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It’s a great way to work out which mattress is right for you – and you’ll soon see why so many Australians choose Sealy.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to mattress sizes. King size mattresses are also suitable for couples who value a lot of space when sleeping. 619, No Deposit No Interest

700, No Deposit No Interest

Since it is so big, you may not be able to get it up a narrow staircase or around corners. Look for brands that offer the quality you would expect depending on your requirements, be it your primary mattress or guest room.

You guessed it, it’s a Single – but longer. Singles are also great space savers, fitting into any bedroom.Not sure if this is your size? 719, No Deposit No Interest Super King (203x203cm).

The Single Mattress is available as a trundle bed (with a roll out and lift bottom mattress) and converts to a great option for overnight or visiting guests.

You can also download our Mattress Guide to help guide you through the process of choosing the right mattress.Think Sealy’s Double is the right size for you?

Browse from our beautifully crafted selection featuring classic wooden styles, elegant upholstery and chic looking metal king size frames. Families are increasingly choosing to invest in Sealy’s durable King Singles right from the beginning to save the hassle of changing beds as children grow.While you’ll appreciate the noticeably greater sleep space, Sealy’s King Singles don’t take up too much extra room.


Download the Sealy Mattress Buyer’s Guide. The Double mattresses are very close in price to Queen mattresses at the entry level. 799, No Deposit No Interest A King is also available as a split king (two long singles) when seperate feels are required (firm, medium, plush) or partner disturbance needs to be minimised.

You’ll soon see why so many Australians choose Sealy. Stretch out, roll over and relax in a bed designed for two people to enjoy unrivalled space. Singles are enjoyed by kids as their first bed and individuals of all ages who value the overall space in their room and are comfortable with the compact size for sleeping.

This frame supports a standard king mattress with dimensions of approximately 203cm x 183cm. No wonder they are Australia’s favourite mattress brand. Kings are most suited to couples that have the good fortune of additional space to rest well and parents with wandering kids and morning snugglers. Long Singles are ideal for Adjustable Split King Beds (as each side moves independently) and are also popular for couples with different comfort requirements. P/W x 52 As the largest of singles, the King Single Mattress (1060×2030) is both wider and longer than the Single, with the equivalent length of a Queen and King. Use our Mattress Selector to help you decide on the perfect Sealy, Search for a local retail store to test and purchase your Sealy Mattress.

You can also download our Mattress Guide to help guide you through the process of choosing the right mattress. P/W x 52, No Deposit No Interest G - King.

While it is the same length as a Queen, the King size mattress delivers an extra 30cm in width, which means it’s large enough to provide a night of disturbance-free sleep – especially if you have young ones visiting your bed. Make the right decision when it comes to choosing the perfect mattress size for you and your family. Discover your perfect mattress by using our Mattress Selector tool. 6" x 6'8".

The Queen Mattress (1530×2030) is the same length as a King and both wider and longer than a Double.

Australian Mattress Sizes: Single (92x187cm). 6'6" x 6'6". P/W x 52 If you’ve got a bedroom with enough space to accommodate this size, a Sealy Super King bed is the ultimate sleeping experience. Also well suited to growing teenagers and individuals of all ages who appreciate the full length and additional width whilst retaining precious living space. 1029, No Deposit No Interest

© Copyright 2014 - 2020 Sealy Posturepedic Australia, you can download the Mattress Buying Guide here, How to differentiate between the main types of mattresses on the market today, The questions you should be asking to make the best choice, The science behind mattress technology: finding out which system is right for you, Best practices to get the most out of your mattress shopping.

659, No Deposit No Interest Your download will begin automatically. It’s primary reason for existence is the Split King, as two Long Singles placed side-by-side are the exact dimensions of a King Mattress. P/W x 52 P/W x 52

749, No Deposit No Interest

There’s a good reason why Sealy’s Queen size mattresses are so popular. The one for specific uses.

P/W x 52 P/W x 52 We will also send you an email with a link to the Mattress Buying Guide for your future reference.

Visit your local Sealy retailer and try it out in-store for yourself.

The Queen Mattress is the size you generally find on showroom floors and is often the reference point for pricing. P/W x 52

It’s a great way to work out which mattress is right for you – and you’ll soon see why so many Australians choose Sealy. Double mattresses are great space savers and are a versatile option if you’re looking for a guest bed.

It's important to consider how much space you have in the bedroom, who's sleeping in the bed and what comfort means to you. Doubles are most suited to teenagers and adults that have restricted space, are not very tall or have a double bed frame they wish to keep.

(2x) 3' x 6'6".

I - King Zip. No Deposit No Interest P/W x 52

On some occasions, Long Singles are an option for individuals requiring additional length to a Single – but space restricts the choice of the wider King Single. Queens are most suited to couples or teenagers and adults that appreciate the additional space.

Look for great value in brands that specialise in Single Mattress ranges and remember that most mattress ranges are also available as a single if required.

869, No Deposit No Interest

849, No Deposit No Interest No matter where you are at in your life, Sealy can match you with the right-sized mattress to suit you and your sleep style. They are also a popular pick for teenagers as many bedrooms will accommodate a Double bed.If you’re thinking of a Double, you might also like to look at Sealy’s Queen size mattresses , or use our Mattress Selector to find out which mattress is the right one for you. Research shows that, for many people, the additional space means a more restful, undisturbed sleep.Sealy’s Super King’s are becoming a popular choice for busy couples who need to be able to sleep well every night and wake refreshed to meet the day’s challenges.

649, No Deposit No Interest True to its name, the Single Mattress (920×1870) is ideally suited to a single individual.

The most popular size of all. 1079, No Deposit No Interest Visit your local Sealy retailer to experience a Sealy for yourself.

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