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The problem is easily resolved by mapping M3 and M4 to no other input whatsoever in Razer’s app, but it’s another hoop that most PS4 players will be annoyed jumping through, and you're actually nerfing one of the features you paid top-dollar for. But besides these tiny complaints, the app is solid, super simple to use and makes for fast and convenient tweaking. Smash Ultimate: Update v9.0.2 Patch Notes, Nintendo May Have Leaked A New Metroid Title for the Switch. PS5 vs Xbox Series X: which next-gen console should you buy? Before you start worrying about the woes of non-symmetrical thumbsticks, however, know that Razer Raiju Ultimate keeps them central. Works with: PS4, PC This is a controller that feels sturdy and worthwhile when you hold it in your hands, and you’ve got to admire Razer’s design team here. It almost feels like you’ve got a wider range of movement than usual, or perhaps you just have more control of it. 【A.Unused】PS4 Razer Raiju Controller Tournament Edition PlayStation4 JapanImport. Here you’ll find a Profile button for switching button layouts in real-time, a Configure button for connecting to the app, a Chroma input for changing the awesome integrated lighting and a convenient Lock button that disables a large portion of menu inputs like Options, the PlayStation button and all of the Raiju control panel. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Color: Required Quartz Black Current Stock: Options, which can be individually applied to four separate color-coded gameplay profiles (Shooter, Fighting, Sports or Racing) include features like analog stick sensitivity, vibration motor strength and Chroma lighting preference. While largely pitched as a PS4 controller alternative, everything the Razer Raiju Ultimate brings to Sony’s console is also offered up on PC thanks to dual-compatibility. READ MORE: Razer Seiren X microphone review. Razer and SCUF have outdone themselves with their latest PS4 controllers, with the SCUF Vantage and Razer Raiju Ultimate doing toe-to-toe in nearly every category. But is it any good? Interested in all things Razer? While largely pitched as a PS4 controller alternative, everything the Razer Raiju Ultimate brings to Sony’s console is also offered up on PC thanks to dual-compatibility. FAST 'N FREE. $163.53. The main hang-up, as alluded to earlier, comes from where the M3 and M4 buttons are located. The same goes for the two pack-in directional pads, though each possess a sort of cheap plastic rigidity, so neither feel ideal. Whereas the leap from the PS2 analogue controller to the PS3’s left a lot to be desired in terms of iteration, for the current generation, PlayStation’s handset feels satisfying to hold and easy to use. Razer’s Raiju Ultimate is a big improvement over the original Raiju controller, offering superb build quality, plenty of customization options and largely dependable wired functionality. Bluetooth mode, on the other hand, is a totally different story. The free mobile app, which you can download on either iOS or Android, allows you to connect wirelessly to the Ultimate and customize its functionality, though you don’t necessarily need it to remap Multi-Fuction buttons if you’d rather just do that through the controller itself. But when things don’t go right, you’ll want to reach for the DualShock again. How do you improve on controller perfection to give players an edge? The Razer Raiju Ultimate Edition is the top dog gamepad in the PC gaming heavyweight’s current portfolio. The DualShock 4 remains the best option for the majority of PS4 players, while FPS devotees may find some value in boosting their response time. Razer Raiju Driver : Supported Operating System : Windows 8 32-bit / 64-bit Windows 8.1 32-bit / 64-bit Windows 10 32-bit / 64-bit : Release Log: Initial driver release of Raiju. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Conversely, the Mecha-Tactile face buttons, as well as the Chroma-outlined touch pad, are a pure joy to press. I mentioned earlier that Razer Raiju Ultimate has a lot in common with an Xbox One controller, and unfortunately as well as the nice heft and good grip, this also translates to a spongier and less tactile L1 and R1. One is what Razer calls ‘trigger top switches’, which allows players to determine the distance needed to activate the all-important L2 and R2 triggers. 4. That said, annoying latency, especially in Bluetooth mode, may be enough to keep this pricey esports gamepad from reaching must-have status. Razer Raiju (£150) For the Raiju, Razer basically took everything PC gamers love about its mice and keyboard line-up, and bundled it all into a PS4 controller. This can definitely become frustrating. It may not look as cool, but the DualShock is arguably more reliable than the Raiju, and that discrepancy could make a huge difference in a competitive environment. Similar to the original Raiju, there are four extra multi-function buttons on the Ultimate that can be quickly programmed with either the bespoke app or on-the-fly with button combinations and vibration confirmation: M1 and M2 sit between the L2 and R2 triggers (which can be adjusted with switches to be hair triggers) while M3 and M4 have been smartly flattened and now conveniently rest toward the back of the Raiju’s handles, though during heated gaming sessions, it’s still way too easy to accidentally press them. If you’ve played with the same knackered DualShock controller for a few years too many, you may well be considering the purchase of a new PS4 controller. The buttons feel great, with a nice click to them, but there are a few lingering issues that stopped this from becoming our go-to controller for serious sessions on the PS4. This isn’t a totally bad thing, though. You’ve got RGB options, too, and this controller will also work with a PC. All prices listed were accurate at the time of publishing. Yes, it looks great, but you would want a perfect gameplay experience for a price like that, and that isn’t quite what you get here. And speaking of sweaty mitts, the Raiju feels like it’s made from high-quality materials, and it never feels slippery – no matter how intense your FIFA or Warzone session gets. The Razer Raiju Ultimate maintains these technical strides for the most part, seeking to improve upon them by way of increased customisation, multi-functional buttons, and interchangeable D-pad and thumbsticks – all factors that are useful to the dedicated eSports player craving an edge the next time they step into Call of Duty. $16.77 shipping. Be sure to check out our guides to Razer headsets, Razer laptops, Razer keyboards, and the best Razer mouse you can get (not to mention our top picks for the best Razer streaming gear). The Raiju is eyecatching in its own right, and it will surely look snazzy on your shelf or gripped in your sweaty mitts. And it's super expensive. So how does Razer Raiju Ultimate actually feel to use? It targets the same hardcore market as the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 … The Razer Raiju Ultimate PS4 controller is definitely one that will stand out when you search through the web in search of a new controller. An incredibly frustrating drawback to a great peripheral that practically checks every other need-it box. When you unbox the Razer Raiju Ultimate PS4 controller, the first thing you notice is its heft. 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