let's not tell Regina I'm alive. While Harry still loved Regina, he could not help but feel disappointed in her choices but couldn't really be mad at her cause she was manipulated by both the Dark One and Cora. Season Five: "The Dark Swan" • "The Price" • "Siege Perilous" • "The Broken Kingdom" • "Dreamcatcher" • "The Bear and the Bow" • "Nimue" • "Birth" • "The Bear King" • "Broken Heart" • "Swan Song" • "Souls of the Departed" • "Labor of Love" • "Devil's Due" • "The Brothers Jones" • "Our Decay" • "Her Handsome Hero" • "Ruby Slippers" • "Sisters" • "Firebird" • "Last Rites" • "Only You" • "An Untold Story" But I know that Regina on the inside is still the kind and caring lady I fell in love with.". Right as she finished asking that the doors to the room opened and entered Emma and Mary Margret. It had been a month since Harry had arrived in the Enchanted Forest. He then smiled. Both series: Storybrooke • Maine • Enchanted Forest • Forbidden Fortress • Wonderland • Wonderland Maze • Agrabah • Sherwood Forest • The Sultan's Palace, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Vorpal Blade The Wraith, or Qui Shen (Chinese: 魁陈, Kuí Chén ), is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. This aspect was completely absent from the books, where they were merely gliding over the ground. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Snow asks if she killed it but Regina tells her that she hasn't, as you cannot kill what's already dead, her suggestion to get rid of it is to send it to a place that it cannot hurt anyone. While battling the three strangers, Prince Phillip grabs the medallion around the Wraith's neck and unintentionally marks himself as the next victim. Dementors feed on human happiness and thus generate feelings of depression and despair in any person in close proximity to them. They succeed, but Emma and Mary Margaret are pulled into the portal, with the wraith, to the Enchanted Forest. Emma then grabbed Regina's arm and unknown to everyone except Harry and Regina magic flowed from Emma through Regina and into the hat. On the other hand, Albus Dumbledore described Dementors as vicious creatures and that they won't ever differentiate between those they chase after and those that stand in their way. The medallion is later given to Aurora by Mulan. The voice belonged to a man that was 6'3 with raven black hair with blood red tips. Harry explained. When Emma drinks a potion which restores her memories of Storybrooke, the Wraith is one of the memories. Inside there was a mannequin which held his battle robes. He had long ago memorized her smell to where he would never forget it. Dementor from Harry Potter Totally Looks Like Wraith from Once upon a time - Stuff That Looks Like Other Stuff Emma, David, Mary Margaret, and Henry had just entered the sheriff's station where Regina/Evil Queen was being held. During the next Quidditch match Harry competed in, four Slytherins, Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, and Marcus Flint, disguised themselves as Dementors to distract Harry. After seeing the Dementor he thought it might be a good idea to dress for battle. I'll have to talk to Gold about getting mother's spell book to relearn everything again. Walking up to him she smiled down at him cruelly and kicked him hard in the head knocking him out. In Storybrooke, the Dark Curse has been broken, and Belle has told Mr. Gold that she had been held in the asylum for 28 years by Regina. Interestingly despite being considered natural allies to dark wizards, the Dementors did not side with the Death Eaters in the First Wizarding War nor did Voldemort appear to try and recruit them. The Sluagh come in from the west like a flock of birds and try to find a house where a person is dying. The following languages are the same as the original: Avery (II) | Alecto Carrow | Amycus Carrow | Crabbe | Barty Crouch Jr. (deceased) | Antonin Dolohov | Gibbon (deceased) | Goyle | Jugson | Barnaby Lee's father | Barnaby Lee's mother | Bellatrix Lestrange (deceased) | Rabastan Lestrange | Rodolphus Lestrange | Walden Macnair | Mulciber (I) | Mulciber (II) | Nott | Pyrites (possibly) | Augustus Rookwood | Rosier | Evan Rosier (deceased) | Thorfinn Rowle | Selwyn | Merula Snyde's father | Merula Snyde's mother | Travers | Wilkes (deceased) | Corban Yaxley | Unidentified Death Eaters, Regulus Black (deceased) | Igor Karkaroff (deceased) | Draco Malfoy | Lucius Malfoy | Peter Pettigrew (deceased) | Severus Snape (deceased), Borgin | Vincent Crabbe | John Dawlish | Delphini | Golgomath | Gregory Goyle | Fenrir Greyback | Mafalda Hopkirk | Narcissa Malfoy (defected) | Nagini | Mr Padget | Mrs Padgett | Pansy Parkinson | Quirinus Quirrell | Albert Runcorn | Scabior | Serpent of Slytherin | Pius Thicknesse (Imperiused) | Dolores Umbridge |, British Ministry of Magic (under Voldemort's control) | Daily Prophet (Under Voldemort's control) | Dementors | Draco Malfoy's gang | Tom Riddle's gang | Gang of Slytherins | Giants (Golgomath's control) | Inferius | Muggle-Born Registration Commission | Theodore Nott (possibly) | Snatchers | Werewolf army, Abandoned nuclear power plant | Borgin and Burkes | British Ministry of Magic Headquarters (under Voldemort's control) | The Cave | Chamber of Secrets | Forbidden Forest | Gaunt Shack | Lee family house | Lestrange Vault | Little Hangleton graveyard | Malfoy Manor | Riddle House | The Ruins | Spinner's End, The Harry Potter Wiki has 109 images related to, *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Season Three: "The Heart of the Truest Believer" • "Lost Girl" • "Quite a Common Fairy" • "Nasty Habits" • "Good Form" • "Ariel" • "Dark Hollow" • "Think Lovely Thoughts" • "Save Henry" • "The New Neverland" • "Going Home" • "New York City Serenade" • "Witch Hunt" • "The Tower" • "Quiet Minds" • "It's Not Easy Being Green" • "The Jolly Roger" • "Bleeding Through" • "A Curious Thing" • "Kansas" • "Snow Drifts" • "There's No Place Like Home" Duke of Weselton | Stealing souls Enemies ", "I don't believe you." Bo Peep | Harvest souls As this was happening the man's body was now fully regrown. Moreover, they reportedly have no soul of their own (though it could be argued that "soulless" is merely figurative in this instance).

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