oatmeal pancakes no flour

It has been in the works for ages, and by ages I mean years, which is a long time in the blog world. Thanks, Liz! That seems like so much! These Banana Oatmeal Pancakes are an easy gluten-free recipe, calling for just 7 ingredients! If you try this recipe, please leave a comment below letting me know how it turns out for you! Why use oatmeal in pancakes? I didn’t put any syrup or butter on top on mine and immensely enjoyed the taste of the pancakes alone. And adjusted the recipe to suit 5 apples. Blended for a while, then a little longer just to be sure. Storage suggestions: These will keep well, covered and refrigerated, for several days. 3. Hi Haley, I’m sorry it didn’t turn out for you! My son hates banana but even he loved them! Sorry Stephanie, I’ve never frozen pancakes, so I’m not sure. I love your simple style recipes, as I’m sure many others do too. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes. My son adores these! I can’t be mixing and soaking all day people! I just came across your Apple Oatmeal Pancake recipe today and I’m very anxious to try it. Fluffy and filling. Neat, clean, efficient and fairly fast. Thanks :). Next time I will try getting the oats to a flour texture first, then adding other ingredients. Thanks! They really come out fluffy, and so good. Thank you for the recipe! I’ve been wanting pancakes lately but my baby always wants to eat what I eat and I’m not ready to give her anything with flour or white sugar yet, these are perfect! Please do not put me on your email list. Learn how your comment data is processed. Can a chia egg be replaced for the egg? Otherwise made them as described and they worked well. We’ve made them with coconut oil as well as olive oil and haven’t yet bothered with the grated apple because lazy. These healthy pancakes are made with only 7 ingredients! I’m sorry these weren’t perfect for you. Thank you for sharing what you did, Alicia! Your recipe will now be the only one I use! The taste was good but mine didn’t rise like yours in the video. Thank you! I made these twice – once successfully using regular oatmeal, and once very unsuccessfully when I tried using gluten free oats. You may just need to leave them a little longer next time. Good thing I read up on all the reviews first and did not use quick cooking oats as I’m not particularly fond of rolled oats. I’ve never tried freezing the batter and then thawing it to cook. Any thoughts? These were lovely. My kids and I are both big fans. I took an awfully long time to gather the courage to write this cookbook proposal (my second proposal, long story). Spoons fly, food spills, and ultimately, someone cries or yells or both. ), Free of sweeteners; c’mon, you can top them with maple syrup if you want, why add extra. Will defiantly us if often! Delicious! Thank you so much! Also didn’t look like the picture either. I’m happy you liked these, they’re a favorite around here! Hey Alena, the oil/butter in the ingredients goes into the blender with the other ingredients. I’m being very careful to use accessible ingredients and have been testing the recipes over and over again to make sure they’re perfect. Tried cast iron too. These were yummy, except for the fact that I added baking soda instead of baking powder… oops! . You may need to adjust the heat up or down at this point to avoid burning the outsides before the insides are cooked. its now 230 and stomach is growling lol.. Thank you so much for letting me know. If I made extra do you think I could let them cool and freeze them? My favorite pancake recipe yet, and I’ve been trying a lot of them! Oh my ! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. a gorgeous gluten-free pancake right here. Very moist pancakes! Hi is it 63 calories for 1 pancake or for 12 serving? I would definitely make again. The blueberry muffins alone! Wow these are delicious! More about Cookie and Kate », Follow us! I am going camping and would like to freeze smaller portions for myself. Aw, thanks so much Mary Ellen! I love using my Homemade Coconut Milk in these. The gluten free oats should just be certified no gluten contamination, but the oats should still be the same. Wonderful! Tried this recipe but didn’t have an apple so I reduced the baking soda and salt. Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe! I have been on a journey for several years to be vegetarian. I had mine with almond butter and berry preserves. I’m not really sure which maple syrup to get. Thank you for sharing this recipe! Thanks for sharing this recipe! Can I substitute honey for the maple syrup? Serve warm, with fresh fruit and maple syrup, if desired. They are amazing! The flavor was good though. and by lunch time I was not hungry at all. