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And while he didn’t shoot to his ability and Arizona wasn’t quite as dominant as some had projected them to be. NBA Draft: Should the Phoenix Suns sell or use the #10 pick? If another ball handler is on the floor, he can be used off-the-ball for catch and shoot and movement shooting opportunities. Ability to play on and off the ball. Nico Mannion. Ability to Get into the Lane / Finishing: Really impressive touch, especially on floaters. He’s not the most aggressive when it comes to attacking the basket and getting into the paint although he has been a little more aggressive recently compared to earlier in the year. Nico Mannion. He does a decent job at drawing fouls in his limited drives to the rim. If that can become a consistent part of his game, his threat off the ball is going to be that much bigger and he will provide even more shooting gravity. His shooting off-the-dribble is very impressive for someone his age. There are two things to consider when projecting to the next level – dealing with NBA spacing could help him attacking more often but going up against bigger and better athletes may make it a little harder considering his size/frame. Your privacy is safe with us. Sometimes closes out a bit too hard, which gets him beat and allows matchup to get into the paint. On the other hand, he has times where he has a really good closeout and can slide his feet to stop the drive to force up a bad shot. Off Ball / Team Defense: Has the IQ to be a positive team defender but the length (or lack thereof) might hinder him on that end. Unfortunately, Nico Mannion has no control over his wingspan. Doesn’t lose his man often but sometimes sags off just a bit too much. If he can do this, his lack of wingspan will not be a concern. Decent athlete although doesn’t consistently show his jumping ability often. Who knows? Sees the play before it happens and is great at finding teammates with perfect passes. Niccolò "Nico" Mannion (born March 14, 2001) is an Italian basketball player. Mannion will be targeted by opposing NBA offenses on day one until he proves he’s a good defender. Defensive Role: Limited defensive versatility due to size and length, but can be an average PoA defender if he adds strength. Defensively, this will obviously hurt him. There are times where he gets caught on screens where he should be able to get over, but has also shown good technique on other occasions. Given his father's size, it will be interesting to see how Mannion's frame matures in the coming years. late first to mid second round pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, 5-Star Corner: Patrick Baldwin Jr. Interview, The Elite 25 – The Top 25 Prospects in High School Basketball, 2020 NBA Draft Big Board, Early November Edition, The Most Underrated Incoming Freshman Who Will Make NBA scouts Take Notice. He knows how to fade to the corner, get his feet set quickly, and get off an open shot. A decent amount of these lead to drawing charges also. Hasn’t been the most impactful team defender so far (been closer to average) but does a lot of the little things like stunting, digging, tagging/helping on the roll man, and positions himself well (although can improve consistency with positioning). Every now and then, he will get caught on his heels but not too much of a problem. It’s actually a half-inch shorter than his 6-3 frame. Can get his own shot and shows promise as an outside shooter (although he struggled a bit at Arizona hitting only 32.7% from downtown). Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on Phoenix Suns and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. 21.5% of his shot attempts are floaters compared to only 8.7% being around the basket. He’ll have to make up for his lack of length and top-flight speed with his defensive acumen. Mannion averaged 1.5 steals per game in college, his penchant for playing the passing lanes is underrated. Knows how to position himself and can jump passing lanes, but once again, lack of length hurts. Ability to play on and off the ball. Can stop on a dime and quickly pull up before allowing the defense to get a hand up to contest. His C&S numbers are below and considering that just over 94% of his jump shots are from at least 17 feet, his percentages are impressive. A consummate point guard who makes great decisions with the ball, can handle against pressure and know when to look to score. He has to increase his leg and core strength in order to defend bigger players. Struggles to finish in the paint and against length. It will be important to add strength to consistently match up against the stronger guards. PnR Defense: Arizona has used several different PnR coverages this year but it has mainly been hedging, trapping and switching. Report as of February 3, 2020. Can he become a plus defender in the NBA? He has had a couple of shots where he is coming straight off a screen and goes straight up into his shot, turning midair. His C&S / spot-up shooting is a very easy thing to project to the next level because of his good form, solid shooting numbers, free throw success, and amazing touch. Does a really nice job at using hang dribbles/crosses to set up his shot, which usually sets up incoming screen also. Loves being put into the PnR. Shooting: Really good shooter with good, consistent form. POSITION: PG: FROM: Arizona: HT: 6-3: WT: 180: BORN: 3/14/01: YEAR: Fr. Good catch and shoot player and can also shoot 3s off movement. