medical application of microwave

290 57 Microwaves are the principal carriers of high-speed data transmissions between stations on Earth and also between ground-based stations and satellites and space probes. Two branches of development may be noted—namely, photothermal and photovoltaic technologies. 0000005365 00000 n Glass fibres constitute an effective means of guiding and transmitting light. 0000005591 00000 n In most cases, this reduces the cooking time a hundredfold. Medical Applications of Microwave Imaging 0000005934 00000 n 0000003076 00000 n Visible light is the most familiar form of electromagnetic radiation and makes up that portion of the spectrum to which the eye is sensitive. These in turn are determined by the atomic weight and molecular bonding forces. 0000013700 00000 n In photothermal devices, sunlight is used to heat a substance, as, for example, water, to produce steam with which to drive a generator. Solid-state technology has yielded several devices capable of producing, amplifying, detecting, and controlling microwaves. 0000006588 00000 n Notable among these are the Gunn diode and the tunnel (or Esaki) diode. h�b``�b``�g`c`X�� Ȁ �@1v�5�� <<3C02FBDBBACD3442A87B26FDFAC32F2F>]/Prev 225419/XRefStm 1912>> 'h;g��-4�vN�2�]3�w����W ��y��/];��)��t��*yC���u��T7��G7A Another advantage of optical fibre communication systems is that transmissions cannot easily be intercepted and are not disturbed by lower atmospheric and stratospheric disturbances. The lens of the human eye is particularly affected by waves with a frequency of 3000 MHz, and repeated and extended exposure can result in cataracts. Solar panels consisting of photovoltaic devices made of gallium arsenide have conversion efficiencies of more than 20 percent and are used to provide electric power in many satellites and space probes. LEDs are small inexpensive optoelectronic devices made of such semiconducting materials as gallium arsenide. Some familiar commercial products are optoelectronic copying machines, laser printers, compact disc players, optical recording media, and optical disc mass-storage systems of exceedingly high bit density. Applications of Microwaves in the field of Power; A microwave passes (non-ionizing) microwave radiation (at a frequency near 2.45 GHz) through food, causing dielectric heating by absorption of energy in the water, fats and sugar contained in the food. 0000000016 00000 n 0000134281 00000 n The remarkable transparency of water centred in the narrow regime of visible light, indicated by vertical dashed lines in Figure 3, is the result of the characteristic distribution of internal energy states of water. Absorption is strong toward the infrared on account of molecular vibrations and intermolecular oscillations. 0000016478 00000 n Another type of device, the maser (acronym for “microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”) has proved useful in such areas as radio astronomy, microwave radiometry, and long-distance communications. The corresponding wavelengths extend from 7 × 10−5 cm (red) to 4 × 10−5 cm (violet). 0000001464 00000 n Infrared radiation is strongly absorbed by water, as shown in Figure 3, and by the atmosphere. There are also some other applications of heating property of microwave such as Drying, Precooking and Moisture Leveling. Nearly 50 percent of the Sun’s radiant energy is emitted in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, with the rest primarily in the visible region. Solar cells have replaced dry-cell batteries in some portable electronic instruments, and solar energy power stations of more than 500 megawatts capacity have been built. Life on Earth could not exist without visible light, which represents the peak of the Sun’s spectrum and close to one-half of all of its radiant energy. A beam of light is confined by total internal reflection to travel inside such an optical fibre, whose thickness may be anywhere between one hundredth of a millimetre and a few millimetres. 0000134669 00000 n 0000007197 00000 n Medical Applications of Microwave Imaging [Larsen, Lawrence E., Jacobi, John H.] on This is one million times larger than the energy of a photon of a television wave and one billion times larger than that of radio waves in general (see Figure 1). h�bbRe`b``Ń3� ���� ��C Microwaves can penetrate clouds of smoke but are scattered by water droplets, so they are used for mapping meteorologic disturbances and in weather forecasting. Moreover, by making use of the change in frequency of the reflected wave pulse caused by the Doppler effect (see above Speed of electromagnetic radiation and the Doppler effect), one can measure the speed of objects. Since the 1970s an increasing number of devices have been developed for converting sunlight into electricity. Food safety: Food safety is an important health issue. Artificial sources of infrared radiation include, besides hot objects, infrared light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and lasers. Microwave transmitters and receivers are parabolic dish antennas. The heating effect of microwaves destroys living tissue when the temperature of the tissue exceeds 43° C (109° F). Microwave images for medical applications are maps of the electrical property distributions in the body which have been paid close attention to for several years. trailer 0000008196 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� Learn about microwaves and how microwave ovens work. 0000010615 00000 n Atmospheric haze and certain pollutants that scatter visible light are nearly transparent to parts of the infrared spectrum because the scattering efficiency increases with the fourth power of the frequency. 0000012731 00000 n The latter are made of semiconductor materials (e.g., silicon and lead sulfide) whose electrical conductance increases when exposed to infrared radiation.

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