last of us 2 leaks spoilers video

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, @DonJorginho Well it is meant to be the feel bad game of 2020. @nathanSF - TLoU2 is co-written by a woman. The gameplay looks really fantastic, but I don't know if I can stomach that part for that long, no matter how good the gameplay is. Joel still appears to be alive, although in an awful condition, and a pool of blood surrounds him.

What you really mean is you have zero self control and care to do nothing about all while directing your frustration at people that don't deserve it. Someone must have been really pissed. @Grindagger you're goddamn right buddy, so much hypocrisy with people "crying" about crunch. Legal Warning | Anyone who does not want surprises or any other story and gameplay elements to be ruined should avoid watching something about which they were warned would spoil anything.” -ScreenRant. I had a heart yesterday, but now it's completely gone...aswell as my respect towards Neil Druckmann.

So I guess Joel dies in The Last of Us 2 Once I was spoiled on one thing, one horrible thing, I went looking for context to see if it was maybe not that bad, and it was getting spun as such. Everything I have said, will be made clear once you and others play the game.Then you will be free to disagree with me and even call me an homophobe or a cave-man (tho sexuality has almost zero connection to the problems I have with the spoiled parts of the game)... @CountryLyricist If they had released the digital editions before the physical editions, spoilers would be even more of a problem. @get2sammyb you had it spoiled for yourself? And wth is with these people saying they are not buying the game anymore because of the leak!? It’s unavoidable I guess, unless you honestly disconnect from social media until whenever Sony decides to release it. Should have released the game digital and worried about sales later this leak could a terrible effect sales when the game actually releases. But I also understand that many people do. Not sure what the punishment for breaching an NDA is, but im guessing its a hefty fine at the very least. Regarding the leaks that I saw, I think it's not really surprising if you saw all the trailers.‍♂️. Update 2: Sony may have been quick to respond to the official wave of leaked The Last of Us: Part II videos, but it's been unable to stop the bleeding. Ok just to clarify about Joel: It seems like that scene is not the one he dies in, the supposedly longer Turkish scene that no one has actually seen shows him dying in this scene, but it sounds made up so far. Naughty Dog has yet to comment on the nature of the leak, meaning it's still unclear how this even occurred.

A significant leak has revealed new cutscenes and gameplay from Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us 2. The Last of Us Parte 2 - Trailer the lanzamiento, The Last of Us II shows us the weapon system, The Last of Us Part II - Full movie in Spanish, ElRubius | The Last Of Us Part II | Interview | Revisited, The hyper-realistic string in "The Last Of Us Part II", The Last of Us Part II releases trailer in Spanish. ResetEra Games of the Decade Awards (2010-2019), Spoiler HUGE Last of Us 2 leak SPOILERS - Streamable, The last of us 2 gameplay تسريب لعب ذا لاست اوف اس - Streamable, The last of us 2 gameplay تسريب لعب ذا لاست اوف اس (1) - Streamable. Were they treated badly in terms of crunch and this was a revenge leak or something? I'm sure they'll have an idea, but they'll find no proof if this was a preconceived notion by the individual in question. Equally, don't go looking around for them, and almost certainly you won't find them. It was worse than I could have imagined, and it wouldn't be so bad, right, except for one thing. i hope none of the PS staff has been spoiled by them. It's like crossing a busy can get hit if you really wanted to. Also can you please ban the guy that is clearly trying to spoil things to people, I did report it but nothing's been done yet. I fully agree with Ironman regarding the matter of TLOU2 endless delays. What I find particularly piquant about the whole treatment of employees and postponements argument is that you can't have your cake and eat it. The main problem was that it wasn't as much of a it was a 'TLOU experience'. @Grindagger I never said they are entitled to anything I'm just saying whomever leaked it was probably mad at Naughty Dog for those reasons. Looks like Sony and Naughty Dog caught me and deleted the videos from the file host. Reading any comments is almost certainly a risk.

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