mooer ensemble king vs ce2

I’ve only seen the videos and it sounds pretty nice but I haven’t played it myself. If you like experimenting with modulation then the dual-phaser Phase 99 packs a lot of (tasty) phasing possibilities into its compact orange case. The CE2 is the one that David used and now that Boss has reissued it there’s no doubt that it will be the closest match. How is BBE Opto Stomp (compressor) compared to CS3 and Dynacomp. Hey Bjorn, I have a question. I, too, love the Boss RT-20. [The best Mem Man option is by far the TRex Replica. What do you suggest would go well with what I have? Is the newer CE-2 Waza much different to the older model. Which do you like first, The Compressor or the Phaser? The Bubble Tron is really cool. I’m looking for a different rotary sound then what I’m currently getting with my RT-20. The CS9 does have a brighter tone than the CE-2. This is a Tremolo that utilizes a photoelectric circuit which sounds just like one of the tremolos you would find in vintage tube amps. Hi Ara. If you have to choose one you might want to consider which tones you think is most important. Features The late 70s and early 80s Deluxe will do the job :) – Bjorn]. Ok, you seem to have figured it out. I got the Boss RT-20, and while it sounds AMAZING on cleans, it is far too dominant on heavier gain. Suits Most Standard knobs When it says RT20, it’s always placed in the chain, after the gain pedals. Do you think it’s a good pedal for Pink Floyd tones? It’s set to the early-mid 70’s “script” model sound which is not as accurate as the non-LED model. So which of these pedals would you get rid of and which ones would you buy at a reasonable price? You have the Mooer highly rated which is drawing my eye, just curious if you have any experience with it in comparison to those other two. You may notice a bit of a volume drop, but if you work with the color and find the sweet spot, the drop of won’t be as noticeable. You could go for a chorus, like the Boss CE5, which has some of that rotary sound but no, I haven’t really found anything similar. All different and with a Shape knob that goes from Square to Sine to Sawtooth waves! The Mooer Ensemble King Chorus pedal is a simple-to-use chorus that provides warm, clear chorus sound with a nice spacey feeling from its fully analog circuit. Thank you very much for anwsering. I love your work and I was just wondering what’s a good delay pedal for getting david’s tone? [All of the Deluxe models have a volume drop. Onboardcontrols let you a.. Main Features: Gilmour tones: Dark Side of the Moon – WYWH Thanks, keep up the great work! Would it stand in your tops list like the Red box comoressor ? How do you’d compare to the Boss CE-2? It also has stereo ins (as well as outs obviously) which is nice for feeding a chorus with its own dry blend to one side & a completely dry signal to the other into it. Very similar to the ’74 reissue. Priced just over $200.00, it’s a great tool for stage, or studio. Skreddy p19 Thanks ! Lol… Anyways the reason I bought it in the first place is to replicate that Comfortably Numb sound I’ve always loved. Honestly, It sounds awesome; I’d never though that could be a POD!! Hello Bjorn. – Bjorn]. I have tried one (boss flanger) before but only briefly and youtube videos aren’t much help. Adopt  most classical BBD chips. David used the Mistres during the Animals tour and it’s also sparsely used on his 78 solo album, Wall and Final Cut but that’s about it. If so what is your opinion on the pedal and what other pedals would you recommend ? Availability: PRE-ORDER Muff > booster > mistress > RT20 and you can’t go wrong :) – Bjorn]. I think that this pedal is simply perfect for breath. I’m using a “Nux Mod Core” while I can’t get all the modulation pedals I want. I have got it already. Finance available at checkout for orders £300+, {"id":"P+MOOMCH1","name":"Mooer Ensemble King Analogue Chorus Pedal","brand":"Mooer","category":"Electric Guitars/Guitar Pedals/Chorus Pedals","variant":"MOOMCH1","price":"47.50","quantity":"1","position":""}, {"category":"Electric Guitars/Guitar Pedals/Chorus Pedals","parentCategory":"Electric Guitars","lastItem":""}, Suggested site content and search history menu, Electric Guitar Bundles and Starter Packs, Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedals & D.I. Also Stereo out so I added one cable out into my second amp and Viola I have a Stereo Rig…It features three types of Tremolos an Optical, a Harmonic and a Bias. Oh well, one thing for it! Tried a couple of their pedals but not the