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6000 languages (the 90% of all languages in the world) are dying during the XXIst century, and you’re still talking about useful, powerful, economic and most spoken languages? writing. We’ll go through the singular expressions of gratitude in each of several different cultures before exploring the actual phrases you should learn to use. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. I would have thought, that the top priority in learning any language is to be understood by the people who speak it. As we’ve said, there are a lot of acceptable, highly-appreciated ways to do it. Often 2nd generation does not retain their language, just “kinder Deutsh”. So in light of what I have just said, I will leave you with this parting statement: I hope you are now thoroughly bored and brain dead! Many years ago it was quite boring to say that women should be able to work and get equally paid as men, but now we sort of crossed that line (sort of, not that we actually crossed it). Spanish is similar. So, what’s the best way to express gratitude? For them, you may use the slightly more polite ありがとうございますいます (arigatou gozaimasu). It is already too late, and it will be when it gets on fashion, so stop criticising each other, and stick to the point. In fact, the British Council added Portuguese in the top 10 most important languages for the UK future, a clear indication that it offers a world of opportunities for education, diplomacy and of course foreign investment. Any language where you have some family background (parent, grandparent, etc.). Others claim that Africa’s growth will help it become a must-know, where it remains the sole official language in 11 countries. If that doesn’t work for you, befriend a local and ask them about customs directly. There’s also muchas gracias or muchísimas gracias for even more emphasis. We’re not dogs. Language is a biological fact in human species, so this is racism to all those almost 7000 languages that (according to you) are not useful, powerful, economic and most spoken languages. Or perhaps you simply like the way it sounds. I do understand it is boring to read empiric facts not like facebook stuff “if you sleep more you will be a better person” (which I also read sometimes, I’m not a god, but you have to know it is just this, facebook stuff), and this real empiric facts are that 6000 languages are dying over the 21st century, that language is a special biological process from human species, and that talking about languages such as “best”, “worst”, “useful”, “useless”, is talking about the superiority and inferiority of a group of people. This is the translation of the word "best" to over 100 other languages. The Romance languages, such as Spanish and Italian, evolved from Latin. Thankfully, gifts aren’t the only appreciated gesture of gratitude. As a language learner, someone new to a culture, you can only be expected to do your best. You generally use this when thanking someone for an act or service, while 多謝 (dòjeh) is used to thank someone for a gift or compliment. Go ahead and master that tongue, though (whatever it is).

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