mg per kg dosage calculator

9. Calculate the dose of Captopril based on Tom's weight: Calculating Dose Based on Weight  ( 02080050 ), "Usual adult and children doses are given. USP/DI, Facts and Comparison and Package Inserts). Type D calculations Privacy Policy. The latter two methods, based on the patient's body size (weight or body surface area), are often used for pediatric doses, but they are useful for adult doses for certain drugs. Since this prescription calls for 2 puffs four times a day, this patient will be using 8 inhalations per day. The product insert states that each Albuterol canister contains ˜ 200 inhalations. DO NOT give ibuprofen to children under 6 months of age. Then we will calculate doses for Tom based on the age and weight rules for pediatric dosing. As a reference point, we will first calculate Tom's dose based on the usual pediatric mg/kg dose given in the USP/DI. Use the, Using the ibuprofen calculator: an example, the maximum daily limit, regardless of the weight. NOTE:  The technician should use CAUTION when doses are expressed in the second way as it has been misread as 6 mg/dose to be given in 3 doses/day - 3 times a day is the intended dose! USP/DI said 1.17 - 6 mg per square meter of body surface TID - QID, Calculation of dose:  Calculating Dose ( 02080030 ). Using the references above, let’s solve some problems. Use table below for ibuprofen infant drops or infant oral suspension (liquid). This is not always the case. Name and concentration of drug with frequency of administration, Example:  Hydrocortisone cream 2.5% apply BID, Name of drug and quantity of drug per kilogram of body weight with frequency of administration, Example:  Haloperidol 10 mcg per kg three times a day or, Haloperidol 30 mcg per kg per day in 3 divided doses, NOTE:  Again, use great CAUTION with this equivalent expression as it has been misread. The patient weighs 130 pounds. If the child requires a liquid product, Cefaclor is available in a reconstitutable suspension which has a concentration of 250 mg/5 ml. It will tell you how much solution of a known concentration or a tablet you need and what dose is not safe to exceed. BENLYSTA is administered as an intravenous infusion and must be reconstituted and diluted prior to administration. It gives a dose that is nearly 20 times the correct dose for an infant. How many mL will you administer per dose? The nurse needs to calculate the mL/h for the infusion pump. Cephalexin 500 mg capsules        Give i cap BID for 10 days. Give for ten days. 10 mg/m2 BSA. A dose is the quantity of drug taken or given. "2 . Albuterol Inhaler 17 g  Use two puffs QID. Doses are expressed using one of the following formats: Quantity of drug, e.g. Body Surface Area (BSA) is based on Jill's weight and height and is read from a nomogram (nomograms for adults and children are included). Tom is a 5 y. o. male patient who weighs 46 pounds.

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