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My father is an atheist who when I talked to him about the need of a savior pointed to the Book Job as a reason to not to trust God. Later we now take these small comforts and consolations and press them backwards. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. The universe runs on physics nothing more, nothing less. One said “No, I meant #5…” Another said “Oh that’s not right, I need to meet with him and correct this.” Fascinating indeed! What is happening today is not necessarily how it will play out in the future. It was 4:00 PM and I had been waiting for the final round of interview since 2:00 PM. As you and I both have pointed out, you can get a great deal of understanding and some meaning of who and what we are by that which happens in a negative way. Two years after that, I moved to Hollywood and am now making movies. God does allow it, but for much different reasons than why Satan does it. A Sociology major in college, I hadn’t decided until after recruiting had passed during my Senior year that I wanted to work in Sales and Trading. There was a small dent in the drywall. What?!? But, I was also standing in the personal office of one of the most powerful men on Wall Street, and I could see the trading floor through the glass walls and remembered why I was there. No joke. I don’t think anyone could succeed in a job where the very role is in dispute. Getting back to the point…..If your father commits a crime, you may not be at fault but you do pay the consequences, like of not having a father at home. I said: “Three weeks! It simply is what it is. turn it on turn it off, not much there. I had just picked up my mail, including my bank statement that read, “You have exactly 0.0 dollars. I asked about the five items; they were diverse, so which was the most important part of the job? By that we will know who is our master. He asked a couple of softball questions like “what is your leadership style”, yada yada, then came the biggie: “How do you think mobile is going to affect the magazine industry over the next 5-10 years?”, “Your industry won’t exist in six years, but not because of mobile; it will be because of pussies like you who are afraid to do anything about it except hire a new executive to take the blame for questions you can’t answer, while you collect your bonuses and lie yourself to sleep every night grasping for any form of professional relevance. Thanks for this. And that is where we will stay. The next day I got called back in. Create a free website or blog at So, nailing your cover letter and résumé are an absolute essential if you want to be one of the lucky two percent who manage to make it past the first hurdle. If you liked this one, here is a link to more often missed Biblical insight:  Those Pesky Weeds, Filed under: Detailed Thoughts, Encouragement, Religion | Tagged: bible, blessings, Christianity, faith, God, job, judgement, loss, pain, punishment, Study, Thoughts |. Hence, why we need a Savior, Jesus… Jesus paid the fine for our sin, for the law we broke. His academic training is in psychology and I’d heard he liked to be quiet to see what people would do. How do I handle any disease, namely the incurable disease of death? Dedicated to your stories and ideas. While complaining, wishing he were dead and never born, asking God why, why, why, Job did not lose faith. Let’s move on. I will not lie, I would love to be able to change your mind about Christianity, but in my experience this venue will not make that happen. She told me that I had got the job but not the one I was looking for. My company had hired a new CEO and he had called for the meeting. After some time, my eyes locked at the giant pendulum clock that was hanging on the wall to my right. Make sure you don't screw it up. Change ). Ad Choices. I Challenge you to do this with any other phone! We have been freed if we only have faith and accept the gift. I figured this was that moment where he was measuring me up. You need to figure out what you want before you make an offer. The second point is what happened to Job in the end. Quite a nut case if you ask me”. The interview was supposed to be three people, then a few hours before it was to start, it became two, then one. The interview went on and the Chairman kept asking me random questions that seemed irrelevant to me, Then I lost it. “Actually that isn’t what I would say to that question at all.” I said. It was 6:15 PM. At first glance this seams sad and pointless as if there is no meaning. I’m sure as you read this list, you’ll think of many more things to be grateful for. Unless he is just headed for a nervous breakdown. But the interview had no direction. 2) that God is not the direct cause of most suffering, it is Satan Me (with a grin): Well I suppose that’s your fault, isn’t it? I recently had a job interview at a movie theater. My father’s many battles with cancer and other brushes with death inspired me to be open to God, and He answered. You apparently had faith, you then dismissed it. This answer has never failed me in getting a job offer. My son inspired me to learn to keep life more simple. But I didn’t know who was asking, or for what purpose. I was hired on the spot by a guy who knew about my gaming character. One of the good things about being on the bottom of the pecking order is doing the dirty work really teaches you a lot of great stuff. Case in point, an Atheist whose words were used in the introduction of a book written by Ray Comfort changed his point of view shortly after the publish date. Suddenly I felt extreme guilt at the thought of abandoning my friend from the dish washing hell-hole. Interview: The Zune is our version of the iPod. I saw it had 5 job specifications, covering a wide range of skills in my field. “Yes, I fish a bit,” he replied, pleasantly. The interview candidate looks shocked. Job was blessed, he prayed for his friends