nico mannion wingspan

Ricky Rubio, the incumbent point guard, is not why they struggle to stay in front of opposing players. Very comfortable in the PnR. Something that he has really done a great job this year is attacking baseline and when the defense helps, he dumps it off to bigs under the basket for easy layups. There are two things to consider when projecting to the next level – dealing with NBA spacing could help him attacking more often but going up against bigger and better athletes may make it a little harder considering his size/frame. Nico Mannion. Very advanced shotmaking off the dribble for his age. But Mannion is as driven and competitive as anyone in the draft. Doesn’t try to deny the use of screens often and could put a little more effort into defending PnRs. If another ball handler is on the floor, he can be used off-the-ball for catch and shoot and movement shooting opportunities. Can shoot off-the-dribble and can shot off-movement, such as running around screens. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. Every now and then, he will get caught on his heels but not too much of a problem. Not really a concern, but just something to note. Shooting: Really good shooter with good, consistent form. Shot Versatility (Movement Shooting / Off-The-Dribble): Offers good shot versatility. Makes quick reads in the halfcourt. Could potentially try and “hide” him against some offenses where he can use his smart defensive positioning and allow him to read the passing lanes, but lack of length affects his ability to contest some shots and even deflect some passes. Would definitely help on the defensive end and with attacking the basket. He’s very confident in his shot and does a great job at getting into his shot quickly. Defensively, this will obviously hurt him. And while he didn’t shoot to his ability and Arizona wasn’t quite as dominant as some had projected them to be. His C&S numbers are below and considering that just over 94% of his jump shots are from at least 17 feet, his percentages are impressive. Struggles to finish in the paint and against length. It’s actually a half-inch shorter than his 6-3 frame. Uses his handles mostly to get into his quick gather for a shot off-the-dribble instead of using them to get into the paint, Login to add posts to your read later list. Off Ball / Team Defense: Has the IQ to be a positive team defender but the length (or lack thereof) might hinder him on that end. A decent amount of these lead to drawing charges also. Mannion will be targeted by opposing NBA offenses on day one until he proves he’s a good defender. Niccolò "Nico" Mannion (born March 14, 2001) is an Italian basketball player. Decent athlete although doesn’t consistently show his jumping ability often. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Standing 6-foot-3 with a developed 190-pound frame that has come a long way in recent years and a 6-foot-2.5 wingspan, Mannion has average size for … Mannion averaged 1.5 steals per game in college, his penchant for playing the passing lanes is underrated. Can push the ball and make the right decision or fill the wings and spot up for 3, Quick, light feet on the perimeter (although occasionally gets caught on heels). Doesn’t lose his man often but sometimes sags off just a bit too much. Shot Contests / Closeouts:  Mixed results with closeouts. Can stop on a dime and quickly pull up before allowing the defense to get a hand up to contest. Good catch and shoot player and can also shoot 3s off movement. Can get his own shot and shows promise as an outside shooter (although he struggled a bit at Arizona hitting only 32.7% from downtown). Hasn’t been the most impactful team defender so far (been closer to average) but does a lot of the little things like stunting, digging, tagging/helping on the roll man, and positions himself well (although can improve consistency with positioning).

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