kroger clicklist complaints

The overall rating of the company is 2.5 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. I notice that all of the spots are full for the Clicklist pick-up. @MoniJ50 Monica, If you are still having issues with the gift card, then you will have to speak with the Gift Card…. For example, they did not have ground turkey so they replaced it with ground beef. Kroger-branded grocery stores are located in the Midwestern and Southern United States. Simply send a message to the customer to let them know. Visit Customer Care Contact Form. Another example, they did not have white American cheese at the deli, so they replaced it with yellow American cheese. But this time, waiting 2 hours in the Kroger parking lot and not even having dinner for my family when I got home at 7:30pm was extremely annoying! Kroger - slow cashiers & annoying baggers; Kroger - 24 oz country oven 12 grain bread; Kroger - manager; Kroger Grocery Store - products not ringing up on sale, no one on the floor to help, and occasionally rotten vegetables and fruits; Kroger - remodeling of this store; Kroger - check out Wenn Sie weiterhin diese Meldung erhalten, informieren Sie uns darüber bitte per E-Mail: Such as the chicken that I was going to use that night to cook my family dinner. Thanks for reaching out. This process is automatic. What they did when they did not have an item was replace it with something else. Wir haben einige verdächtige Aktivitäten von Ihnen oder von jemandem, der in ihrem As of December 2015, Kroger operates, either directly or through its subsidiaries, 2,778 supermarkets and multi-department stores. pour nous informer du désagrément. My second time ordering through Clicklist was a NIGHTMARE. All rights reserved. You can find contact details for Kroger above. We have been receiving some suspicious activity from you or someone sharing your internet network. @Rlitschauer Thanks for shopping with us! Mitawa Fox - Scam Artist Extraordaire, Commissioner Alicia Blanco - crooked judicial officer and a raging alcoholic, I was threatened, molested discriminated and embarrassed in front of people, Laura Michelle Smith, Emmanuel Hamilton, Aberdeen Parish, Fredericton, Glassville, Woodstock, Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick. Pick Up Service. Internet-Netzwerk angemeldet ist, festgestellt. Thank you. Another example, they did not have a specific flavor of juice we wanted, so they replaced it with a different flavor. I gave a great review the first time I used it, only stating that the 15-20 minute wait was a bit annoying. They tell me they are delayed due to a busy 4-5pm pick-up and that they would waive my pick up fee (which this pick up was free anyway due to the promotion they were running) and that they could also take off a few bucks for the inconvenience or they could reschedule the pick-up for a different day. Comments are moderated so may not appear immediately. Kroger-branded grocery stores are located in the Midwestern and Southern United States. Official Customer Help Center. The first time was such a breeze and I received everything that I requested. That's the only…, @MoniJ50 You can order directly from our website. Votre contenu . @Myminimine We will also share your feedback with the store leadership team for further review. Kroger's headquarters are in downtown Cincinnati. Kroger complaints contacts. August 1st, 2017 I ordered $111.00 worth of groceries; they only brought out $50.00 worth of groceries. They did, however, take off $10.00 for my inconvenience (Thanks.) Clicklist is a complete nightmare to deal with, especially on Sundays. @Myminimine then it will be taken back to its original price. The Kroger Company is an American retailer founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. apparaîtra bientôt. There were five cars, at least, waiting in the isles of parking spots for 45 minutes before a spot finally opened up for the line to move. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Shop somewhere else", "Check your eggs before buying", "Avoid Kelly and report her to the manager". Follow Kroger. You have to push around a huge trolley, customers don't know how to move and they also don't know how to say excuse me at all. I ended up waiting for nearly 2 hours! I didn’t know what would happen if you did not come for your groceries within the hour time slot. The old adage is true at Kroger: It pays to be a … Kroger ranks 75 of 374 in Food Stores category. They were out of chicken, spinach, ground turkey, drinks, deli meat, and vegetables just to name a few. Use this comments section to discuss problems you have had with Kroger, or how they have handled your complaints.

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