metal gear solid 4 weapons

One magazine is added to the stock every time a weapon's magazine is fully depleted; regardless of the weapon, it will always be shown as this type when thrown. Lock-on distance goes up to 21 meters with laser sight. The FN P90 is the primary weapon of Liquid Ocelot's FROG commando unit and is also used by Laughing Octopus in-game; since the FROGs are a common enemy in the game, ammunition is fairly plentiful. PMC hybrid helicopters based on the Boeing X-50 Dragonfly aircraft / helicopter concept are armed with a chin-mounted M230 Chain Gun. Bolt-action (R2 cancels animation for quicker fire). It is also used in the Raven Sword PMC commercial in the introduction, and is seen in the holsters of Meryl's Rat Patrol soldiers and Raiden. After the game is completed, it is also able to fire fictional "Emotion" darts which induce one of the game's four psychological states (Cry, Laugh, Rage and Scream) in the target before knocking them out. As per series norms, the Stinger is incorrectly shown as a strange all-purpose missile, able to lock on to aircraft, ground vehicles, and even infantry with its iron sight somehow functioning as a digital display, and the missile is shown seeking straight out of the tube rather than flying in a straight line for 660 feet as with the real weapon. Shoot Screaming Mantis' Mantis doll enough times. The M67 hand grenade is used by most enemies in the game and can be used by the player; it is also part of the armament of the "Gekko" bipedal IFVs, which can throw grenades using their manipulator tentacles. When a player can make kills using just a GSR (free), VZ.83 (free), Grenades (free), and a Stun Knife (free), there's little point in spending money on more expensive equipment. A Japanese clone of a Portugese muzzleloading matchlock arquebus design, the Tanegashima is basically a joke weapon that can only be reloaded while standing, taking a lot of time to do so for only moderate damage and accuracy; costing one million Drebin Points, it's a very expensive joke at that. This weapon is available in multiplayer. The SIG-Sauer GSR is the standard sidearm for all four of the game's Private Military Companies, and is also used by the small "Dwarf Gekko" drones. It can be found by the player in a secluded area in Act 2, but cannot be purchased from Drebin. Third, when Meryl draws her long-barrelled Desert Eagle there are moments in the game when it is still visible within her thigh holster. Alternatively, you can view the stats of a weapon in Story Mode. Lock-on distance goes up to 37.5 with laser sight. It may even throw off your fighting style. The fictional handheld railgun used by Fortune in MGS2 returns in Metal Gear Solid 4 attached to the quadrupedal armour of B&B Corps member Crying Wolf; the weapon is mounted to the "Beast" armour's shoulder, and can only be used when the cockpit is open. While the latter is claimed to be 30mm by the game, Metal Gear Rex has not changed size since Otacon called them "Vulcan cannons" in MGS1 and the weapons are not large enough to be GAU-8s. Metal Gear Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The one in white is armed with a long-barrelled "Artillery Model" Luger P08. Lock-on distance goes up to 24 meters with laser sight. All shotguns in this game can use 00 buckshot, shotgun slugs, or non-lethal "vortex ring" ammunition. If Drebin mode is turned on, some additional weapons are made available for purchase once you've racked up enough Drebin Points (or money) to buy it from your starting base, or your next spawn in.

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