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EDWARD TAYLOR. Language of transaction is used because he feels incomplete. CIE Literature is all about providing you with comprehensive and comprehensible analysis of all the poems that you will face as a secondary school English Literature … This series contains poetry and prose anthologies composed of writers from across the English-speaking world. O – 20th century poet with many lovers. Songs of Ourselves Vol. Attached are 15 one-page essays on all of the poems in the anthology: For the sake of brevity and clarity, references have not been used. From Songs of Ourselves Volume 2, Part 1, the following 15 poems: ... Will created Poem Analysis back in 2015 and has a team of the best poetry experts helping him analyse poems from the past and present. Can be used as the evidence and explanation in PEEL paragraphs. I hope they are useful for teachers and students alike, although all could be improved with supplementary resources and ideas. Rhyme scheme effect – each stanza has 1 reason to avoid love, last one is a conclusion. Stories of Ourselves. Poetry Study Notes Songs of Ourselves, Volume 2, Part 2: Poetry Study Notes, Songs of Ourselves, Part 2: CIE IGCSE 0486 This helps … PART 2. Sons, Departing (John Cassidy) Part 2 – Birds, Beasts and the Weather 36. 2. A guide to the collection of 15 poems from Songs of Ourselves Volume 1, Part 3 set by CIE for IGCSE examination in 2020 and 2021. Categories & Ages. Songs of Ourselves...for Poems. Analysis - Not Waving but Drowning. 32. Our Revision Notes features in-depth revision on all 15 poems in this anthology. Tone – What the poet was trying to get across, emotionally. About this resource. September 10, 2019 at 11:15 am. In Praise of Creation . As well as my class notes, these really offer a different perspective and in depth analysis of the poems which develop my essays. She uses a lot of imagery and is proud of Singapore’s heritage, M – The struggles faced by Singapore and how it grew to it’s current state of strength and power shown through use of an apostrophe, P – To show how powerful Singapore is despite it’s small size, L – apostrophe, tropes, direct address, personification, metaphor, run-on lines, enjambment, alliteration, anthropomorphism, symbols, metonymy, repetition and allusion, I – synesthesia of visual + tactile and auditory, S – free verse form, uses run-on lines and enjambments to have a varying pace like Singapore’s growth, 8 sestets and 2 tercets, 1 couplet, T – Origin of Singapore, Adaptation and heritage. This one is different because the others are sonnets but it’s similar in the way that the tone is didactic (advising people to do something). A critical analysis of the selected poems for the IGCSE Examinations. 4 1 customer reviews. Ode on Melancholy by John Keats-Analysis. Wilfred Owen 'The Send Off' and Vera Brittain 'Perhaps. Songs of Ourselves 2: Cambridge International Examinations Anthology of Poetry in English is a brand new selection which follows on from the very successful Songs of Ourselves. You can include some of these in the introduction paragraph and some of these in a PEEL paragraph. Paperback. 42. 1, Part 3 - Mock Exam Questions + Assessments + ANSWERS - ALL POEMS. Create a free website or blog at Poetry Study Notes Songs of Ourselves, Volume 2, Part 2: Poetry Study Notes, Songs of Ourselves, Part 2: CIE IGCSE 0486, 0477 and 0475 2019-2021.

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