and family and they were forgiven. I need data, figures, demography & physiography of probable customers and the understanding of their requirements before I even THINK about developing a strategy. If allowed, he can control people groups (Sabeans and Chaldeans who killed his servants), he can control the weather (great wind that destroyed the home), he can make you sick, deathly sick (full body sores on Job) and he can control peoples motives (Job’s wife’s asking when he would just “Curse God and die” and his friend’s waining support/condemnation). Somewhere along the line, I managed to get the contact information for a Managing Partner (basically the highest rank you can hold) at one of the most selective banks in the world. What I mean is that, you seem to dismiss there is any real meaning behind suffering, yet you seem to grasp a hold of the fact that 3 colors DO make millions of colors, and very small extremely complex neurons can create a self aware conscience. The death of my uncle inspired me to take up woodworking. It didn’t really had any selling points over newer smartphones. I’m going to help you.”. With Steve Jobs' passing, we have lost one of the greatest technological innovators of our time. While interviewing for a job with a PE group, I was asked…. Of course, even the simplest positive wisdom in the right light can be viewed as negative. Thus the death or tragedy becomes the “gift”. What we do know is that we are not evolving into something better; we are propagating more and more genetic disease and illnesses because we are losing genetic information with every generation. Lies, theft, blasphemy, it is all sin and is all unacceptable to God. He retired shortly thereafter, but I ended up on a trading floor and he’s a friend to this day, and I write much more polite emails now, too. When I answered it, a female voice yelled, “What’s the function of DTR?” No hello, no explanation, just that yelled question. The VP Sales was sitting besides him, observing me. Yet from that three come the millions and millions of colors we are able to see. I had plenty to show him. We have lots of platitudes in our culture, “what does not kill you makes you stronger, God works in mysterious ways, and many more. The interviewer laughed so hard that the rest of the interview was very loose and a lot of fun. What’s your greatest strength?”. Below is a simple list of things that I’m grateful for in my life. If you were not planning on continuing the conversation, that’s more than fine. He quickly got a puzzled, then an alarmed expression, on his face, because I had hacked into the company’s website, downloaded all their internal documentation, and had rewritten much of it. So I blurted out that I would not take the job unless they hired my friend too. Job as a moral story falls flat, suffering for the sake of a bet, a dare, what kind of god are we talking about here. I got the job. The VP asked me, “How do you deal with ambiguity?”, I responded, “I’m not sure what you mean. At an interview, they asked me the standard questions, then threw in this classic, “What would you say is your biggest weakness?”, I replied, “Ah, the when-did-you-stop-worshipping-Satan question.”. The game dragged on with no goals, but some close calls. “Well, sir, do you bite when you get angry?” I asked. He looked at the job spec sheet and answered that #5 was the essential job, the other four were much less relevant. Instructables – Instructions on how to do just about anything, How about the nine year old girl who has been abused by her step father? Yet connected to enough other cells and you get the marvel that is the human brain. Does that about sum it up?”. “religion…for the hard of thinking” Wildly glancing around the room for inspiration I spied several mounted trophy fish on his walls. He waited for a second and asked, “Okay so why do you want to join the movie industry?”. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. That’s the best I can do.”. One last point from Job that goes hand in hand with my last paragraph…Job was overconfident that he knew we was righteous and he was demanding an audience with God. If you are still responding, I would still be very interested in understanding if suffering is the primary reason you left your faith (assuming you were a Christian). I knew what DTR was — the primary signal for initiating data communications. We as people look for meaning and solace for the events in our lives. While interviewing for a technical writer position, the company owner asked for samples of writing. I was really touched by the prayer place. I am not sure why I applied since I had no experience and did not even drink much. Blaming someone who committed the first sin for the untold suffering in the world, is obtuse. Me: “Oh, I do know her. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  I asked him if he had any concerns about my application, to which he said smiling, “Well, not anymore.”. A strange day indeed, and at the time I didn’t realize I had some PTSD symptoms that might affect a job interview I had the next day in NYC. Then he was done, and sent me on my way saying I’d hear back soon. I joined him in the conference room. I asked, why is the most important part of the job listed last? Basically, the U.S. needed to win to advance past the group stages. I thought this thing had a tight schedule. He asked me why I wanted to work in finance and if I would consider myself a risk-taker and what my favorite games were, and like a diligent interviewee I had answers to all of those things. My mom’s current treatment for breast cancer has brought me even closer to my parents. The breakthroughs and innovations that we uncover lead to new ways of thinking, new connections, and new industries. Feel free to add on in the comments box below. After politely chatting for a bit the conversation came to a dead stop.

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