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Unfortunately, volunteering in Thailand requires a work permit. If you are applying outside of Thailand, you may need four copies of every document. However, if you can, go to the Thai immigration center and ask them in person about the particulars of your situation. Thailand retirement visa is the popular term for "Non-Immigrant OA-Long Stay Visa". We are a married couple of 60+ years. The first way to get your Thailand Retirement Visa is to be able to prove that you earn enough money to live in Thailand. No requirement for yearly re-application required. I just turned 50 in March. You must be on this type of visa first before you can transition to a Thailand Retirement Visa. It dictates how long your stay in Thailand is valid. Insurers Response to the Coronavirus in Mexico, Retirement Visa Thailand: How to get a Thailand Retirement Visa, http://www.mfa.go.th/main/en/services/4908/15385-Non-Immigrant-Visa-%22O-A%22-(Long-Stay). Did you see this blog? ). Click here to get a quote for Worldwide coverage. You must have no criminal history in Thailand, the country of your citizenship, or the country of your residence; copies of a notarized Police Clearance issued within three months of your application. However, you may want to speak to your embassy in Thailand, seeing as how they will likely have more information as to the particulars of your situation. your “Extension of Stay” and your “Re-Entry Permit” are not the same document. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Paul and his team, not as a one stop to conduct your Business Other documents that may be required to be presented:*. https://www.thaiembassy.com/thailand/working-thailand.php. The certificate must include the name and address of the doctor. Can I apply for a Thai “retirement” visa at the Thai Embassy in Budapest, Hungary? Thank you Paul for getting us a family permit despite of our difficult application. You can not get a job in Thailand with this type of visa, nor can you volunteer for any organization. from the actual savings. We are so sorry to hear that you are inconvenienced by the changes. I receive my American social security income every month sent to a Hungarian bank account. Does anyone know or have experience getting a Thai retirement visa from the embassy in Washington DC . You might want to talk with an immigration lawyer or go to your local immigration office in Thailand. You should ask expat forums or Facebook groups. Assistance was given on my required Letter to UK immigration Department to alleviate Minimum Income for Retirement Visa Thailand forum. The requirements for obtaining a Thailand Retirement Visa are relatively straight forward. , I see the information in your document mentions “Free hold.” I have just purchased a villa under a 30 year “Lease hold.”. Paul provides an honest assessment and no false promises. Straight talking no BS approach and this guy gets results. *To see the current exchange rate, click here. However, you may want to read this thread first before you pick a bank and a type of account. Another brilliant job by Paul and his team, babies passport sorted and back in our hands in under 2 weeks, just amazing. This Re-Entry Permit is only valid while your Extension of Stay document is valid. If you are only looking to leave the country and re-enter the Kingdom of Thailand once, then you can get a Single Re-Entry Permit for 1,000 THB. You should speak to an immigration official for more information. Also does anyone have experience using a visa service that will take the application to the Thai embassy in Washington. 20150 I am about to apply this week and would like to know if it is exactly as stated on their website. Just received my wives visa with no problems at all and can’t wait till she arrives. The easiest way to achieve this is to hire an immigration service company, such as, An original Thai bank book and a letter from your Thai bank, Three 4cm x 5cm passport photos (sign the back of each photo), All copies of all relevant pages (signed at the bottom), Your passport must be valid for at least 18 months. What Paul doesn't know about Visa requirements isn't worth knowing. You must be on this type of visa first before you can transition to a Thailand Retirement Visa. Robert Royston - Cornick, Wasted time and money with 2 other visa consultants in Pattaya before I found paul at visa express. Applicant must not be prohibited from entering Thailand as per the requirements in Immigration Act B.E. (I Like this Honest approach) I would start my own thread and ask the people what they thought specifically about your question. Down to earth guy working hard and doing a top job, will continue to recommend to expats - Brilliant! We will update the article info if you can. Your Re-Entry Permit allows you to enter and, You can apply for your Re-Entry Permit either when you apply for your visa, or once you are living in Thailand. – To Obtain your Thailand Retirement Visa by Income – Combination of the Thai bank account and yearly income with the total of 800,000 THB. The first step is to obtain your non-immigrant O Type visa for Thailand. What about me? Contact our Pattaya visa office today so we can answer your questions regarding your pension income letter today via email or call 0801022328. Hi, just want to know if you own an apartment, will it reduce the 800 000 thb or help with the 65000 / month as you already have accommodation. THE Fee is lower than most, WITH NO hidden extras, but more importantly! We are very happy we choose your professional services. It is our understanding that you need to have at least money deposited in a Thai bank account. When it has expired, you will have had to either renew your Thailand Retirement Visa, or you will have needed to leave the country. Is a LEASE hold still valid for me to obtain a retirement visa? Paul undertook my request to conduct a UK Visitor Visa application for my Fiancee. Let us know what the embassy says after trying to get your visa. no need to pay for re-entry when you leave Thailand. A valid passport with at least one year before it expires (18 months is preferred), You must hold nationality or residence in the country where you are applying, Letter from Thai bank proving deposits of financial requirements, *You can enter the country on a 30-day visa exempt, or a 60-day tourist visa. That was worth a fortune. Your Extension of Stay is the primary document.

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