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• Bruno • Kagura • Minsitthar Layla fires a Malefic Energy Bomb forward, dealing 200 (+80% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to the first enemy hit. Malefic Energy is a savage and unruly energy that makes its enemies vulnerable and easy to eliminate. • Karina 3:58. Ditambah Skill-Pasif jarak serangan yang meningkat sesuai dengan level Layla Menjadi Marksman yang tak terkalahkan. For battle spells, Flicker would be the best choice. October 1, 2020. She can shoot at enemies from great distances. BANG! She has the potential to overpower any other hero if used wisely and properly. • Aurora • Roger • Granger MOBILE LEGENDS : BANG! Layla – Blue Specter. Maze of Minos - Jade Path; GARUDA CUP by Tokopedia [Indonesian Play; MPL-PH Qualifier Tournament Rules; ted1st comeback! She has the potential to overpower any other hero if used wisely and properly. • Masha Home » Mobile legend » Best build layla Update Mobile legend. • Fanny • Sun Tingkat penguasaannya juga sangat mudah … Max Malefic Bomb first, Destruction Rush whenever you can (IMPORTANT), Void Projectile last. • Martis • Lapu-Lapu File:Layla.projectnext.move10.ogg "That once little girl, is gonna save someone this time." Register Start a Wiki. For example, immediately use Malefic Bomb after auto attacks to avoid missing/canceling any auto attacks in between. Here's my Tier List for Mobile Legends Bang Bang, based on Hero Rankings on MLBB Webs... S+ (OP) 2 more. B (Viable) 34 more. • Guinevere • Minsitthar • Gatotkaca • Alpha KETIKA ORANG SUNDA MAIN MOBILE LEGENDS ll LAYLA MINTA DUIT. Characters Ranked In Current Meta. • Faramis • Zhask, Aldous Use these strategies to hone your skills and learn about popular matchups and game tips Players generally like to know who is good versus who. Zilong’s rework focuses on overhauling his old aesthetic and giving him more versatility in his skillset. This App to allow share any video via social media app with friends like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Bluetooth and many more social media. • Vale • Layla Last updated: November 30, 2020. Tue Sep 01 2020 4 months ago. This week, the developer focus is on two of MLBB’s most recognizable heroes: Zilong and Layla. • Jawhead ), I think it's time to give Layla some love. -Your only crowd control ability, a small area of effect slow to the target and nearby targets. • Atlas • Irithel • Cecilion • Dyrroth • Tigreal Meski gratisan, bukan berarti Layla enggak ada gunanya, loh. • Estes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 7/02/2017 Mobile legend. File:Layla.projectnext.move08.ogg "A small mistake, might blow the whole thing you fight for." • Leomord B. Michaelmcgeorge35. • Valir • Hylos • Minotaur • Valir There will be more videos to come. • Pharsa • Moskov This energy had all but wiped out her world, until one day Layla's father discovered a way to use a gun forged from magic iron from deep within the earth to absorb and control Malefic Energy. • Masha Layla is a very good marksman, and we should learn about her more. Natalia Mobile Legends. • Chang'e • Argus • Bruno • Leomord B. • Zilong, Brody Dan ini semua mungkin karena beberapa pengguna baru menyadari potensi Layla setelah memasuki Epic dan melihat bagaimana … Related. • Clint Kali ini deretan skin paling langka di Mobile Legends, bahkan untuk mendapatkan skin berikut ini hanya diberikan pada momen spesial dan mungkin saja kalian tidak dapat membelinya kembali. Zilong’s rework focuses on overhauling his old aesthetic and giving him more versatility in his skillset. • Harley • Rafaela • Nana • Kimmy • Harley • Cecilion • Lapu-Lapu • Claude Games Movies TV Video. • Baxia • Atlas Take advantage of what you have and make it into your way. 18 defense towers. • Zilong, Fanny • Diggie Baik dari segi tampilan, skill, maupun fitur-fitur dari tiap hero tersebut. michaeljohn7581. This week, the developer focus is on two of MLBB’s most recognizable heroes: Zilong and Layla. • Hilda Download Leyla ile Mecnun Soru apk 1.2 for Android. The best skins can’t always be bought in the store. • Selena Otherwise, try out manual aiming and you might get the hang of it. • Freya Being a starter hero, Layla is one of the easiest heroes to use in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. For starting items, you can start with two Magic Necklace to sustain your mana which you will be spamming abilities to harass/farm. • Lesley • Karrie • Miya • Belerick Wähle deine Lieblingshelden und entwickle das perfekte Team zusammen mit deinen Mitstreitern. • Odette -Purify: Works well against crowd controls, requires fast reaction tho! She is with 4 spells in Mobile Legends, 1 passive and 3 casters. • Kadita, Badang Kemampuan pasifnya juga mendukung hal tersebut, semakin jauh musuh yang kamu serang, maka semakin tinggi damage yang akan kamu hasilkan. • Cyclops 2 more. • Claude SIXTEEN enam belas. Download APK ( 11.9 MB ) Additional Information Dengan keunggulan-keunggulan … • Zilong Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? FIVE SECONDS TILL THE ENEMIES REACHES THE BATTLE FEILD SMASH THEM they are quotes of the heroes some are easy some are (maybe) hard But you can try ALSO this was made in 10/14/2018 is there was new characters in mobile legends in the time you do this it … Mobile Legends’ ongoing Project NEXT is the game’s ongoing project to revamp its oldest and most dated heroes to fit in with the current meta. Layla Mobile Legends. Games Movies TV Video. • Atlas Lorazalora Mobile Legends Apk v1.5.32.5811 Hoʻoiho i nā mana hou loa no nā kelepona paʻalima Android a me nā papa. 0. Zilong. The ideal build of Layla is to have as much as attack speed, physical attack and critical strikes as possible. **** इस शानदार खेल प्रेमियों के मजनू लेयला के लिए बनाया गया *** 2 more. • Ruby • Khaleed • Helcurt • Aldous • Helcurt Tue Sep 01 2020 4 months ago. • Alucard In my opinion, Scarlet Phantom (extremely high attack speed and some critical strike chance) and Blade of Destruction (powerful damage and high physical attack) is a core item for Layla. • Saber • Saber • Lancelot -You can see the range of Layla's ultimate in the mini-map!

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