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Overnight Oats, 5-Ingredient No-Roll Pie Crust (GF, Nut-Free), 5-Ingredient Quinoa Pizza Crust (Vegan, Gluten-Free), Sauteed Cabbage (A Recipe for Cabbage Haters! I tried the apple juice chicken recipe and it was very good. I think they would last up to a week in the fridge in an airtight container, or you could probably freeze them for at least 3 months as long as you keep them tightly sealed. Sometimes I leave out the shredded apple and it actually is a little easier to work with. I used Autumn Glory apples, they have a very sweet caramel taste so the pancakes taste like apple pie! The pancakes would not cook through no matter how long I left them on the griddle. Oats are naturally gluten free, but some become contaminated during processing with wheat ingredients. Thanks for sharing, Ash! Is it alright if use quick oats and can I exclude the 1/2 c up of oats? Food combining is just a “tool” that I use when I want to feel my best, but with my history of disordered eating, I don’t follow any strict guidelines. Thank you Megan for another delicious breakfast option! I have never eaten such yummy pancakes! That’s just the baking powder and salt, both of which are out of focus so they sort of look like liquid! I tried it this morning, and they were not only simple to prepare, but absolutely delicious.Fluffy, and very flavorful. You can be sure I will explore your othe recipes. I think I like it better than regular pancakes. The apple oatmeal pancake recipe is great! These pancakes are already a little finicky and egg provides their structure, so I’m afraid you would not have good results with flax eggs or the like. Leave a comment below and share a picture on. Love how it was so easy to throw together in one “bowl” and it incorporated oats. On my waffle maker I cooked for 5 min. Made exactly as directed without grated apple. I cook fresh, vegetarian recipes. I’m glad the texture didn’t throw you off too much. Oats have a very calming effect on him, so that fact, coupled with my recent effort to perfect the oatmeal pancake has led to this recipe! I would just love a stack of these pancakes! Big thank you to my awesome agent, Steve Troha, for believing in me and helping me land a deal with Rodale. Job well done!!!! I have a Vitamix and they turning out wonderfully! I used less vanilla since I was almost out, but simply unbelievable there is no sugar or white flour. Is that milk? Hooray!! This recipe is a hit! I didn’t have baking powder but substituted with baking soda/vinegar and it worked really well! I made silver dollar sized pancakes which was perfect for my daughter. Great! WW SmartPoints: 2. I threw in chocolate chips, obviously. , That’s awesome Celina, I’m so happy you enjoyed them! Cover the surface with coconut oil or butter. The flavor was good, but the texture was to mushy and I didn’t know what I did wrong:( they took so long to cook and they still didn’t cook through. Especially because they were soooooo easy to make! The boy are 5!!! Yesterday I accidentally forgot to add melted butter and it was still great. All my boys liked them. Let me know if you end up trying that! I appreciate it. (Be patient, these pancakes need to cook a little lower and slower than most.). Please help! I cannot handle any more of them and have thousands to delete as it is. They are healthy, fluffy, and delicious. They take just minutes to whip up, and are amazingly fluffy! I followed all of the steps. Delicious! I love the flavor so much we didn’t even serve them with maple syrup– just a little fresh fruit on top! I am so glad I can add this to our breakfast rotation. Your version sounds delicious. A few thoughts re: consistency to make them a little less “gooey” (though these will always be moister than a wheat flour based pancake), from having made these a few times: Made it this morning and this is definitely my favorite pancake recipe! ❤️❤️. These tastes so good! Do you have any suggestion to make it fluffy? It’s a statement that conveys my bursting-at-the-seams enthusiasm for real, wholesome food, the kind that both delights the senses and nourishes the body. I felt like I could taste the baking powder in every bite. I appreciate your review, Amy. I didn’t have apple so i just used extra banana. Made it for our breakfast. Thank you for a great recipe that I can feel great about feeding my kids (and myself)! I will for sure be saving this recipe. I so look forward to the days of understanding and kindness among all. Mine were pretty dense. I might suggest that people consider using much less apple, maybe that would help. So yummy! I made these tonight & they were delicious! I also doubled the recipe; the batter was a little thick, so I added water to thin it out. Very nice. Do u think the batter could be frozen? Made them exactly as listed with the exception of the maple syrup. I thought I’d give them a try after making the banana oat pancakes, which were also super yummy. In the meantime, heat a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. My blender has a big pitcher that’s a pain in the butt to clean, so between that and reading others’ comments and the warning about difficulty with the batter I decided to buzz up my oats into oat flour in my little food processor and then made the batter in a bowl the usual way, which turned out really well. The middles are slightly doughy but the texture of the grated apple offsets that. But unfortunately the breakfast review I received was “like eating mush”.

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