maternity leave letter sample

Dear Mrs. Bruce, My name is Juliette Taylor, working in your company Matred Ltd as the production manager. 100 Broadway Lane, London, UK NW80QE | | M: (020) XXXX XXXX | There is no obligation to tell intimate details of a pregnancy. Variety of maternity leave letter template that will flawlessly match your demands. Here is a sample maternity leave letter. Maternity Request Process. I plan to take [number] weeks of maternity leave. This letter is to inform you of the dates I wish to take my maternity leave. When writing an official or company letter, presentation design and layout is crucial making a great impression. July 7, 2019 by diabetescured. I intend to start my maternity leave on November 22 and return to the office on February 24 barring any unforeseen issues with my pregnancy and delivery. Download The Law Says 12 Weeks But You Can Negotiate For More. Here is a maternity leave letter in an email format that you can customize to tailor a professional and polite leave application to your boss. This letter is to inform you that I am pregnant and plan to take maternity leave. I plan to take (number) weeks of maternity leave. Please let me know if you require any information. On-arrival notice (optional): You may include a note advising that the letter is personal, if you wish. I am writing to inform you of my pregnancy and my intention to take the allotted 12 weeks of maternity leave available to me. 13 Maternity Leave Letter Template Samples. Make sure you use uppercase for this, eg: ‘PERSONAL’ or ‘CONFIDENTIAL’. Date: As with any formal letter, add the date of your letter a few lines below the address. It could be something like: ‘Maternity Leave Request’. My due date is [date] and I plan to continue working until [date or suggest working from home until your due date or delivery]. Dear Mr. Simpson. These templates offer exceptional examples of how you can structure such a letter, and consist of sample content to … Sample Letter to Request Maternity Leave. Nor is it proper for an employer to ask questions that are too personal. Please can you confirm this, and let me know what amount I will receive. [If your company has already provided this to you] I would like to start my maternity leave and pay on [insert the date you’d like to start your maternity leave]. Subject line: Keep the subject of your email short and to the point. I hereby write this … Dear Mr. Lee, This letter is to inform you that I am pregnant and wish to take maternity leave. Download. Thank you for informing me of my Maternity Leave entitlement and for the enclosed Maternity Policy. Global World Transactions 9080 Old Church Way … I understand that I qualify for 52 weeks’ maternity leave, made up of 26 weeks ordinary maternity leave and a further 26 weeks additional maternity leave. My due date is January 15, 2019. I don't expect to have any problem returning to my current position and delivering the same quality of work I do now. I would like to continue working until (date or you could state you'll work up until your due date on a work-from-home basis, if possible). Maternity Leave Letter For Approval . Download. I believe I qualify for SMP. Sample Maternity Leave Letter.

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