chorus. – Bjorn]. Hey Bjorn! -Boss CE-2 Chorus (Japan) I put one on my board three years ago and it’s still on there. The Depths optical vibe and the Grand Orbiter phase shifter come to mind. But the Pedal is not a V3 Deluxe Electric Mistress Green : the pedal is normal grey with icehocky puck and main power input with internal transformer. It’s also much less noisy than the original. The current big box Deluxe, and I’ve tried a few, sounds considerably darker, more mids and low end and the flange sweep is not as wide. I mean like if the change of pedal had an effect on the feedback amount of the digital delay…using one pedal the repetitions blends one way and then with the other kinda different. David’s pedal was modified with a noise filter and on the last Rattle That Lock tour you can also spot a Lehle mixer next to it compensating for the volume loss. Second, what are your thoughts on the MXR Flanger? @Neil try these settings: color 10 o’clock, range 8 o’clock (a bit more than off), rate 9 o’clock. – Bjorn], Which one will be better option between MXR Dyna Comp (Block Logo, Red colour, not sure if it will be called block reissue but manufactured 4 years back) and Boss CS-3 (manufactured 4 years back). :D, [Hi Zac! It’s just the way those pedals were designed and the frequency they use. The default mode is great though – and you get that ramp up/down speed when you hit the speed knob, which is very nice. Tried it only briefly. My favourite rotary pedal is the Strymon Lex. – Bjorn], Hmmm Keith raises a good point… [Yep. Yes, they say MXR EVH has the same circuit of the script reissue with led…But I didn’t have a chance to compare them, so I can only say it sounds pretty good to me! It has a slight volume boost, a bit more mid range and just a hint of break up, which doesn’t work that well with cleans and mild overdrives. I haven’t experienced that the Small Stone distorts with the Colorsound but the Colorsound can bleed out a bit on lower amp volume, which is quite normal with silicon transistors. I’d place it after the gain pedals and before the delays. For anyone who buys an Electric Mistress, I would strongly suggest that they send it to Howard Davis to have it modded to non-Deluxe specs… He does an amazing job (as he should – he used to design circuits for EH, after all) and can add a few things like a non-volume drop mod and a mix knob. When I use the RT20 (or Stereo Chorus) for one channel only (in a two amp setting) as you described above, the stereo effect is lost, true? What about my Elady that I added thanks to you. Specifications: Do you think that the Deluxe Electric Mistress V5 (2000) is as good as a v4 (199X) ? You’re right. What differs is the ability to tweak the tones, make patches and presets and tailor your own tones and rig. I’ve just gotten a Svisound Optical Germanium Tremelo pedal from Mark, OMG It is a Steampunk Masterpiece, he is so talented! Well, im between a Mooer Eleclady, but I think that I may be able to buy a Deluxe Electric Mistress from ebay, of course the mooer is a lot cheaper than the Mistress, but would it be better to get the Mistress or would the mooer cover easily the EH? It’s got both Phase 90 and 45 modes. The Mooer Ensemble King Chorus pedal is a simple-to-use chorus that provides warm, clear chorus sound with a nice spacey feeling from its fully analog circuit. Hello Bjorn, I’m looking to buy a phaser to produce those classic WYWH Phase 90 tones. Anyway, my signal chain will be: Guitar –> Univibe –> Fuzz –> Booster –> Iron Bell –> Phaser –> (Volume Pedal) –> Delay. Do you mean to use both them to achieve PULSE tones? Vibrato Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar, with 8 Modulation Mod.. Can’t include every pedal :) – Bjorn]. Did you the opportunity to test both? Truly inspiring compact unit for phase aficianados. Corona Chorus is your go-to pedal for all your shimmering and warbly goodness. The Nano and the Neo are quite different pedals that the Small Clone (and not nearly as nice-sounding). A good tip is to use modulations with care. I’m not able to try one out. I’ll try that. [Obviously, these reviews are based on my very subjective opinion but I think the ElecLady sounds better than the Hartman. Hi Bjorn, I asked for advice on the web keeley and I have recommended Super Mod Workstation to have all the modulations. Hey Bjorn, Better sounding than what? By the mid and late 70s, companies like Electro Harmonix and Roland/Boss had also created the first flanger and chorus pedals.

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