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. His footwork on/after his closeouts is a bit inconsistent and can get sloppy at times, but when he’s locked in, he does a great job there as well. He does a great job at stopping on a dime and pulling up before a defender can get a hand up to contest. He has to use every last bit of his defensive acumen to keep opposing point guards out of the lane. Especially because head coach Monty Williams has always been defensive-minded in his approach. Not an ideal frame but can still add some strength and fill out a bit. Very advanced shotmaking off the dribble for his age. The 4 best players the Phoenix Suns have selected at #10. He’s very confident in his shot and does a great job at getting into his shot quickly. Teams will target him in pick-and-roll situations. Phoenix Suns free agency: Best wing targets for 2020 offseason, Phoenix Suns: Dario Saric should be brought back this offseason, Ranking the Phoenix Suns best top-5 picks, Top 10 highest individual scoring games in team history, ranking 20th in how often opposing offenses would shoot within 6 feet, J.R. Smith, Olivia Harlan Dekker Clash About Sam Dekker's Alleged Trump Support, Phoenix Suns: Potential trades with (almost) every NBA team. There is definitely room for improvement though, mostly based on his aggression. Really does a nice job at beating his man to the spot, which forces a pass out. Smart and quick passer in transition. Uses his handles mostly to get into his quick gather for a shot off-the-dribble instead of using them to get into the paint. Will take a bad, questionable shot here and there, but that could be because of what is asked of him on offense and Arizona’s roster construction. WING: 6-2 1/2: REACH: NA: Draft Notes . Notes: Measured 6’3, with a 6’2.5 wingspan and 8’1.5 standing reach before attending Arizona …Father Pace Mannion, native of Salt Lake City, UT was a professional player, 6’7 shooting guard, in the NBA and Europe (43rd pick in 1983, Golden State Warriors) … His Mother is … Not everyone can have Inspector Gadget arms like Mikal Bridges. Offensive Role: Primary guard who can run the offense well and create shots for himself and others. Passing: Impressive passer. Doesn’t have elite quickness to consistently blow by people but does a good job at accelerating from a standstill. Reads the defense well when running around screens (knows when to curl, fade, come straight off, etc), Started the year off barely attacking the basket and relied on floaters a lot but has looked to attacking a little more often recently. Doesn’t try to to deny use of pick and rolls and Arizona has been hedging, trapping, switching a lot of ball screens this year where he isn’t asked to fight over the screen. Zach Milner, 9 months ago 0 10 min read . The Suns have a way to go in keeping teams out of the lane, ranking 20th in how often opposing offenses would shoot within 6 feet. As stated before, does a good job at beating man to spot if they drive off spot ups. He has a little bit of a hunched back throughout his shot but it doesn’t seem to affect him. Defensively, this will obviously hurt him. That may translate to the next level if Mannion can refine his help defense. Very comfortable in the PnR. Doesn’t try to deny the use of screens often and could put a little more effort into defending PnRs. But Mannion is as driven and competitive as anyone in the draft. Could add some strength to help also, Really comfortable passing in the pick and roll and loves dribbling baseline and dumping it off to his bigs, Isn’t the most explosive player – not bad though – in isolation, but does a great job at using change of pace, change of direction, and smart angles to get to the basket, Solid player in transition. When he’s looking to attack, he does a decent job at getting into the paint because of change of pace, change of direction, and smart use of angles. Because of this, Nico hasn’t been asked to fight over screens often and a lot of it relies on the bigs being able to contain and recover while Nico is getting there. Has exceeded expectations with his PoA defense in college, Lack of strength and length hurts his defensive versatility, Struggles to contest shots on spot ups because lack of length. Is LaMelo Ball worth the risk of a top 3 pick. His main defensive goal going into the season was to protect the paint. Shot Contests / Closeouts:  Mixed results with closeouts. As measured at the 2019 Nike Hoops Summit, he has a “negative wingspan,” meaning his wingspan is a … Has also shown the ability to jump the passing lanes (St Johns game) although this is something that can probably improve a little also. Combo guard. Doesn’t attack off the catch often and prefers it to be off-the-dribble. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. Ricky Rubio, the incumbent point guard, is not why they struggle to stay in front of opposing players. Not everyone can have Inspector Gadget arms like Mikal Bridges. Reading Screens: Does a good job at reading the defense while running off screens.

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